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What are a Few Christmas Themed Slots?

As we all know..... Jackpot Capital gamers love slots!  This did not surprise us since all of the slots we offer are great fun, can transport you to different times and places, and offer slot machine jackpots that sometimes, as in a progressive game, can be worth millions of dollars and at other times “only” many tens of thousands of dollars!

Venture Forth Ye Slots Players

We also found that many of our gamers play the same few slots over and over.  That’s fine, of course.  But we thought that as a service to our gamers, we would run several articles in which we would talk at a bit more length about some very exciting slots games that you may not have ever tried.

This will be an ongoing series so we will “fit in” as many slots per article as we can and then continue next time from where we left off.

The Christmas Season Approacheth

Let’s look at a couple of slots with a Christmas theme.  Since Christmas is a family time, and most families have a festive feast on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, or both, we will start with the Festive Feast Bonus in our great slot Santastic.

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That’s the Christmas Spirit!

Keeping in the “ tis better to give than to receive” spirit of Christmas, Santastic welcomes you to the Festive Feast bonus round whenever you get any three symbols except the jackpot symbol which you will use happily for the…..jackpot!  On some spins, you might get two, three-symbol sets.  In this case, you’ll get two consecutive Festive Feast bonus rounds!

One of the great things about the Festive Feast bonus round is that you won’t feel as “full” even after two “feasts” as you might feel after two real holiday feasts at Grandma’s!

Santastic Symbols

This three reel slot is all about the Christmas spirit alongside a progressive jackpot.  The symbols include stockings, Santa, Santa’s elves, a reindeer we will call Rudolph, Santa’s home at the North Pole, the ubiquitous snowman, candy canes, puddings, teddy bears, and two different wild symbols.   The wild symbols have either a 2x multiplier or a 3x multiplier and if two wild symbols combine to get you a win on a lucky spin, the multiplier goes up to 6x!

Helping the Elves Help Santa

Santa has been delivering gifts to young and old for many years and needs the elves to help him.  Now the elves need your help as well!  Your task is to help the elves help Santa deliver gifts to a small village with beautiful red roofs and a lot of snow everywhere.  It snows so often in this village that it might even snow on some spins!

Here’s another great feature of Santastic: even though it might be “snowing” heavily in the village, you don’t need any boots, gloves, mittens, coats, or scarves!  You can play in bare feet!  This slot is so much fun to play and so simple to play that it is a great game to play with your kids or your extra special loved one!

Let it Snow!

In the Northern Hemisphere, snow is as much a part of the Christmas spirit as candy canes, stockings, ol’ Santa, and Rudolph!  So, Real Time Gaming came up with a slot that celebrates snow!

Snowmania has five snowy reels and twenty paylines with drifts up to your nose!  The graphics in Snowmania will thrill and entertain you for long stretches and the many winning ways will keep your bankroll going.  Santa’s hats are here as are candy canes (Santa probably dips into the candy cane jar from time to time!), holly, Christmas gifts, a bell, a gingerbread man, and ice.  As you can imagine, there is also a happy snowman who acts as your host!  What you didn’t expect is that the snowman’s carrot nose is also an important symbol in Snowmania!

Do We Have a Plethora of Ice?

Yes, there is an abundance of ice in Snowmania!  The ice is the wild symbol.  The crushed ice feature comes along whenever you get a win with the icy wild symbol.  All of the symbols that went into the win get “crushed” and are replaced by more symbols which can also win.

In the first win, the multiplier is a solid 2x.  If you win after the first crushed ice action, the multiplier goes up to 3x.  If you win again, the multiplier gets up to 5x.  It then stays at 5x for every win on a single crushed ice series of actions.  So, when the holiday cheer turns into a blizzard of luck, you’ll come out with a very big win indeed!

In the free spins round, you will start off with a 3x multiplier that grows quickly to 6x and then grows again to 15x!

Snowing Symbols

There is a lot of fun and happy animation in Snowmania.  First of all, the reels don’t exactly spin!  Instead, in keeping with the snowy theme, the symbols flutter down onto the reels.  The background music is styled to inspire a sweet holiday season. 

Play Slots to Learn More

As you have seen, we went into some detail on the two Christmas themed slots we talked about here.  The proof is in the Christmas pudding so to speak!  That means you can learn a lot more about our Christmas slots and all of our slots by playing them!

As you go about sampling many of our slots, you can play for the minimum bet or you can play in our unlimited free play mode.  Either way, you’ll get into the bright and happy spirit of Christmas with either (or both) of these Christmas based slots.  In upcoming articles, we’ll talk about more Christmas based slots.

In the interest of showing you the vast range of all of the slots here at Jackpot Capital, in our next article, we’ll change directions a bit so hang on!

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