Jackpot Capital Casino Explains Jackpots

How Often are Slot Jackpots Won?

There are as many answers to this question as there are jackpot slots!   The best known jackpots at Jackpot Capital online casino are the progressive jackpots.  Even there, progressive jackpots are not one size fits all wins!

Here we enter the realm of the Random Number Generator or RNG that determines the outcome of every spin in slots or roulette and every hand in games like blackjack and video poker.

At land based casinos, there are a lot of games that are played “live”.  There is an actual physical roulette table and wheel; an actual craps table and dice; actual blackjack tables and cards, and so on.  The RNG has no part to play in the outcomes of these games.  Slots and video poker at land based casinos are played at terminals and thus they are like all the games at Jackpot Capital casino and other online casinos where the RNG does determine every outcome.

The Random Number Generator is Entirely Random

That simple fact affects strategy in all of the games of skill and it also affects the frequency with which a slots jackpot can be won.  As far as slot jackpots are concerned, the game provider might set the frequency of the jackpot winning at 1 in, say, 15,000 spins.  That doesn’t means that if 14,999 spins have been played without the jackpot having been won, that it will surely be won on the next spin!

It means that the odds against winning the jackpot re 15,000-1 on every spin!

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Online Casinos Have to be Monetized to Cover Big Wins

We often use the term “reputable” when we talk about Jackpot Capital and other top online casinos.  The same holds true for the most trustworthy land based casinos.

We are monetized to the extent that we can pay out a top jackpot even if it is won at far greater frequency than is “expected”.  Many casinos, both online and land based are not fully monetized for an aberration in the expected frequency of a big jackpot hitting.

When you play casino games—be it online or on land—we suggest that it is imperative that you do due diligence and check out the casino before you play there for real money!

What Different Kinds of Jackpots are There?

We spoke a bit about progressive jackpots.  Most progressive jackpots are actually run by the game provider because they have a much broader reach than even the Jackpot Capital!

The game provider takes a few pennies from every bet anywhere in the world and puts it toward the jackpot total.  At online casinos, you can see how quickly the jackpot is rising.  That shows you that a lot of people are playing that same slot all over the world.

Casinos Run Smaller Jackpots

There are also some progressive jackpots that are run by the casino itself.  These jackpots are smaller than the big progressive jackpots run by a game provider.  Whereas a big jackpot often reaches seven figures, most progressive jackpots that are in-house, as it were, are for five of possibly six figures.  Some are smaller still!

The principle is the same—the jackpot is grown by having a small amount taken from every bet—but the reach of a single online casino—even one as popular as Jackpot Capital— is relatively small.

A small progressive jackpot will be won more often than a huge one.  As such, many gamers prefer playing for a five figure jackpot knowing that their chances of winning are greater even though a win won’t make them immediately rich!

Some Jackpots are Random within a Slot

Of course, as we said above in the discussion about the Random Number Generator, all outcomes at an online casino are random.  Some slots are designed to win a random jackpot on any spin.  These jackpots are hit often enough to make games with such jackpots very popular.

These random jackpots are quite small when compared to any sizable jackpots.  The fact that they are won so much more often makes them very popular among slots gamers.

In many slots with a random jackpot built into the game play, there might be two random jackpots that are normally called the mini and the maxi jackpots.  There could be three such jackpots and in some slots there could be four!

The Progressive Jackpots in the Caribbean Poker Games are Graduated

That means that a gamer can win a part of the progressive jackpot even if their hand is not strong enough to win the entire jackpot.  In the Caribbean Poker games, there is one progressive jackpot that applies to all three Caribbean Poker variations.

The casino covers the payment of these jackpots.  Instead of taking a few pennies from every bet to grow the jackpot, the casino offers the jackpot as a side bet.  A lot of gamers like the Caribbean Poker variations because they are at once forms of poker and have interesting twists as well.

Caribbean Poker also has a statistically correct strategy for every hand.  Gamers like them because of their poker based variety and the chance to win part of the progressive jackpot even with a hand like a flush that comes about a lot more often than a Royal Flush which is the hand you need to win the entire jackpot!

Control Money while Playing for a Progressive Jackpot

In order to win a huge progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This puts some pressure on most gamers’ bankroll.  Therefore, it is important to decide how to play progressive jackpot games to combine the chance to win a million or more dollars with the desire to simply have fun playing.

Money and time management are essential elements in casino gaming in general.  They are two of the main reasons why so many gamers have chosen to play online.  After all, there are no travel costs and gamers never feel that they have to play on and on at Jackpot Capital in order to “get their money’s worth” which happens very often to land based casino players.

Play at Jackpot Capital on Mobile

Not only do gamers not feel the need to play on and on when they play online, by playing at our mobile platform, gamers can control their gaming time even more easily.

Jackpot Capital offers a great world of online casino gaming that includes a few hundred games, the top level mobile platform, safe banking, attentive customer service, and our library of helpful articles!

So, all that’s left to do is play!  If you aren’t yet a member, NOW is the time to


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