With many colorful traditions and the guarantee of a great time, Cinco de Mayo is a fiesta where we celebrate the beautiful Mexican culture of our neighbours, making memories, a few good laughs, all while stuffing our face with that homemade guacamole - and perhaps just a few shots of Tequila! Jackpot Capital loves to celebrate the good times with all cultures across our great nation, so read on to learn about some of the most thrilling Cinco de Mayo traditions, and how you can cash in on our Cinco de Mayo Bonus Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo

The holiday of Cinco de Mayo isn’t just about dressing up in the traditional moustache and sombrero, enjoying the food and that strong festive punch, it’s about celebrating the pride of the Mexican people, their many feats in history, and their exuberant culture, to put it simply!

The Mexican Army defeated the French on May 5, 1862, being a massive accomplishment given the strength of the French Army, which is why President Juarez proclaimed this day to be Cinco de Mayo - The day to celebrate Mexico!

Since then, it has become a very important annual tradition to celebrate in both Mexico and the United States; after all, we’re neighbours! While we’re sure you’re already planning your own Cinco de Mayo fiesta, take some inspiration from the top 5 Cinco de Mayo traditions, and get yourself into the party spirit with our special Cinco de Mayo bonus special, too!

1. Embrace the Historical Moment!

While there is certainly a lot of partying during this wild holiday, such a strong culture does not forget about the origin; the battle, itself! Every year for Cinco de Mayo, you’ll find many men (mainly in Mexico but not only) dress up in the fancy military dress of the French, where another group shall adorn the less-classy uniforms of the Mexican army. They, quite literally, re-live the moment of victory in Puebla, where they fight (for fun, only!) to remember the biggest moment in their long history.

2. Food, Food & More Food!

Of course, every holiday, no matter where, often serves up some delectable foods, special to the day, itself, and Cinco de Mayo is no different! Indulge in homemade guacamole, tortilla chips, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, all of the picante specialities that we relate only to Mexico, the home of pico de gallo! “Mole poblano” is perhaps the most traditional, as it is named after Puebla (where the battle took place), which is an ingredient-filled sauce used on different dishes; Yum!


3. Bring on the Margaritas & Tequila!

Like any cherished holiday, there must be good drinks served! The Mexican culture surely got it right, as all of their traditional beverages happen to be strong in alcohol percentage, fruity, and all-around delicious! No taco is complete without the numbing taste of a Margarita, and those tortilla chips suit perfectly when washed down with a lime-accompanied shot of Tequila! While there are many traditional drinks suited for this holiday, most certainly require you be of legal drinking age (Lucky you!).

4. Baile! (Dance!)

As it comes to no surprise, Cinco de Mayo is a time where a lot of dancing takes place, communicating their great vibes through the art of movement; it’s a beautiful thing, really! The many traditional Mexican dances, such as the ever-popular Mexican folk dancing, like the Mexican Hat Dance, are practiced, all whilst adorning the rich colors of the rainbow, warming in essence, just like the hot Mexican sun! Vivacious dresses in bright orange, red and yellow flow to the sounds of the Mariachi band, symbolizing the life of such a vibrant culture!

5. Let the Celebration Begin!

No bueno fiesta is complete without colorful decorations - and if you already guessed, the people of Mexico are very good at keeping things colorful! For your own fiesta, decorate your celebration spot with the colors of the Mexican flag - White, red and green - while exploring all and any colors of the rainbow! Streamers, balloons, confetti, pinatas, all things fun and vibrant suit the atmosphere!

What else completes your Cinco de Mayo celebration with Jackpot Capital? Of course, keeping with the theme, why not a 5x Bonus Fiesta?! Come join the party over here with us and you can enjoy more than just great food, potent drinks and dancing - You can win, too!

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