The Fun Shines on Like the Moon, the Stars, and the Sun

The Importance of Fun in Gaming and in Life

Everyone knows that winning a casino jackpot is fun!  Here at Jackpot Capital Online Casino, we encourage gamers to see online casino gaming as a type of entertainment, in other words, fun.  Having fun in general is even more important than winning that big progressive casino jackpot.

Fun is available at all times if we just know how to seek it out and where to find it.  Winning a big jackpot casino is elusive and rare.  So, pursue fun for its own sake!

Fun Has Many Benefits for us All

George Bernard Shaw is one of the most quoted writers of modern times.  This is what GBS had to say about fun: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Online casino gaming is one of many ways to have healthy fun.  We encourage gamers to explore many ways to have fun and to incorporate some online gaming into the mix.

How to Incorporate Gaming into One’s Overall Fun Package of Activities

The best way to incorporate any activity into a daily, weekly, or monthly program of activities is to set time budgets for the activities.  Setting a time budget for online gaming is extremely helpful in keeping gaming in perspective since there are an unlimited number of things we can do!

This, of course, is the opposite of what happens at a land-based casino where players will play long after tiredness has segued into exhaustion.  After all, at a land-based casino there is little to do other than gamble and eat!

Even a set time of 30 minutes for a gaming session will tend to maximize the fun side of gaming online!

There is Also a Physical Side to Fun

When we are having fun, our bodies produce endorphins and dopamine.  These are hormones that tell our brain that we are having fun!  Laughter is one of the primary ways we produce endorphins and dopamine.  Laughter is naturally connected to play.  Thus, play is as important as exercise in producing good health!

Scientists have discovered in endorphins and dopamine the existential truth in the famous Reader’s Digest section “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. It is also the main thinking behind the Gesundheit Institute founded by Dr. Patch Adams in which deep laughter is one of the ways illnesses are treated!

It is common to associate laughter with social activities.  That is also a good reason to maintain a sound time budget for gaming since we generally play online casino games alone.

On the other hand, the great boom in mobile gaming fits in perfectly with the social aspect of play since a couple can curl up on the sofa together, play some fun online games, and, when their systems are awash with dopamine and endorphins, turn the gaming session into a romantic session.

Fun Improves Relationships

There is a good reason why people high-five each other continually when they are playing games!  The hormones that are released when people play also affect simple relationships and the high-fiving or butt-slapping are all part of this dynamic.

Joey and Chandler, in Friends, hugged in many episodes.  Their systems were filled with happy hormones and the hugs were the best way they could show each other the camaraderie they felt when they were together.

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The Reason Gaming Reduces Stress is Because it is Fun

This leads to a simple aspect of any real money gaming: in the name of responsible gaming, to which Jackpot Capital is completely dedicated, if the gaming stops being fun, the only acceptable course of action is to stop immediately!

Gaming Can Increase Cognition

We see this very clearly in the games of skill where players have to pay attention on every hand in order to get that slight edge over the house that all players are looking for.

The repetition of close attention is like exercise for the brain.  Not only is it thought that fun activities can improve cognition, but there is also some evidence that fun activities, when they are an integral part of a person’s daily routine can delay or prevent cognitive conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Interestingly enough, if gamers pay attention to the symbols, characters, and icons in slots, it can trigger an interest in either the subject matter itself or in graphics.  Think about how the creative teams at SpinLogic, our game provider, decide which symbols to create for a new slot and how they went about creating them.

Fun is Spontaneous

Although fun can certainly be planned in advance, there is evidence that the most beneficial effects of fun activities occur when the fun is spontaneous.  A good example is driving on less-travelled local roads instead of limited access highways when on a road trip.

Then, when a sign indicates something interesting, you can stop to explore.  The act of stopping in the moment increases the flow of the happy hormones and makes the experience more fun than it might have been had it been planned in advance.

There are many places to stop at on local roads although the corona virus crisis closed many small businesses that have not reopened.

Here is a short list of fun places to stop at spontaneously:

  1. Antique stores.
  2. Pick-your-own fruit orchards.
  3. Roadside produce stands.
  4. Factories that produce local products.
  5. Bee farms.
  6. Hiking.

The most salient point to remember is that small moments are as valuable as big moments.  When a person stays in the moment, he or she is living through many small momenta that, when remembered, can produce feel-good hormones and feel-good states of mind.

Two Great Moments that Show the Value of Fun

In the movie Mary Poppins, the father is a dour banker who is troubled by even the smallest smile.  His days are fine-tuned to the extent that he is incapable of having any fun.  Mary Poppins changes everything and in the last scene the banker is flying a kite with his happy children.

The Captain’s wife’s death at a young age devastated him.  He was left with seven little children who he tried to manage through a series of whistles.  Maria becomes one in a long line of nannies that the children ran off through their incorrigibility.  Maria stays the course through music and fun.  The Captain falls in love with her saying “you brought music back into the house”.

Enjoy Gaming Fun at Jackpot Capital

Our games are one excellent way to have fun in the evening.  Our games relax gamers and provide an injection of laughter and humor into after-work time.


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