SpinLogic and Jackpot Capital Team up to Bring Great New and Colorful Slots

What are Some Trends in Slots?

After garners put in their jackpot casino login, they need to choose which game category they wish to play in.  Of course, at Jackpot Capital, gamers can easily move from category to category but a lot of gamers stay in one category for that day’s session and go to a different game category the next time they play.

Slots Continue to be the Most Favorite Game

The popularity of slots is certainly a phenomenon!  At an online casino such as Jackpot Capital, gamers can play as many slots as time allows simply by tapping on that slot’s icon and they’re in!

Of course, this is not the case at land-based casinos where slots players often play one slot for hours at a time.

Let’s see what trends, if any, we can see in the last few months’ slots.  Jackpot Capital gets at least one new slot every month from SpinLogic, our exclusive gene provider.  This month’s new slot may have been in the making for many months before SpinLogic released it!

We wonder if we can see any changes or trends that all that hard work at SpinLogic created.

Trends that Began Months Ago

Let’s start with Hyper Wins.  This slot was a major addition to the library of retro slots as it has a 3x3 grid.  However, the top jackpot of 5000x is by now quite standard.

What stands out in Hyper Wins is the use of color!  We will see going forwards that color now plays a major role in online slots.

Color may be important in land-based casino slots as well but since online gamers can go from slot to slot seamlessly, color has come to play a major part in the attractiveness of online slots.

Li’l Red

This slot also uses color in modern ways.  Instead of the bright neon-type colors we often see, Li’l Red uses color contrast to make the slot exceptionally attractive.

This is another slot with 243 ways to win!  It seems just a short time ago that SpinLogic introduced its first 243 ways to win slot!

Li’l Red is a slot retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story.  The game features up to 60 free spins.

Possibly the most important development in Li’l Red for our purposes is the use of Bursting Wilds!  That means that the wild symbol can literally explode and the “shrapnel” from the explosion creates many more wild symbols.

Bursting Wilds was one of the main indicators that graphics and, especially, the animation had entered a new realm.

Thai Emerald

You can imagine how color plays a big role in a slot about exotic flora and fauna in Thailand!  As exciting and visually stunning the flora and fauna are, especially the multi-colored parrot, it is the emeralds that hold the key to exciting gameplay in Thai Emerald.

The emeralds act as the scatter symbol but, in keeping with the advanced modern animation, the emeralds can morph into other symbols and create more wins!

Morphing symbols are another new feature in modern slots!

Copy Cat Fortune

We have been speaking about the great strides SpinLogic has made in the use of color.  Copy Cat Fortune takes shades of blue and purple to new heights!

Aside from the game’s use of the color purple, Copy Cat Fortune has standard free spins and a large maximum win!

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Run Rabbit Run

Any slot with the word “run” in its title has to have awesome animation and Run Rabbit Run sets new standards in slots animation!

The rabbits are trying to run across the road in pursuit of carrots.  Here is where animation meets color for a great entertaining slot!  The symbols all showcase the use of color.

We have a green truck, a red and white road cone, an orange rabbit, a white shy rabbit peeking out from a dark tractor tire, a yellow chickadee, a picnic basket with another or the same little white bunny sheepishly poking its head out of the basket, brown logs, and a green cabbage.

Quite a colorful haul in a single slot!

Animation has never been better than in Run Rabbit Run!  When Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit both appear as wilds, they can jump to a different spot on the same reel and transform that symbol into a wild.

Fortunate Buddha

This slot presents a change of pace for SpinLogic.  Here is a slot that takes its inspiration from the legend of the Laughing Buddha who lived in the tenth century.  He was a poor man who owned only one possession, a cloth sack that covered his plentiful belly!

People in China, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea mark the Laughing Buddha’s life.  He is said to bring joy and good fortune to all who encounter him!

Fortunate Buddha slot has a 50,000x top jackpot and five random jackpots.  The golden fortune orb is a scatter symbol that works wonders for gamers in this great slot!

Penguin Palooza

From the warmth of Southeast Asia to the frozen north, Penguin Palooza takes gamers on a journey in an ice-bound world.  The stately penguin is the star of this slot and there are two scatter symbols to warm you as you endure the great polar cooling!

The top prize is fully 50,000x your bet and that is incentive enough to venture to the cold north!

Khrysos Gold

It would seem that SpinLogic was in a mood to channel ancient themes as Fortunate Buddha was followed two months later by a slot immersed in Greek Mythology!  The wild symbol is that star of this slot as it triggers the Slippery

Wild feature where a wild symbol slides down the reel turning all symbols it encounters into wilds as well!

When a wild symbol appears behind a slipped wild, it triggers the Morphing Wild feature where the entire reel becomes slippery wilds.

It takes exceptional animation to make these kinds of wild symbol features sing and the animation is outstanding in Khrysos Gold!

Meerkat Misfits

This is a great slot although we think that the Meerkats “fit” perfectly.  This slot features hardy, little meerkats who are guarding a great fortune.  You can win part or all of their fortune with good luck but be aware that the meerkats will guard their treasure to the fullest extent possible!

Sweet 16 Blast and Gem Strike

After a couple of less colorful months, SpinLogic brings color bursting all over the reels in Sweet 16 Blast and Gem Strike.  These slots are a reminder of the importance of color!  They also feature large jackpots, free spins, and powerful wilds but it is the color that sets them apart from other slots!

Nine Realms

We wonder how long SpinLogic worked on this slot that channels the famed Game of Thrones television series.  In terms of color, Nine Realms is a bit “dark” as befitting a slot that retells the Game of Thrones story with different characters and places.

Gamers love the eeriness of Nine Realms and many have gone back to the series to remind themselves of how entertaining it was!

Nine Realms is massively entertaining as well!

Slots are in their Golden Era!

We at Jackpot Capital are so happy that our game provider is SpinLogic as the SpinLogic house continues to produce great slots with massive color schemes and the occasional darker theme!


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