Easter is just around the corner, and if you had anything close to the ‘typical’ childhood, around this time of year, you’d dig out that colorful woven basket, look forward to the smell of spring, and leap down the stairs Easter morning in search of those glorious chocolate eggs, left by yours truly, the Easter Bunny! Fast forward a decade or two, and with those memories still with us, we here at Jackpot Capital want to evoke those past moments of excitement and discovery, and how are we going to do that? By taking you on a Hunt for $110,000 in Golden Eggs! Are you ready?!

golden eggs

Basket at the Ready for Big Easter Bonuses!

Easter holds many traditions, and the one we all remember well, is having the chance to look out for special treats, and that’s exactly what’s in store for you with the $110,000 Golden Eggs Challenge! Just play with us between March 14 and April 17th in order to build CompPoints, finding your place on our Scoreboard (with $80,000 in total prizes!), finding your chance at special Scrambled Random Bonuses (if you’re lucky!), worth $25,000 in total.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either (and we’re sure you’re not surprised!); Hump Day bonuses, weekly bonuses, VIP bonuses, the amount of Golden Eggs we’ve hidden is almost more than we can count (keep reading for all of the details on our hopping offers!).

Ready, Set, Hunt!

When it come time to bring out that inner curiousness, an emotion we all embraced in our younger days, you can just imagine how your mind will roam with such high bonuses potential at stake! The Easter Bunny here at Jackpot Capital only comes once a year, and much like Santa, he’s overly generous to those who get in the game, and of course, have fun! Isn’t that what being a kid was all about?!

Hop into the spirit and grab our offer of a 150% (up to $500) bonus, then get huntin’ for those bonuses; remember, when you were young, chocolate held high value, but as an adult, it’s all about the cash!

Hop on for all-week bonuses:

  • Check our Scoreboard every Monday to see if you received a Scoreboard bonus ($80,000 in total!)
  • Every Tuesday check your email for a VIP bonus! (Or become a VIP!)
  • Play every Monday and Tuesday for a chance at a Hump Day bonus every Wednesday!
  • Look out for a Weekly bonus every Thursday!
  • Get lucky and win a Scrambled Random Bonus every Friday ($25,000 in total!)
  • Seek out our missing bonus codes (check the mail!) for a free $40!
  • Even more bonuses on our Facebook and Twitter pages ($5,000 total!)

… Wow! You’ll surely be tired (but cheerful with Easter cash bonuses!). You simply can’t deny, this is certainly a hunt worth taking, at the springing tune of $110,000 in total bonuses!

It’s almost time to embark in the Golden Eggs Challenge, just a few more days until the fun begins, March 14th! Be sure to check back with us (and most importantly, check your email!) for the grand announcement; the Hunt is on!

Don’t forget to bookmark our Jackpot capital blog, you just never know what you’ll find whilst playing with us (Whether it be bunnies, or bonuses!).

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