The Lightning Network is Coming to Jackpot Capital for Banking in Bitcoin

Jackpot Capital Online Casino is happy to announce that it is now possible for gamers to deposit and withdraw funds through Bitcoin Lightning. This is very good news for online casino gamers since Bitcoin Lightning runs on the Lightning Network and is much faster than regular Bitcoin transactions.

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become synonymous with the entire range of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first cybercurrency. Now there are many cybercurrencies but Bitcoin is still the best-known among all cybercurrencies and the term “bitcoin” is often used generically to mean all cybercurrencies.

The very concept of a cryptocurrency is still so new that most people cannot yet wrap their heads around the idea.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is created through a process called “mining” even as government money is created through a process called “printing”.

One reason many people have a hard time getting their heads around the idea of a non-governmental currency is because of the digital nature of Bitcoin et al.

The Channel Through Which Bitcoins Move

Bitcoin move about on what is called a blockchain. It bypasses standard banking procedures and has up to now avoided government control. Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies are now accepted for deposits at Jackpot Capital and are available as withdrawal currencies as well!

Bitcoin has proved itself to be fast and safe as a banking currency. Many businesses now accept Bitcoin. Despite the general speed with which Bitcoin effects transactions, Bitcoin has become so popular as a mode of transaction that some Bitcoin transactions now take a few hours to complete.

So, to make matters even easier for online casino gamers here at Jackpot Capital, Bitcoin Lightning has beenintroduced as an even faster banking method.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a digital conduit that in effect sits on top of the standard blockchain and allows transactions to be accomplished at much greater speed. It is called a layer-2 solution that improves privacy and scalability in transactions using bitcoin. We know that the terminology for beginners is very confusing. Keep in mind that Bitcoin Lightning makes using Bitcoin faster, more efficient, and more private.

What is the Value of a layer-2 Solution?

A layer-2 solution simply makes the layer-1 solution more efficient. Let’s use an example from intra-city public transportation as an example.

A person is riding on a bus or a train and needs to get somewhere that is a bit too far to walk after leaving the bus or the train. Before the layer-2 solution to this situation, which repeats itself regularly in large urban areas, was developed, a traveler would have to buy another ticket for the connecting ride.

The layer-2 solution allows the traveler to take a transfer and to use the transfer to alight another train or bus. Once the traveler gets the transfer at the train station or from the bus driver, he or she need only present the transfer and continue their trip.

Basically, the Bitcoin Lightning solution is effectively the “same” as the transfer for the rider.

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What is Scalability?

This means finding ways to increase production with existing resources or by adding a modest amount of resources. In effect, a scalable solution to a business problem might be to re-organize the work force to accomplish more with less.

The less might be fewer resources or it could mean fewer employees. In this sense scalability means streamlining a business operation.

A perfect example of scalability is found in supermarkets where the store introduces a new product and rearranges the shelves. This rearrangement might put less-bought items lower on the shelf or it might mean replacing some products altogether.

ןIn terms of casino banking in bitcoin, scalability means making all bitcoin transactions faster. At Jackpot Capital, we know that the speed with which we handle transactions creates more satisfied gamers or less. While credit card transactions are fast, they don't provide the privacy that banking in Bitcoin provides.

So, by joining with the Lightning Network, we have achieved banking speed in Bitcoin that gamers are looking for along with the privacy Bitcoin gives them. Making deposits and withdrawals go faster through Bitcoin Lightning effects scalability as gamers feel more confident in gaming online.

Working from Home is Another Good Example of Scalability

The corona virus crisis caused most offices to close and had employees work from home. As working externally meant no longer needing to live close to the office, many people moved out of crowded big cities.

Now the pandemic has passed and many erstwhile office workers are still working remotely. The business saves a lot of money not needing to open the office every day. The same amount of work gets done and in terms of scalability, it works well for both the business and the employees.

With Bitcoin Lightning, more deposits and withdrawals can happen at a pumped up speed - improving our scalability!

Jackpot Capital and Bitcoin Lightning

Here at Jackpot Capital, we have always tried to make banking as easy as possible for gamers. On our landing page, we have a section called HOW TO which explains how to deposit using several different banking methods.

Bitcoin is listed there as a banking option. We will likely add Bitcoin Lightning to that page soon.

The original banking methods were credit or debit cards, direct bank transfers, or money orders.

Who remembers money orders? They were replaced by e-Wallets which gave gamers fast banking with much more privacy. Jackpot Capital has always embraced the innovative in online casino gaming from games to banking to promotions to tournaments.

Jackpot Capital Emphasizes Fun in Online Casino Gaming

Our main thrust has always been to maximize fun for gamers. We see online casino gaming as one form of entertainment among many. We encourage gamers to play in relatively short gaming sessions as Jackpot Capital is always open.

There is no need to cram months or years of gaming into a long weekend at a land-based casino if you play online!

For the most modern in online casino innovation, safe and secure banking, and a culture of gaming fun, JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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