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How to Let Humor Get You through Those Tough Times

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Is Humor All of a Piece?

Indeed, it isn’t!  There are many different kinds of humor.  There is slapstick humor which some say is the main humor in many slots.  There is the kind of humor that pokes fun at everyday things.  The buxom femme fatales in the Naughty or Nice series of Christmas slots are examples of this type of humor.   Surreal humor has a place in art and in slots as finding fun in a dinosaur themed slot is both quite funny and quite surreal.

There are in fact many different types of humor.  One such type is topical.  It pokes fun at everyday life but it can also choose the most serious everyday matters to joke about.  Some people have called this type of humor black humor and some have called it gallows humor.  As the final words of a man about to be hung: “No noose is good noose” is probably the most famous (and poignant) gallows humor we have!

Is it Possible to Joke around about the Corona Virus?

The corona virus has been very devastating for many individuals, families, and countries.  Still, there is a wealth of corona virus humor!  Some might be in bad taste.   Some people think that giving slots heroines large breasts is humor in poor taste.  Yet, gamers do love to spin those reels!  As many people have suffered genuinely during the virus crisis, we still want to laugh about it!

Black humor has one element that makes it acceptable to most people: empathy.  If a stand up comedian doesn’t show any empathy with his or her audience, they won’t laugh, they won’t give positive word of mouth reviews to their friends and colleagues, and they won’t come back to another stand up show by that comedian.

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Humor in the Age of Corona Has Been Quite a Challenge

Let’s look at a few examples of corona virus humor:

  1. The corona virus has turned people into dogs.  We get told NO in emphatic ways at if we get too close to strangers.  We go from room to room looking for food.  We whine when we want to go out. And we get particularly giddy when we are allowed to ride in the car!
  2. I was so bored that I started scratching at the sofa and the cat gave me a look like, “see?”
  3. Corona virus has taught us all the value of arithmetic.  Would people have hoarded toilet paper if they had done the arithmetic of sheets per roll, sheets per wipe, wipes per day, and days between chances to buy toilet paper?
  4. Thirteen years from now we will see the arrival of the first wave of quaranteens.
  5. If we have to stay in any longer, the second wave of quaranteens will be “worse” than the first!
  6. The best life hack before corona was to stay away from all negative people.  Then, in 2020, the best life hack is to stay away from all positive people!
  7. This is a great year for everything to be topsy-turvy.  The old folks are climbing out of their bedroom window just to escape confinement indoors and the kids are screaming at them to “get back in here old lady. You’re grounded”!
  8. One thing that corona has taught us is that it really isn’t so terrible to give grandma a big smooch on the lips!
  9. I had a lot of corona time on my hands so I decluttered every room in my house.  Now my living room is full of clutter and I can’t go out to get rid of it.
  10. Eating lasagna during corona time is a great way to get into good shape.  Stand up before every bite.  Then sit down.  Then stand up.  Then take another bite.
  11. I wonder how many people have also invented a Corona Coffee.  We might make a go of it internationally!  It’s a double shot of vodka, hold the coffee.
  12. A healthy variation on Coronas Coffee is Corona Tomato Soup served hot or cold.  It has a lot of tomato and vodka and you eat it with a spoon.
  13. The corona virus has drastically reduced the sales of suits, ties, dresses, and skirts and dramatically increased the sale of pajamas.
  14. The corona virus crisis has taught parents how hard it is to be a kid and kids how hard it is to be a parent.
  15. We have a new product coming soon.  Corona throat lozenges, cool and soothing, for formerly screaming parents.
  16. The corona virus crisis has created a whole new way of easy exercising.  Turn to your left side, hold for two to three hours with your eyes closed.
  17. The Guinness Book of World Records has a new entry: longest period of time snoring.
  18. A great way to keep the kids out of your hair for another day: announce homeschooling lessons to begin at 9:00 sharp.
  19. Homeschooling curriculum includes laundry folding, chasing down flies, wiping counters again, and multitasking such as formulating complete and coherent sentences while whining.
  20. Another great activity for the corona virus lockdown is finding that one supersensitive spot on everyone’s belly that even a gentle touch there sends them into paroxysms of laughter.

And we have listed only twenty!  There are so many more!  Many of the corona virus jokes really are in poor taste but we feel that our small collection is both funny and in very good taste!  Sort of like the chocolate glazed donuts of corona virus jokes!

So, laugh your way through this health crisis and join Jackpot Capital online casino for great casino gaming.  We offer about 300 games and you’ll find that online gaming is a lot more convenient and comfortable than gambling at any land based casino!

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