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Was there ever a better moment to cash in and get lucky, than in the month of March, when St. Patrick’s day is near?! Probably not! The concept of ‘Irish Luck’ has been around for quite some time, and when it comes to playing your favorite casino games and picking up some bonus cash, this is most certainly your time to shine - Just like the ‘winning shamrock’ you are! If you believe in the concept of ‘luck’, especially in this very green month of March, then you most definitely will want to join us for this month’s Headline Promotion, Charming $100,000 in Prizes! Yes, you read that right - We’re giving away a total of $100,000 to the motivated players who join in on the fun! Will this be your moment to challenge the concept of ‘luck’? Let’s see!

Is This Your Lucky Moment To Win?!

As you may already know, the Irish are definitely a superstitious bunch, which may explain why the concept of ‘Irish Luck’ exists - Because good luck is always nearby! The Irish also very much believe in the idea of good luck charms, and since this month’s Headline Promotion is all about ‘getting lucky’, we’re going to send plenty of ‘Lucky Bonus Charms’ your way! We like to think that every one of you who plays with us here at Jackpot Capital has a lucky streak coming their way, so couldn’t this be your big chance to win? One thing’s for sure, you can’t win, if you don’t play! With a total of $100,000 in bonus prizes to be given out, you’d have to be very unlucky not to get a piece of this ‘Pot of Bonus Gold’!

While we look forward to this month full of green this March, is there any luck charms you keep with you? Anything from a lucky keychain, a lucky pair of socks, a shirt, or something more traditional, like a lucky horseshoe (you must find it in order for it to be lucky - no cheating!)? The Irish have very many different superstitions for bringing good luck and prosperity, but sometimes, all you need are some ‘Lucky Bonus Charms’ to get you closer to those big wins, and lucky for you, we’ll be giving away these bonus charms all month long!

Get Lucky Today!

Collect All of the Lucky Bonus Charms!

Throughout this next month, you’ll have the chance to join us in playing your favorite online casino games with us, and in return, we’ll reward you for your efforts with plenty of ‘Lucky Bonus Charms’! Does that sound tempting? In the casino world, we very much believe in the concept of ‘good luck’, and we know our players do too, which is why we’re filling the next 4 weeks with plenty of winning opportunities! Not only will we have weekly bonuses for you to enjoy, but we’ll give you the chance to embrace the beauty of competition, as you challenge yourself in collecting the most CompPoints, climbing our Scoreboard for some impressive cash prizes!

Lucky Bonus Charms V2

Join us from March 13th - April 9th for $100,000 in Lucky Bonus Charms!

  • Every Monday: Check the Scoreboard ranking for $20,000 in weekly prizes ($80,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($20,000 total!)

For those of you who may be new to joining our Headline Promotion, we’ll fill you in on how you can make the most of this lucky month, reaping plenty of bonus prizes along the way! Each week you’ll be given the chance to get your name on our Lucky Scoreboard, and if you manage to make the cut, you’ll receive a piece of the lucky Irish pie - $20,000 in bonuses are given away each week to those who make the Scoreboard! What’s the best way to make sure you get your name in the top spot? Easy - Be sure to play with us throughout the week, and for every deposit you make to play on your favorite games, we’ll reward you with CompPoints (our loyalty program). For the players with the most Comps each week, they’ll find their name on our Scoreboard (you must be logged in!), and in return, you’ll receive a cash bonus! The competition is always at an all-time high, so make sure you bring your ‘gameface’!

Not only can you receive a weekly Scoreboard bonus every Monday, but you also have the chance to be randomly chosen every Friday for our Friday Random Bonus Boost, which rewards a total of $5,000 in bonuses each week to the randomly chosen players. This is definitely a day to keep that good luck charm close by! In addition, you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Tuesday, keeping your ‘Bonus Bank’ filled up, all week long. If you’re a VIP with us, there’s even more luck coming your way, as you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Thursday, with an additional Saturday Special!

On the lookout for even more ‘Lucky Bonus Charms’? Of course you are - And you won’t be disappointed! Throughout the 4 weeks of this running promotion, we’ll be sending you additional lucky charms in the form of bonuses, and if you collect them all, will reward you with a free $100 bonus at the end of the promotion! You’ll find these additional bonuses in your Message Center and on our social media pages!

Is luck on your side this month? Now’s your time to find out - Join us for a Charming $100,000 in prizes and embrace the Luck of the Irish!


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