The St. Paddy's Day Bonus Quiz rewards FREE MONEY for answering questions about the greenest, luckiest, most fun holiday of the year. Do you know your stuff? Prove it and win!

How do you make Saint Patrick's Day even better? By getting FREE MONEY, of course! But Jackpot Capital isn't just going to hand it over - not without having a little fun first. That's the leprechaun way, after all!

Over three days, they're asking 3 QUESTIONS about the world-famous holiday. From an American president's slipup to a river undergoing a total transformation - your knowledge will be tested. And for every answer you know, you'll be rewarded!

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Join 2 beautiful gunslingers, 2 progressive jackpots, and 5 bonus features with TRIGGER HAPPY, an Old West Slot where the more sheriff badges you collect, the more bank you take!

Do you have what it takes to collect sheriff badges? Because that's one of the best ways to make payouts in TRIGGER HAPPY! That's right – you're an outlaw cowboy on this Slot from RTG, where you leave morals at the saloon doors and take a Wild West town for all its worth. Join the Redhead and Blonde Cowgirls, both ready to help you bust into the bank vault - and clean it dry. These women came packing some serious heat too, which inspired us to offer you some ammo of your own - with EXCLUSIVE BONUSES, every sheriff within a thousand miles can try and stop you…while you just laugh all the way to your hideaway!

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What's more exciting than a Jackie Chan movie? A Progressive Slot with Ninjas, free spins, and 50,000x betline fixed jackpot.

A villain with ninjas. A love interest. And lots and lots of money. If that's not a recipe for a high-octane action movie, then it's certainly perfect for a Slot theme. FIRE DRAGON is now available at Jackpot Capital, a martial arts Progressive Slot that's one of many in our constantly expanding Casino Lobby.

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The CUBEE Time Travel Adventure Slot doesn't have reels or paylines! Instead, you level up through different eras in search of a 50,000x Jackpot on your total wager!

Your future winnings are now officially in the past! But no worries, because the hero of this game has you covered! CUBEE Time Travel Adventure is the brand-new and incredibly innovative Slot at Jackpot Capital!

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