Jackpot Capital Invites Bettors to Enjoy Gaming abd Sports Betting

Are casino betting and sports betting different? At first glance. we would think that these two types of bets are quite different; but are they?

Well, the answer lies in the details as it does with so many things from politics to recipes! Simply put, in some ways casino betting and sports betting are the same and in some ways they are very different!

Gamers consider casino betting at Jackpot Capital Online Casino to be at the top of the online casino gaming pyramid.

A Sports Bet and a Casino Bet are Both Bets!

This is not a trivial point. People like to bet! So, if they like to bet on spins in a slots game, they might also like to bet on goals in a football game.

And in fact many people do!

When Did Humans Start Betting?

Maybe Adam and Eve placed the first proposition bet when they ate from the apple!

We will talk about prop bets in more depth a bit later. The point is that betting has been with us forever! Bedouins have long bet on camel races. Today people bet on many different kinds of races including pennant races and presidential races.

It is true that some people prefer casino betting while others prefer sports betting. What is indisputable is that betting is hard wired in the human psyche!

The Language of Casino Betting Differs from the Language of Sports Betting

Casino betting involves betting on outcomes in slots, blackjack and other table games, video poker, casual games such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones, and more. The language of casino betting involves the following ideas:

  1. Progressive jackpots
  2. Themes in modern slots
  3. Wild symbols
  4. Scatter symbols
  5. Free spins bonus rounds
  6. Splitting pairs
  7. Doubling down
  8. Promotions
  9. Best strategy in blackjack and video poker
  10. Exciting graphics and animation
  11. Random Number Generator

We have written extensively on all of these themes and will continue to do so. For now, we will concentrate on sports betting.

Why Would an Online Casino Write about Sports Betting?

We believe that our gamers and the people we would like to excite about online casino betting, also like to bet on sports or would like to learn how to bet on sports.

There is a world of difference between casino betting and sports betting but people who enjoy betting for fun or for sport can enjoy both kinds of betting!

What are Sports Bets Like?

Generally speaking, sports bets are either on which team wins a game or how the two teams compare when the game ends. Any sports bet that involves more than a straight win or lose bet is a kind of prop bet.

What are Prop Bets?

A lot of sports bets are on parameters other than that which team will win outright!

These are "preposition bets" because they are about a preposition unrelated to who wins the game! The best known prop bet is the point spread. Point spreads are the amount of points the winning team has to win by for a point spread bet on that team to win the bet.

For example: one team is favored to win by seven points in an American football game. If a bet is placed on that team to win by the point spread, and the team wins by only six points, the point spread bet loses!

A sports bettor can bet on a team to lose by less than the points spread and win the bet even though the teams loses the game! Any sporting event in which there are two teams playing has many similar prop bets!

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What Other Kinds of Proposition Bets are There?

Before we get into other sports bets, let's look at sports betting from the point of view of sports fans.

In addition to following point spreads and anticipating the final score of any one particular game, sports bettors are fans. One of the biggest sports betting mistakes fans make is to bet on their favorite team against the odds.

As much as a fan wants his or her team to win a game, they have to be realistic of the betting odds on the game in question. A wager on the point spread is often a much better bet than a wager on one's favorite team to win outright!

A Sportsbook Uses Betting Odds to Turn a Profit

A sportsbook has to make money in order to stay in business. So, when a sportsbook accepts any of the many prop bets, it has to make sure that the odds of either of the outcomes is close to even. Then the sportsbook can make the odds just slightly in its favor and that is where the profit for the sportsbook lies.

Start with the Moneyline Bet

We already spoke about the moneyline bet without calling it that! The moneyline bet is a straightforward bet on who will win the game. Here we need to show how a sportsbook uses this simple bet to make a profit.

At the sportsbook, the underdog in the game will have a + sign by the amount a sports bettor can win. The favorite to win the game will have a - sign. This is very confusing to new sports bettors.

The plus sign means that the player has to wager $100 to win the stated amount. The minus sign shows how much the bettor has to bet to win $100. So, the minus sign indicates the favorite and the sportsbook makes bettors on that team to bet more to win $100 while the underdog bettor would win a larger amount for a $100 bet if the underdog wins the game!

One Bet Does Not Fit All

Some sports are perfectly suited for the moneyline bet. A sportsbook will adjust the moneyline as bettors show preference for the moneyline bet for one team or the other. There is another bet that is very popular with bettors: the over-under bet.

What is the Over-under Bet?

This is a wager that the combined score of the two teams will either be "over" the set amount or "under" it. Clearly, this is very different than a moneyline bet. Even if the favorite wins by many more points than the spread, an "over" bettor may win a substantial sum.

Do Sportsbooks Offer Incentives to New Customers?

Yes, they do. In online casinos, new gamers are offered a series of deposit bonuses that together are called the Welcome Package. At a sportsbook, the offer to new customers is usually free bets! Naturally, there are rules attached to the free bets but they are a great way for a new sports bettor to get started betting on sports.

What Should a Sports Bettor Do to Maximize Winning?

We spoke earlier about not being so in love with one's favorite team to bet against the odds. Rather than placing a moneyline bet against the odds on one's favorite team, a bettor could make a spread bet or an over-under bet.

Always pay attention to the odds because the odds change. One reason the odds change is injuries. If a top player will miss a game or two or sometimes many games, the odds will change to reflect that.

Always be protective of your money! Even if you feel that a bet is a sure thing, you should never put all of your money on one single bet.

Develop a keen appreciation of how betting on an underdog may be more profitable than betting on the favorite. A lot of winning wagers are placed on the underdog!

Always remember that in many bets the outcome of the game in terms of which team wins the game is not important.

We advise bettors to not play a hunch. Oddsmakers employ many people to determine the odds and bettors need to appreciate the expertise of these analysts. Sometimes it might seem that the oddsmakers know in advance what will happen!

Parlay bets are a lot harder to win than single bets. Try winning money with more manageable bets than with parlay bets. Winnings are higher in parlay bets but the odds are also longer!

Jackpot Capital Invites All Casino Gamers and Sports Bettors to Join

Sports bettors can play online casino games for fun and a relaxing gaming experience and online casino gamers can make a bet or two on sporting events while still staying committed to casino gaming!



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