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How to Play and Fall in Love with Caribbean Poker

Most gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino love slots above all other games.  We feel that even the most committed slots player needs a break from time to time.  Therefore, we offer many other games in addition to about 200 great slots!  One thing that slots players often get confused about is jackpots.   We are a top flight jackpot casino because we offer many games with either a progressive jackpot or a non-progressive random jackpot.

The purpose of this article is to introduce gamers to a few games with jackpots that fall out of the realm of slots.  In fact, this time we will talk about variations of poker.  We will skip video poker since that is a subject for an entire article of its own.  In this article, we will talk about several great poker variations, some of which have a jackpot, all of which are great fun to play.

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Who Do You Play Poker Against?

In general, there are two main types of poker: poker in which every player plays against other real players.  Jackpot Capital casino is not a poker room for these poker variations of which there are many.  Anyone who has played poker with friends on a weekend knows that poker lends itself to many variations.

At Jackpot Capital, we offer a number of poker variations in which the gamer plays against either the pay table which is the case in video poker or against the dealer who has no real role to play and who makes no decisions.  It is these latter poker variations that we will explain here.

Caribbean Poker

There are three variations of poker that were developed in land based casinos in the Caribbean so they are called:

  1. Caribbean Stud Poker
  2. Caribbean Holdem
  3. Caribbean Draw Poker

In general, in the Caribbean Poker variations, you make an ante bet and if you want to continue, you make another bet.  Then the dealer reveals her hand and the player wins if his or her hand beats the dealer’s hand.  Let’s now take a closer look at these poker variations.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The dealer deals five cards to you and five to herself.  In a land based casino, the dealer is a real person but in an online casino such as jackpot Capital casino, the dealer is a digital facsimile of one.

Before the deal, you make your ante bet.  Your cards are dealt face up while only one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up.  That leaves you trying to decide if your hand can beat the dealer’s hand.

If you feel confident in your hand, you place another bet that is twice the ante bet.  Now the two hands go to the showdown.

The Dealer Tries to Qualify

In order for you to win both the ante and the extra bet, the dealer has to “qualify”.  In Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer qualifies with at least an ace-king combination.

If the dealer qualifies and her hand beats your hand, you lose both the ante and the extra bet.  If you have the better hand but the dealer doesn’t qualify, you win your ante bet and the extra bet is a push.  Finally, if you win with the higher hand and the dealer qualifies you will win the ante bet and also the extra bet based on a scale of return based on the powerfulness of your hand.

  1. A royal flush pays 100-1.
  2. A straight flush pays 50-1.
  3. Four of a kind returns 20-1.
  4. A full house returns 7-1.
  5. A flush pays out 5-1.
  6. A straight pays 4-1.
  7. Three of a kind has a payout rate of 3-1.
  8. Two pair returns 2-1.
  9. Finally, one pair or less pays out at a 1-1 rate.

Strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker

First, if your hand is so poor that know just by looking at the dealer’s up card that you can’t win the hand, it pays to fold even though if the dealer doesn’t qualify you will win your ante bet and the extra bet will be a push.  The dealer qualifies about 56% of the time.  This leads to the player folding with a really bad hand.

Side Bet in Caribbean Stud

The side bet is optional.  It is a bet on the progressive jackpot.  The player can win the entire progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush.  Any other hand from a straight flush to a flush pays a fraction of the progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Draw Poker

The basic arrangement is the same in Caribbean Draw as it was in Caribbean Stud: you make an ante bet, the dealer shows only one card, you decide if you want to proceed and if you do you raise with an extra bet that is twice the ante bet, and the dealer has to qualify for you to win both of your bets.

The big difference between Caribbean Stud and Caribbean Draw is that in Draw you get to discard up to two cards in an attempt to improve your hand.

The dealer also gets to draw and has to follow a set pattern of discards and draws.  The dealer qualifies with at least a pair of eights.

There is a sliding scale of payments for winning hands as in Caribbean Stud.  There is also an optional side bet for the progressive jackpot.

The strategy in Caribbean Draw is similar to the strategy in Caribbean Stud but you have to be aware that the dealer will get better hands in Draw so you have to be a bit more careful proceeding with a poor hand.  The fact that you can draw only two cards will make some poor hands very poor and some borderline hands will turn into poor hands.

Because of the extra chance for the dealer to improve her hand in Caribbean Draw, many gamers find it to be a bit more challenging than Caribbean Stud.

Caribbean Holdem

Once again, Caribbean Holdem follows the familiar pattern from Caribbean Stud and Caribbean Draw.  You make an ante bet, the dealer deals two card s to you and two to herself, the first three community card come out as the flop, you now have to decide if you want to stay in the hand which requires an additional bet that is twice the ante bet, the turn and river come out, the dealer has to qualify for you to win both bets, and there is a progressive jackpot that you can win with a side bet.

Keep in mind that in Caribbean Holdem, there are five community cards but only one true round of betting.  That’s because you see five cards before you have to decide whether to stay in the hand or fold.  In essence, you get to see two more cards as in Caribbean draw but you don’t have to discard any cards when you see these two extra cards.

In Caribbean Holdem, there are more hands in the two pair or three of a kind range. So, you have to be award that the dealer can get good hands too.  Nevertheless, strategy in Caribbean Holdem dictates that the player will play most hands to the end and will fold only the really poor hands that missed the flop completely.

Jackpot Capital Brings Jackpots to Your Mobile Screen

We understand the attraction of playing for big progressive jackpots.  While the jackpots in the Caribbean Poker games are not as high as some progressive slots jackpots, they are fun to play for.  In addition, the poker variations are fun to play simply as poker.

We urge everyone to stay safe during these difficult times, join Jackpot Capital casino NOW, and enjoy the wonderful world of gaming we offer!

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