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Banana Jones Online Game

If you’re looking for a little diversity in your gaming routine and are open to try an innovative and unique new approach by Real Time Gaming, Banana Jones is just the game! With equally as startling and satisfying graphics as in all RTG games, this thrilling new online slot game is a digitized board game adjusted to betting purposes. Its structure is very similar to Snakes & Ladders - and so is the game’s goal: to roll the dice and navigate the main character, Banana Jones, to the top of the ladder!

The hero of our game is on a quest to find and save the sacred Crystal Banana at the top of the ancient Temple, but he isn’t the only one looking for it! The evil Leopold the Leopard, with his guerilla army of sneaky snakes, is doing everything in his power to get ahold of the sacred, crystal fruit. The legend has it that, should Leopold be the first to arrive to the temple, our world’s safety would be in serious jeopardy. Though Banana Jones is an experienced, resourceful explorer, racing and at the same time battling an entire army by himself is proving to be a tough mission; he needs all the help he can get, including - and especially - yours!

The way our new slot, Banana Jones, works is rather simple. Each bet will allow you to roll the dice 5 times, and each roll will bring you closer to, or further away from, the top of the temple and the completion of the quest. Scattered across the board are three types of symbols: Gemstones, Snakes and Vines. Your acquisition of these symbols will be tracked in the upper left corner of the game’s screen, and it is upon these that your winnings will depend. Snake and Vine symbols, however, have one additional function each. Landing on a Snake’s head, for example, will move you down the board - to the Snake’s tail - and away from the Temple. On the other hand, stepping on the base of a Vine will take you up the board and all the way to the top of the Vine!

Banana Jones Online Game

But this isn’t where this great, green adventure end… Landing on the Treasure Wheel Head of the board will activate the Treasure Wheel Feature, which will award you 1 extra spin for a cash prize. Once you and Banana Jones have managed to cross the whole board and reach the Temple at the top, the Crystal Banana Quest Feature will get triggered, giving you a chance to win up to 2,565 time your bet by choosing one of the chests that have different fruit symbols inside! These fruitful symbols - bananas, plums, pears, grapes or apples - will go into the game’s counter, after which you will be awarded the prize that is displayed!

This new online game is available on Instant Play, Download and Mobile. This way, you have the chance to score epic wins from wherever you are; at home, during your commute to work, or even while you’re out in nature... Go ahead and check out this new game at Jackpot Capital online casino today!

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