VIP Criteria

As of May 1st, we have upgraded our VIP criteria, bringing an even more exclusive experience to our VIP players! With our changes, we are making the VIP Club more selective! Being a VIP is a luxury, an experience that should be reserved to those distinctive and outstanding members of Jackpot Capital who deserve the best of the best. This will sound great to some users, but for those of you who may not qualify as a VIP any longer we ensure you that if you keep playing with us and building your credibility, you will find yourself back on the list in no time! And by reaping even greater benefits than before, you will see how great of a change this truly is!

An Improved & More Exclusive Experience!

By now you must be wondering how can we improve our wonderful VIP experience even more?! Well, now each VIP level is by Invite only. What does that mean? Well, our old VIP criteria required that you would qualify to become a VIP based on the specific criteria standards, however, now we are implementing an Invite Only policy, moving our VIP club towards being more like an actual club! No more playing night and day to try and reach exclusive VIP status, instead it is about the quality of play and quality of person you are. Anyone can simply build up their status through volume play, but here at Jackpot Capital, we care about quality - And we care about you!

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All The Advantages to Being a VIP!

Now to the juicy stuff. Once you have been invited, we make it easy for you to enjoy your time at Jackpot Capital with exceptional benefits and rewards. We still offer up the ridiculously fabulous VIP no deposit bonuses you have come to expect from us, along with expedited withdrawals, superior customer service and exclusive VIP promotions. This is only the tip of the iceberg though, as on top of all that VIPs have lower wagering requirements, better exclusive bonuses which include CompPoints for every $5 spent, a unique and personalized service, lightning fast payouts, and a wide range of payment options. Now that you have to earn it, this exclusive VIP service allows you to really Live the VIP Life! We have really put in the work to tailor your VIP experience, and by implementing an Invite Only policy, we have created a bespoke environment for our distinguished members to enjoy.

We also understand that there are those of you who are still loyal and may not be eligible for VIP status yet, but we also have benefits for you to help you on your way to the amazing lounge exclusive for VIP members. As a loyal player, you will be automatically enrolled into our Loyalty Program, which awards CompPoints that may be converted into cash! You will also receive Double Comps on the Game of the Month. The Loyalty Program is a great way to satisfy the entrance criteria as you play your way to becoming a member of the VIP Club!

Deposit & Play!

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