Play Halloween Slots with Awesome Graphics at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

As us here at Jackpot Capital can loudly exclaim (including our energetic JC Granny ) - You are never too old for Halloween!

Long ago were the days where our childhood innocence took over; we could be spooked easily and the best part of Halloween was the candy! While both of these points may be still true, there’s something much more exciting we have to look forward to: Halloween Bonus Offers! It’s the same ‘loot’, but in a different form - Free spins and Bonus cash is more tempting for our taste buds! 

 Dare to Join Us for the Halloween Bonus Countdown?

For our JC players, you know you’re not leaving without some bonus treats , don’t you?

Each week we will give you a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween bonus offer on one of our top Halloween online slots, giving you the chance to bag your own loot in the form of cold, hard cash. How’s that for a Halloween experience?

If you’re tempted by our offering for this spooky month of October, all you need to do is be sure to check your email each week and more importantly, login to your account with us in order to view the notifications shown in both the Message Center and Cashier.

Not only are you on a mission to win this Halloween, but we're spicing it up for some extra excitement. Sure, we love all of our Jackpot Capital game characters - But they don’t all have good intentions. A certain Halloween character - who shall remain nameless, for now - is lurking around Jackpot Capital and is certainly up to some mischief…

Time will tell which spooky character is causing trouble, but the more you participate this month in our Countdown to Halloween Bonus Offer, the more informed you will be - and the more likely you will scoop up Free spins, Bonus cash and more.

We’ve given you a bit of a taste as to what’s to come… Shall we take that a bit further with a preview?

You already know we have 5x weeks of Halloween Bonuses in this month’s countdown, with a 5th extra special surprise and experience, but can you guess which spooky slots have made our list?

If we got you excited for the month of October, this is only a small sample of what’s to come. Consider this your official introduction to Jackpot Capital’s Countdown to Halloween - Play if you dare, increase your chances to win if you do!

Be sure to check your email and login with us each week in order to redeem all the Bonus Loot that’s coming your way! Right before the big night of Halloween, our mischievous character will be revealed… Along with your biggest offer yet.

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