When was the last time you took a night off, forgot about your inhibitions, and got footloose on the dancefloor?! Now’s the time! Prepare to get your groove on with us here at Jackpot Capital, where you can play great games and show off your best dance moves for a piece of the $90,000 Rock ‘N’ Slot prizepool! Wouldn’t you prefer to virtually dance your night away with us, making wins, rather than spend money? Change it up and come play with us, we’ve got an exciting month planned; maybe you’ll be crowned our Dancefloor Pro!

Ready to Rock

Are you willing to Dance for Money?!

Do you remember Tina Turner’s classic, Private Dancer? While you may not be our Private Dancer, you’ll surely be dancing for money, in the most unprovocative ways, of course (but we’ll leave that decision up to you!). From February 15th until March 13th, you’ll have time to play well into the boogie nights, with bonus possibilities all through the week!

Maybe the soothing melodies of The Beach Boys gives you that groove feeling, or to amp it up a notch, what about boastful Beyonce? Black Sabbath? No matter what jive you’re into, crank it up and get ready for a gaming experience that leaves you wondering: Why did I ever leave the house?

Start the dance off with a generous 150% (up to $500) bonus, and then start workin’ it for $90,000 in prizes; how do you do that? Just dance! The more you play, the higher you climb on our Scoreboard for more bonuses, and the better dancer you become! For the dancer with the most Scoreboard points, you’ll be deemed our Dancefloor Pro, receiving an actual crown and sash!

Check out this Rock ’N’ Slot video preview from The Gamblogger!

Time to Get on the Floor!

We’re sure you’re just itching to bust a move, but before you pump up the music, let’s take a quick look at the bonuses your soon to encounter! Maybe you’ve replied ‘No’ to a dance before, like in those awkward years of high school, but our Rock ‘N’ Slot dance is something you simply can’t refuse! Would you ever turn down cash? Hopefully, no!

Dance on for all-week bonuses:

  • Every Monday: Check our Scoreboard for your name in lights, with a bonus! ($60,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Look out for a random Rolling Bonus ($20,000 in total!)
  • Groove on for $5,000 in special prizes
  • Jive through our 4 Dance Stations for the title of Dancefloor Pro ($5,000 in prizes and the winner receives an actual crown & sash!)

That’s $90,000 in total Rock ‘N’ Slot bonuses!

Groove is in the heart, and so is the determination to win! Take a stab at the Funky Chicken or the Robot whilst playing on a high note for as many bonus possibilities as you can! No dance moves are unacceptable when you’re on the floor with Jackpot Capital, you’ll see!

Happy Groovin’ and be sure to bookmark our Blog for more exciting jackpot opportunities!


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