Safety and Security Rank High in Jackpot Capital Priorities

Among other things, online casino gaming involves being able to play for real money with the full confidence that your money is safe at the casino.  Safety and security have several intertwining elements to them. 

First, you have to know that Jackpot Capital Casino has a way to protect your money and your privacy.  We do this using encrypted software.  We’ll have more to say about encryption soon, but in the meantime....

Secondly, you want to be able to deposit and withdraw money in the manner that is most convenient to you.  To that end, we use several so-called banking methods and we’ll talk about each one separately as we go along.  The most recent banking method we added to the roster is bitcoin.  Since we did so, we have received many questions as to what bitcoin actually is.  We will aso explain this shortly....

The third element is privacy.  Any casino online has to have a privacy policy.  We will talk in detail about our privacy policy and we’ll explain in plain language the subtle nuances of the legal aspects of the privacy policy.

Finally, you're feeling safe and secure at Jackpot Capital requires that you be able to reach us to talk with us about anything that is on your mind.  Some people think that an online casino’s customer service office is there only to deal with problems and complaints.  We see it much differently.

We want you to feel free to call us at any time.  Our customer service office never closes!  We are ready to answer any question you have and, if the representative doesn’t immediately know the answer to a question, he or she will find out the answer and get back to you with it.

Let's begin with our banking methods.  After we go through the small details of depositing and withdrawing funds, we will explain how encryption helps us keep your money safe.

Banking is Two Processes

Naturally, the general term “banking” refers to depositing and withdrawing.  We will talk about depositing first.  But before we do so, we feel that we should immediately address an issue that you might have heard about from friends and colleagues who play online casino games either at Jackpot Capital or at another online casino.

We Provide an Extra Layer of Safety for Withdrawals

That issue is that it is a bit harder to withdraw money than to deposit.  The reason is quite simple and it refers to how important it is to us that your money stays safe all the time it is on account at Jackpot Capital.

We use the best and most powerful encryption software to protect your money but we don’t have any method of protecting your identity at your end.  Unfortunately, identity theft is a real problem so we go an extra step to make sure that the money we are sending to you will truly go to you!  That is the only reason we ask you to provide more proof of your identity in order to make a withdrawal.  It's not to make withdrawing your winnings more difficult for you - it's all about making sure you're you.

Let’s go now to a more in-depth look at our deposit methods.

Our Deposit Methods are Different Yet they All Have the Same Goal

We can divide our deposit methods into four categories:

  • Credit cards
  • Ewallets
  • Debit card or prepaid card
  • Bitcoin

The goal, of course, is to safely put money in your account.  Each has its unique features and each serves the needs of different gamers.  We will explain it all now.

Credit Cards

We accept deposits through either Visa or Master Charge.  Most gamers use a credit card for deposits.  That is simply because they are most used to paying with their credit card online and because they like the convenience.  Each of the other deposit methods involves an extra step that most players don’t feel the need to take.

When you deposit with a credit card, the deposit goes into your bank’s report of all of your credit card transactions.  For most players, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Some gamers prefer more anonymity.

That’s where ewallets come in.

Depositing with an Ewallet

An electronic wallet or ewallet is an online method of transferring money.  You can make payments with an ewallet and receive money with one, as well.

Jackpot Capital uses three ewallets for deposits.  They are Neteller, ecoPayz, and Skrill.  They each operate in much the same manner.

Ewallets describe themselves as online money transfer services.  We feel that this definition actually confuses the issue rather than clarifying it.  Look at an ewallet as an alternative online bank.  We said above that to use an ewallet, you need to take an extra step and that’s why most players prefer to just use their credit card.

The extra step is that you have to transfer money to the ewallet.  As such, no one knows why you transferred money to the ewallet so this does offer an extra measure of privacy and anonymity.  It provides a layer, or buffer, between your bank account and Jackpot Capital.  Some players prefer this anonymity - no reason your bank has to know how you spend your entertainment budget.

We have to mention another advantage of having an account at an ewallet.  If a hacker manages to steal your credit card number, they could run up a huge bill before you or the bank realize what has happened.  If a hacker steals your ewallet account, the most they can actually steal is the amount in the account.


This is a card that you use in a manner similar to a debit card.  You put money into the card and that is the total amount you can deposit at Jackpot Capital.

One of the most important benefits of using a prepaid card is that it limits how much you can deposit.  You can’t try to recoup losses by making another credit card deposit.  The money you decided in advance to play with is the money you play with!

These prepaid cards are available at many locations such as gas stations, kiosks, and convenience stores in many countries. 


There is both a simple gaming element to our acceptance of bitcoin for deposit and also a political side to it.  Bitcoins are what is referred to as crypto-currency.  In fact, there are many different crypto-currencies, and they serve a very important political purpose.

They keep governments under some control.  Were it not for bitcoin and all the other crypto-currencies, we might already have extreme price inflation in many countries in the world.

From the gaming standpoint, bitcoin is just another deposit method.  Just like ewallets, bitcoin exists only on the internet.  Many people have come to the political conclusion that bitcoins will one day replace government money.  These people therefore prefer to deposit with bitcoin.

Even if bitcoins never entirely replace government money, we see that crypto-currencies are more and more accepted in the online marketplace and appear to be here to stay.

Withdrawal Methods

We allow withdrawals to your ewallet accounts, to your credit or debit cards, to your bitcoin account, and through two more methods that we use just for withdrawals.  The first is called Overnight Express.  It gets you your money very fast but be aware that the provider charges a stiff fee for this service.

The second is an international wire transfer which sends the money directly to your bank account.  Because of the international nature of this withdrawal method, the fee is also quite high, $60 per transaction.

While we are on the subject of fees for withdrawals, we have to point out that the fees are not our fees; they are fees imposed by the bank or service involved.  Withdrawals to an ewallet are free so that is yet another good reason to use an ewallet as your default banking method.

Security and Encryption

We have reached the point in our discussion where we have to explain how we keep your money safe through the use of encryption software.  For the computer scientists who develop encryption software, the concept may be complex.  For our purposes, it’s best to see encrypted software as a foreign language that you don’t understand.

Two people who speak the language can have a great conversation but if you don’t know a single word in that language, you can’t join in the discussion at all!  Actually, encryption works better than a language because, in theory, you could learn the language and thus be able to join in a conversation.

If you are a student of American history, you might see encryption software as like the Native American languages that the English settlers could not learn.  They tried but they couldn’t learn them!  Many American place names are very long but they are shortened versions of the place names in the Native American languages used in those locales 300-400 years ago.

Encryption is a kind of scrambling of words and numbers so that no one can decipher them.  Then only people who need to be able to decipher the code get the tools for reading it.  In the case of a deposit or withdrawal, we work with your deposit or withdrawal method of choice so that only we and they can decipher the code.

This is how every online transaction gets done!  Every bank, clothing outlet, book store, or travel site uses encryption software to effect transactions with you.  In a word, encryption works!

Safety in Your Account

We also use encryption software to safeguard your money on account at Jackpot Capital.  We are the only ones who need to know how to access your money when you place a bet and how to give you money when you win!

Privacy Policy

Jackpot Capital has to collect some personal information about you.  By the way, almost every company that has a website also collects information about you.  Any reputable company will have a confidentiality and privacy policy.  Ours is as solid as a rock!

We know that you want every detail that you send to us in confidentiality to stay confidential.

Let us quote from our privacy policy:

“Jackpot Capital does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies except to provide products or services you’ve requested, when we have your permission, or under the following circumstances."

In other words, our privacy policy is ironclad with four exceptions.  They are:

  • Trusted companies that work with Jackpot Capital to help you with promotions and other offers.  These companies all commit themselves formally to abide by our confidentiality and privacy policy.
  • Any formal requests from governments in the investigation of criminal behavior.  These requests have to have the power of the law behind them.  In other words, if the government simply asks for information, we won’t give it to them but if the government issues binding demands, such as a subpoena, we have no choice but to cooperate with them.
  • If we have to transfer information to a company that buys or merges with Jackpot Capital.  In this unlikely event, you will be notified before any information is transferred.

Jackpot Capital came online in 1996.  We have seen all of the business changes that have occurred over these past twenty-plus years.  These days, almost everyone makes some purchases online.  We all willingly give some personal information over the internet.

We feel as strongly as you do that your personal information belongs to you and that we hold it only for the specific purposes we asked for it.  Aside from those specific reasons for asking for personal information, we see ourselves as guardians of your privacy and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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We Support You in Every Way We Can

We have many thousands of gamers.  Thousands of gamers mean that we will handle at least hundreds of questions every day.  We have a full staff of customer support representatives to handle all the requests and questions.  

The staff members must be very well trained to handle all questions and issues that may come up.  Our representatives go through a very serious and rigorous training program.

They are even trained to be able to take an issue that they can’t handle to the next higher level so the matter may be resolved properly and efficiently. 

We also welcome every question, feedback, suggestion, or idea you might have.  We never close the customer service office.  Over the years, we have changed some policies because you asked us to.

We now accept bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal option.  We also use ewallets.  These additions to our banking arrangement came from requests of gamers.   We added multi-hand video poker because some gamers asked us to.  We will take every suggestion under serious consideration.  We simply ask you to make suggestions to us!

You can reach Jackpot Capital by telephone, email, messaging app, or live chat.

Final Word

We sincerely hope that you can see by the length and detail in this article how seriously we take the safety, security, and privacy of your money and your personal information.  It's a very basic tenet at Jackpot Capital.

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