Jackpot Capital Online Casino Welcomes New Gamers

Some people have the impression that online casinos such as Jackpot Capital have already reached their potential.  That is most definitely NOT the case!  With as many as nine billion people in the world and upward mobility the great goal for all (despite the recent blip), all online casinos and especially the top tier of online casinos have plenty of space available for new gamers.

The Best Online Casinos Try to Do More Every Day

Here at Jackpot Capital, we never rest on our laurels.  We are always looking for ways to improve the casino from the jackpot casino login to the minutiae at the bottom of the casino landing page.  By the way, we encourage all gamers to read these minutiae as they include the Jackpot Capital terms and conditions and a very important section on responsible gaming.

Read our Terms and Conditions

We are well aware that new gamers want to play our more than 300 casino games!  We also know that reading the terms and conditions can be a long slog.  Please keep in mind that Jackpot Capital spent a great deal of time writing the terms and conditions so that every gamer, not just lawyers, could read them and understand them fully.

Read our Blogs and Articles

It will take even longer to read every article we have published on-site!  Yet, we feel that we have, a valuable library of helpful information to offer new and experienced gamers.

Many online casinos have a blog section that just introduces new games, mostly new slots, and ballyhoos the possibility of winning a lot of money playing them.  We also introduce new games but we do a lot more to help gamers get the most out of playing here at Jackpot Capital.

We Emphasize Fun

It might seem obvious that we would emphasize fun or, to put it another way, that we would say that online casino gaming is all about fun.  It is not nearly as obvious as one might think.  Let’s look at how Jackpot Capital strives to maximize fun above all.

Fun Lies in Keeping Gaming in Perspective

If you play any game and one of the opponents gets so worked up over bad luck or losing in general, they make the game a lot less fun.  This can happen in big-time sports where millions of dollars are at stake or in at-home board games or table games.

How much fun is there if a player gets so worked up over a  Monopoly game that they ruin the game for everyone else?

Perspective in Online Casino Gaming

The first thing that new online casino gamers realize is that the casino is available to them every day on a 24/7 basis.  Therefore, they have no incentive to spend many hours in any given gaming session.

In fact, the incentive is the exact opposite: to have relatively short gaming sessions and to have a full set of other activities that we can do before or after a short gaming session.

Online Casinos Present Gamers with Many Advantages over Land-based Casinos

Many of the articles we have published actually talk about these many advantages.  While it might at first seem like a broken record, it is interesting that we seem to come to the sane idea from an endless set of angles!

In this context, land-based casinos cannot help players keep their gaming in its proper perspective since, as we have just said, the best perspective is to keep gaming sessions relatively short.

Land-based casinos need players to keep their sessions relatively long!  If players come to a land-based casino and play for 30 minutes a day over a long weekend, eventually many if not most of these players will ask themselves why they should bother to travel to a land-based casino when online gaming is so readily available!

Time Budgets and Monetary Budgets Go Hand in Hand

Given that it is much better to have time budgets for gaming sessions, it follows that most gamers will have more fun if they set and stick to a monetary budget as well.

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Land-based Casinos Encourage More Gambling

This is another area where online casinos have a huge advantage over land-based casinos.  At many if not most land-based casinos, the overall atmosphere is of gambling.  People buy into that notion since there is really no other reason to travel to a casino except to gamble!

At an online casino−and Jackpot Capital is a leading example of this−gamers are encouraged to see gaming as entertainment.  In general, entertainment comes at a cost and people are willing to pay he cost to be entertained.

The cost of a theater ticket may be over $100 for some seats and less than $100 for other seats and people choose which seats to buy based on their assumed entertainment value.

In exactly the same way a $5 bet in video poker may be enough to entertain the average gamer even though he or she could also wager $100!

Online Casinos are Digital

Until the corona virus caused land-based casinos to shut down for an indeterminate length of time, many casino gamers chose to play at land-based casinos despite their disadvantages versus online casinos simply because these gamers preferred the human element in land-based casino gaming.

All of the table games at these casinos are run by real people!  There has always been a group of players who much preferred playing blackjack, baccarat, bingo, keno, craps, and roulette in a live casino environment.

Then the casinos wee shut down and millions of players came to online casinos.  At first, many players were leery of trusting in the outcomes of games that they had played live before.

The Random Number Generator Makes Digital Gaming Possible

The RNG is software that is constantly “moving”.  When a player presses spin or deal, the RNG “stops” at a pre-determined moment and “generates” a number, card, or icon in slots.

All online casino gamers had early on come to trust the RNG to be as random as claimed.  Without this trust in the RNG, online casinos could not have grown as fast as we all have!

In Card Games the RNG Cannot be Calibrated

This means that the results of a hand, set by the RNG in an online casino or the same game at a land-based casino, are equally likely.  In slots, however, the RNG can be calibrated to give a return to player rate that the casino desires.

Land-based casinos generally have lower return-to-player rates in slots than online casinos do!

The Jackpot Capital Login Logs Gamers into a Wonderful World of Fun

There is a lot more to say on this subject so we will return to it in a future article.  Suffice it to say that when gamers log into Jackpot Capital, they are entering a place that is set up to maximize their fun and entertainment!


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