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Bitcoin has been a major topic of conversation during the past couple of months. If you’re not using it yourself, you’ve definitely at least heard of it, and for good reason. Whether you’re already on board or not yet, cryptocurrency is the money of the future! That’s because Bitcoin allows you to experience a greater degree of freedom than conventional currencies and its unique nature as a virtual currency, gives it some serious implicit advantages. Wondering what they are? Get familiar with our list of Top 5 Benefits of Bitcoin below, find out everything you need to know to make a deposit in Bitcoin with Jackpot Capital, and enter the new age of global finance!

A Little Bitcoin Background

Bitcoin offers some truly unique possibilities - Take a look!

User Anonymity

Bitcoin payments are nearly anonymous. Unless a user chooses to publish his or hers Bitcoin transactions, much like with cash purchases, the exchange cannot be associated with a personal identity, and cannot be traced. Even if transactions are recorded and made public, they are linked only to an electronic address. The system is by no means perfect but it does provide a much higher level of anonymity than you’d get with a personal bank account. If you like roll incognito, Bitcoin is definitely the right currency for you!

No Third-Party Involvement

Probably the most commonly cited benefits of Bitcoin. It means two things - no interruptions and no taxes (depending on your country of residence - which you need to confirm). Since Bitcoin operates on a network that is not tied to any financial intermediaries, there is no way for a regulating authority to disturb user transactions or freeze accounts.

Quick and Cheap Transactions

Compared to conventional methods of making transfers, moving money with Bitcoin is quite inexpensive. A normal Bitcoin fee is 0.0005 BTC per transfer, while international wire transfers will usually cost you several bucks and credit cards carry a fee of 3-5% of the transfer amount. Whereas international wire transfers can often take several days, Bitcoin transactions are typically confirmed within an hour. At Jackpot Capital, with Bitcoin, the transaction time for deposits is almost instant, with a $10 minimum deposit amount.

A Low Inflation Risk

The maximum circulation of Bitcoin is 21 million. Because of this finite amount, Bitcoin cannot be reprinted, as is the case with nearly all of the world’s currencies. For the same reasons, Bitcoin is also immune to fraud, based on current Blockchain standards. By the year 2050, it is estimated that there will globally be one Bitcoin in circulation for every 500 people. What are you waiting for? Grab your bonus today and deposit!

Provably Fair Bitcoin Games

This new concept of fair gaming, obviously linked to the rise of cryptocurrency in online gambling, which allows players to verify fairness themselves. This may be one of the least known benefits of Bitcoin but perhaps the most important for iGamers. An online game can be considered provably fair when there is a mechanism in place that allows players to confirm the fairness of the game in question.

Start Playing with Bitcoin!

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Better with Bitcoin

What if you’re not a Bitcoin user? We get it - new technology can be confusing at the beginning - not everyone was crazy about mobiles; today everyone is cell-phone crazy - but crypto is here to stay. If these benefits of Bitcoin don’t quite convince you to get the Bitcoin ball rolling, have a look at out our blog post about gambling with Bitcoin from April, and find out more about the cryptocurrency before you give it a go yourself.

The topic of Bitcoin is nothing new at Jackpot Capital but you may not be aware that we’ve made it possible for you to use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to add funds to your account. In order to make a deposit with Bitcoin, you’ll have to create your Bitcoin wallet first. Once your e-wallet is set up, follow our instructions to make a deposit and simply start playing all your favorite games!

Deposit Using Bitcoin Now!

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