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These Six Reel Slots are Based in Ancient China and Mythological Ireland

This is part 2 of our short series on the new 6 reel slots we offer here at Jackpot Capital Casino.  Slots are still the games of choice of a majority of gamers although all of the other online casino games have their devoted followers. 

In fact, we encourage all of our gamers to sample all of our games since you can do so without giving up you seat as you would have to do at a land based casino and you can play our games in unlimited free play mode!

Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow

Even though slots are still the most popular online casino game, we and Real Time Gaming, our games provider, never allow ourselves to stand still.  Some players prefer to play progressive jackpots slots while others like to go from era to era and place to place sampling as much creativity as Real time Gaming can put into their slots! 

With that in mind, we talked about the fun you can have playing the newest slots on the online casino market: six reel slots.  In part 1, we talked about two 6 reel slots with 1950’s rock and roll themes, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens La Bamba.

These slots also have something else in common: the two young singers featured in the slots died in the same plane crash in 1959.   Rather than being sad reminiscing about the tragedy that befell us in the early years of rock and roll, these slots are a celebration of the musical drive that created rock and roll!

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Super 6 and Lucky 6

The two new six reel slots we will talk about in this column have very little in common!  They are as different as Ireland and China!  But they both have six reels and that makes for a new world of slots gaming fun.

Super 6

This slot recreates the culture of ancient China.  China is one of the largest countries in the world by land size and the largest country by population.  So, you would expect Chinese history to be full of exciting heroes and great story lines.

The Chinese were great warriors to be sure but they also understood the importance of beauty.  So, Super 6 has lotus flowers, Koi fish (a type of carp, they say), fans that fold and unfold, dragons, lanterns, and papyrus scrolls.

The lotus was the most important flower to the ancient Chinese.  It is not surprising that the classic yoga position is called the lotus position.  We can surmise that China gave the importance of the lotus to the ancient Indian ritual of yoga.

Even today, Chinese fans are a major souvenir item of people visiting China itself or Chinatown in various cities with large Chinese minorities.  Dragons were prominent in Chinese culture and mythology long before Game of Thrones! 

The Chinese developed many things that the West imported among them the use of papyrus to make parchment upon which important texts could be written.  To this day, the holy New Testament texts that Jews read in the synagogue are written by hand on the same sort of papyrus parchment depicted in Super 6!

Six Scatter Symbols

You’ll know that something is quite different in this grand slot when you realize that there are six scatter symbols!  They are the letters S U P E R and the number 6.

When you accumulate enough scatters you go to the free spins bonus round.  There are also complicated combinations of scatters that will benefit you greatly.  Finally, the wild symbols and the scatter symbols can align in such a way as to give you wins as big and plentiful as China itself!

Lucky 6

Now we jump from China and Chinese culture and mythology to Irish culture and mythology.  It is not by chance that we use the term “the luck of the Irish”.  This slot is all about luck!  It features many of the symbols you would naturally expect in an Irish themed slot.  These include rainbows, shamrocks, horseshoes, funny mushrooms (not the hallucinogenic type; just funny!), the leprechaun’s emerald shoes, a wishing well, pot of gold, three leaf clover, a ring, a sweet, toothy bunny, and the leprechaun himself.

Lucky 6 has Irish music playing in the background.  Also in the background are green trees, green meadows, golden pieces of gold, an orange carrot, an orange pumpkin, and orange dandelions. If you like bright colors, Irish jig music, that optimistic Irish sensibility plus excellent game play, then Lucky 6 is definitely for you!

The rainbow is the wild symbol and, similar to Super 6, there are multiple scatter symbols.  In this slot there are six scatters: the letters L U C K Y and the number 6.

Mobile Quality Slots

Both of these slots run extremely well on our mobile gaming platform.  That points to the importance of mobile gaming in the modern, digital world and that the graphics in each of these slots is simply spectacular.

Super 6 brings ancient China back to life and Lucky 6 will make you feel as Irish as can be!

There is little more modern than a 21st century person curling up to play a slots game based in ancient China when curling up was functionally unknown or curling up to play a fanciful game with an Irish theme.

More Six Reel Slots to Come

The slots gaming public has taken to six reel slots is such definitive ways that Real Time Gaming says that they will continue to bring out more such slots.  There are so many ways to win with six reels that RTG calls them “all ways slots”.  That simply means that you don’t have to fill standard win lines.  That makes for more gaming excitement!

Imagine curling up with your excellent mobile device and playing two slots with 1950’s rock and roll themes, a slot with Irish music and Irish themes abounding, and a slot based in ancient China with all of the seriousness that China has been known for!

Even the “serious” China themed six reel slot has its wonderful and wondrous moments.

As they say in the movies: Game On!

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