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How Practicing at Jackpot Capital Can Help You Become a Card Counter

It is certainly one of the most common bets—if not the most common bet— made at Jackpot Capital online casino for a gamer to bet the maximum on a progressive jackpot slot.  Betting the maximum on paylines in progressive jackpot slots qualifies gamers to win the giant jackpot if the symbols line up. 

Still, we have so many other games on offer here that we always remind our gamers that slots are not the only game in town and progressive slots are not the only type of slot at Jackpot Capital casino!

One of the best games we offer here is blackjack.  We offer several variations of this classic game.  We will talk about one of the most effective tools for enhancing winning chances at blackjack — card counting.  Before we get started talking about card counting, we would like to remind all gamers that playing simple and best strategy from the statistical standpoint is also a very good way to win at blackjack.

It doesn’t have the risk factor that card counting has but blackjack has a return to player rate that is so close to 100% that gamers who use the best strategy for the variation they are playing can play for many hours and in the long run they will be  a little ahead or a little behind.

The Effects of the Most Famous Virus in One Hundred Years

This article may seem a bit odd as we will be talking about playing blackjack at land based casinos!  The purpose is to help gamers win more at blackjack and to be realistic about the future of both online gaming here at Jackpot Capital and at land based casinos as they are finally beginning to reopen.

We know that we got a lot of new traffic from players who prefer or used to prefer land based casinos over online casinos when the corona virus caused all land based casinos to close temporarily.  We also are well aware of the fact that, while many new gamers here at Jackpot Capital will stay at our casino, many others will return to land based casinos for at least some of their casino gaming if not the bulk of it.

Card Counters at Land Based Casinos Have an Edge

It is a well known fact that card counters have an edge in blackjack.  It is also known that blackjack at online casinos is not conducive to card counting since the virtual deck is virtually shuffled constantly meaning that the deck is not being played down as it is in a land based casino.

As helpful as card counting can be at land based casinos, it is simply impossible to use the card counting technique at an online casino.

So, why are we offering an article on card counting?  We feel that we owe this small tutorial to our blackjack players.  We also feel that almost everyone who has been playing at Jackpot Capital for some time as well as everyone who joined just in the last few months can benefit from a discussion about how card counting works and how it can give players an edge.

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There are Several Different Card Counting Systems

The simplest card counting system just assigns a plus or a minus to cards as they come out.  The more advanced systems are quite a bit more complex.  All advocates of card counting for blackjack players say that players should begin with the simplest and least complex system.

The Value of Playing Blackjack Online

One of the things that card counters need to know is that it takes a lot of practice to be able to count cards at a land based casino and playing online at Jackpot Capital can help you practice.

First of all, you can play hundreds and even thousands of hands online for the minimum bet.  This will give you a chance to practice quickly assigning the plus and minus to the cards at they are dealt.  Card counting is a fast moving tool that requires quick calculation and keen attention.

A land based casino is no place to practice card counting!  You can also practice at Jackpot Capital by playing in free play mode!  Finally, you can practice at home with a deck of cards.  This is actually the least helpful way to practice since players don’t like to artificially create distractions while they are practicing.

You have to practice amid a lot of distraction since land based casinos are full of distractions!  This is actually one of the many reasons we say that online casinos have advantages over land based casinos.  When you are at a land based casino, you may be distracted by attractive women in short skirts, by attractive waitresses in short skirts, by the whooping and hollering emanating from the roulette and craps tables, by the bells and whistles art the large banks of slots, and by the occasional player who clearly has had too much to drink.

Laser Focus

In the great Super Bowl in which Tom Brady led his team to a phenomenal comeback win, they were behind at one point 28-3!  He spoke loudly to his teammates that they could still win the game but that they needed laser focus.  You need laser focus to effectively count cards at the distraction centers that we call land based casinos!

So, to spend the hours of time you will need to practice counting cards, Jackpot Capital is actually the best place to play rather than practice at a land based casino or at the kitchen table with a deck of cards!

The Willingness to Risk a Large Bet

The really only way a card counter can win a substantial amount at blackjack is to make much larger bets when the card count is in their favor.  Many card counting advocates say that, given the simple statistical fact that players will lose sometimes even with perfect card counting, that a player needs a bankroll that is at least 50 times larger than the biggest bet he or she is prepared to make.

So, if you are playing at the $5 table and are willing to bet $25 on hands where the card count is profoundly in your favor, you will need a bankroll of at least $1250!  Is it any wonder that even though card counting is a proven way to win at blackjack that most blackjack players prefer to play with the most basic strategy, not to raise their bets based on card counting, and play blackjack for the fun of it, not to make a living at it?

The Bottom Line

If we think about card counting as a long term method of playing blackjack, it has many similarities to investing in stocks or bonds.  There will be many ups and downs.  Here, then is the true bottom line about card counting and blackjack. 

If you are capable of mastering perfect card counting, and if you have the emotional resources to get through the inevitable ups and downs inherent in increasing bets substantially based on the card count, and if you have the financial resources to get through the losing streaks, then card counting might be the best way for you to play blackjack and it will work only at land based casinos.

However, if you just want to play blackjack for fun, knowing that basic strategy gives the house the very smallest of edges but precludes you from making whopping bets and actually profiting handsomely from blackjack, then online blackjack is the best place to play! 

Jackpot Capital welcomes you to the wonderful world of online gaming and the purely fun side of playing blackjack.

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