What are the Great Features in Bubble Bubble 3 that Have Jackpot Capital Gamers Abuzz?

What is Bubbling in the Cauldron?

It’s the percolating sound of thousands of gamers loving the new game at Jackpot Capital online casino called Bubble Bubble 3.   If you missed the rollout of Bubble Bubble 3, you probably recognize the bubbling name!  Bubble Bubble 3 is the third installment in the Bubble Bubble slots series from Real Time Gaming.

Get an Alliterative Bubbly Bonus

Jackpot Capital casino specializes in jackpot slots and Bubble Bubble 3 is a worthy addition to the library of great slots we have on offer!  In addition to gaming fun galore, players of Bubble Bubble 3 can avail themselves if a top new promotion that will go on until December 13th.

It’s a special bubbly New Game promotion!  Here are the simple details:

  1. Enter the code bubble133.
  2. Choose the size of your bonus up to $1333.
  3. Your bonus will be for 133% and you’ll get 33 free spins to boot!

Let’s see if we can figure out how much you need to deposit to get the full $1333 bonus.  Wouldn’t you know it but the calculation was pretty easy!  If you deposit $1000, your bonus will be $1333 and you will have $2333 to play with!  Now that’s the kind of bonus that stirs many a gamer’s cauldron, er, drink!

What is Bubble Bubble 3 All About?  Why are so Many Gamers Flocking to Play Bubble Bubble 3?

First of all, the slot is all about a family reunion!  You see, Willow Witch is here to join the two other Witch sisters Winni and Wanda.

They came to help us all celebrate Halloween and they are staying through Thanksgiving Day when families come together from far and wide on into Christmas shopping and decoration time!  The wins you can enjoy playing Bubble Bubble 3 will put you in a wonderful frame of mind for all that Christmas shopping.  The big jackpot is 4000x the bet on the winning payline

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Are the Witch Sisters Beautiful or “Oogly”?

These three Witch sisters are beautiful, indeed.  Along with their special powers, gamers are thankfully enjoying the treasure chest, the pumpkins, and the crystal ball scatter symbols.

Bubble Bubble 3 is Attracting Gamers with Features Galore!

Bubble Bubble 3 hit cyberspace like a storm!  This great slot is more than just fantastic graphics and animation.  It is a lot more than three beautiful witches!   Bubble Bubble 3 has several super features that have kept gamers in thrall since Jackpot Capital rolled out the red carpet.  Let’s look at these features!

The Wild Witch Sisters

Willow and Wanda Witch are co-wild symbols.  Willow “owns” the first reel and Wanda “owns” the final reel.  The wild witch sisters can substitute for all of the other symbols as is normally the case in modern slots, and they can also substitute for the scatter symbol!

This is a revolutionary concept in slots!

There is a 2x multiplier for a wild win and a 4x multiplier for a win enabled by both wild witches.

Three Types of Free Spin Bonus Round Features

To get to the bonus round, you need at least three scatters.  The crystal ball serves as the scatter in Bubble Bubble 3.  The game itself chooses the bonus round feature after you tap on one of the scatters.  Here are the three bonus features gamers enjoy in addition to the free spins.

In the Winni Witch Magic Feature,

A symbol on the third reel has a spell placed on it.  It becomes a third scatter if there are already two scatters on a spin.  This triggers the Mega Magic Feature.  In this feature, gamers get from 20 to 33 free spins and the scatters stay in place all through the feature.  As the number of scatters increases, gamers find the tension irresistibly exciting since, if they get 9 scatters on the reels, they win the big jackpot!

Winni’s Hextastic Feature

When this one happens, the lower ranking numbers and royal symbols become high paying symbols.

Winni Returns Feature

Gamers are thrilled at the appearance of 9, yes 9, wild symbols!

Slots are the Best Games for Holiday Features

A lot of gamers love our many other genes such as video poker, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and Banana Jones.  These are all great games but they don’t lend themselves to seasonal expression.

Slots DO!

Jackpot Capital has slots that commemorate so many holidays and seasonal activities!  It is the unique ability of slots to tell a story one holiday season and then to come back with another variation on the holiday in subsequent years.

We suspect that Real Time Gaming, our game provider, will never run out of Halloween ideas!  Bubble Bubble 3 is a Halloween slot and we are continuing the Bubble Bubble 3 promotion until December 13!

Bubble Bubble 3 has proven to be super popular slot.  To be honest, we suspect that some of the excitement is about the many features with so many aspects to them!  We see that gamers love tricky, even confusing features, as long as they know what they need to do to win!

In Bubble Bubble 3, the wins come fast in the regular game and especially in the bonus rounds which can last for quite some time as the free spins can be retriggered!

There are Over 300 Reasons to Play Online Casino Games at Jackpot Capital

Gaming at Jackpot Capital can be a wild experience since we are always around!  We are available on your modern mobile device where gamers access our state of the art mobile gaming platform!  Gamers come to Jackpot Capital often just for a few spins!

Bubble Bubble 3 is the most recent reason to play at Jackpot Capital!  Soon, with the help of Real Time Gaming, we will add another good reason to play here at Jackpot Capital.  All you need to do to get in on the gaming fun is to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO

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