Mother’s Day Bonus

Mom’s everywhere deserve daily appreciation, but on Mother’s Day, we should spoil her to the extreme! Yes, yes, candy and flowers are obviously in order, but here at Jackpot Capital we like to go the extra mile. And hopefully this extra mile is contagious, because our Mother’s sure do deserve to be spoiled. If you believe, just like we do, that our Mother’s deserve the best, and only the best, than you’ll definitely want to join us for our Mother’s Day Promotion, 5x Bonus Bouquet! What is a 5x Bonus Bouquet? Just stick around, keep reading, and find out about our fun and innovation offers!

Win One for Mom!

Mother’s Day is here and it is time to shower your mother in appreciation. We use the word ‘shower’ as a verb here because we know you don’t provide the proper appreciation all year long! We don’t blame you though, as sometimes we caught up with our lives and forget the most important things. Being a mother is, as they say, a thankless job. But if it wasn’t for them, who would do the job? Would we even exist? Probably not. Sorry, that was discursive, but lucky for you, our Mother’s Day bonus offers are tight and packed with opportunities for you to win! We had to give you the opportunities, as this is in the name of all our Mother’s! So be sure to use your winnings on your beloved Mom - She deserves it!

Building a ‘Bonus Bouquet’ is hardly as difficult as you may think - It is an art form more than anything else, if you have the skill to collect each bonus, as they come! Flowers are the essential component, of course, but you cannot simply toss a bunch of stems into a vase and go ‘tada’! You have to create a beautiful collage of flowers, using both core and secondary flowers, mixing and matching different ranges of stems and buds to the palate of the receiver of the bouquet - Which is exactly what we do with the bonuses! Each vary from the other and make the perfect combination, the perfect ‘Bonus Bouquet’! Don’t forget the final component - You also need some colorful ribbon to complement the arrangement, and create a flattering shape before placing in the ‘vase’, or in your Casino account with us!


Start Building Your Bouquet!

Collect all of the Bonus Flowers!

Come to think of it, the art of arranging a bouquet is kind of like the art of gambling. You can’t simply sit there and spin, playing a volume game. Sure, from time to time you’ll hit, but really, you need a game plan. You need to always be on your feet, fully embracing the moment and feeling the way in which the tide is moving, constantly tinkering and improving your prospects in order to best use your money and maximize your earnings.

From May 11th - 14th, we’ll have a 5x hierarchical bonus. What does that mean? Well, each ‘Bonus Flower’ will be available in a different place here at Jackpot Capital, especially chosen, just for you and Mom! The first one is on right here on the blog - A 100% (up to $450) Bonus, using Coupon code ROSES! The rest can be found, in sequence, in different Jackpot Capital hot spots! And by collecting each bonus in sequence, you will receive a free $150 bonus at the end, as your final ‘Flower’ for the Bonus Bouquet!

Take a look at the Hot Spots where you’ll find each bonus:

Order: Bonus: Published On:
Bonus #1 100% (up to $450) Bonus Jackpot Capital Blog: ROSES
Bonus #2 75% (up to $500) + 50 Free Spins on Enchanted Garden Promotions Page
Bonus #3 150% (up to $1000) Bonus Jackpot Capital Facebook Page
Bonus #4 100% (up to $800) + 75 Free Spins on Enchanted Garden 2 Jackpot Capital Message Center
Bonus #5 $150 FREE Bonus! Special Email

It is time to give back to your mother, your ‘original bankroll’, who taught you everything there is to know about living as we do! Think about all that you don’t remember, from diaper changes to those late nights, taking care of you, but maybe you remember lunchbox money or the last time you needed somebody to talk to; it’s all relative to who you are today! So, let’s start giving back to our Mother’s, because while it may never be enough, it can show our love!

Make your deposit now to collect your first Bonus Flower! Enter the Coupon code ROSES into the Cashier in order to grab your first Mother’s Day bonus! Don’t forget to come back and check the locations for the following hierarchical bonuses!

Deposit & Play!

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