Jackpot Capital Gamers Can Hit the Jackpot in Many Games

Gamers here at Jackpot Capital like to play for an online jackpot, mostly in slots. We spoke about the attraction of jackpots in slots from progressive jackpots to jackpots in “regular” slots in a recent article. Here we would like to expand our understanding of the word “jackpot” and talk about jackpots in other games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital.

What is a Jackpot?

There is a genuinely happy moment when someone wins a jackpot. Sometimes we “hit the jackpot” some time before we realize that we have done so!

It is possible to win a super big lottery jackpot and not realize that you have won it until you actually check your ticket and the winning numbers.

In slots, people know right away that they have hit the jackpot but still people may react in different ways.

How Do People React When They Hit the Jackpot?

Everyone has their own way of reacting. Some people whoop and holler while some people sit stunned and check the numbers again and again because winning a big jackpot is as emotional as it is a great moment.

Have you seen on YouTube the reactions of Chicago Cubs fans in the moment they won the World Series back in 2016 for the first time in 108 years? There is the scene of an old woman simply smiling and happy and there are scenes of elderly men hitting the floor on their knees in tears as if the Messiah Himself had come!

People Hit the Jackpot in Many Different Situations

Sometimes a man or woman will not realize that they have “hit the jackpot” until they have been with their spouse for a year or more! Sometimes a person will work at a company for a few years before they realize that they hit the jackpot when they got that job!

A young couple looking to buy a house who quickly finds one on the market in perfect move-in condition at a reasonable price in a great neighborhood with excellent schools will tell friends and family that they hit the jackpot!

People reminiscing about their childhoods might say that they hit the jackpot with a particular teacher.

Hitting the Jackpot in Print

We hear about a book that turned out to be a best seller but was rejected by many publishers before it was accepted by one publisher who hit the jackpot publishing it. Science fiction enthusiasts might be surprised to hear that Dune was rejected many times before it became the classic it is!

Fantasy lovers might be shocked, stunned, gobsmacked, and more to learn that many publishers did not see a future for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!

Readers of novels with a philosophical twist might be amazed to discover that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was rejected many times over before one publisher, in his words, “remembered why I went into publishing.”

Hitting the jackpot may be out of the ordinary but it isn’t rare! So, let’s see what kind of jackpots gamers can win in games other than slots!

Banana Jones will Go Woo Hoo Woo Hoo!

Banana Jones is a favorite specialty game here at Jackpot Capital. A lot of gamers end a casual session with a few rounds of Banana Jones. Now, pudgy, cute, and loveable little Banana Jones is on a quest to recapture the Crystal Banana and bring her (it?) to a museum where she belongs.

If you have guessed that Banana Jones is a tongue in cheek story along the lines of Indiana Jones, you are correct!

The game is also based on a favorite childhood game called Chutes and Ladders. In Banana Jones, the “chutes” are scary snakes while the “ladders” are vines. The vines and snakes either help you or hinder you in your attempt to help Ol’ Banana free the Crystal Banana.

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The idea is to get to the castle without too much hassle!

When you reach the castle, you choose treasure chests with fruit inside. The prize goes to the fruit that turns up three times first. The prize is usually smaller than the jackpot, of course. But every once in a while, you or another lucky gamer, will hit the Banana Jones jackpot!

Lucky You and the Elusive Royal Flush

A Royal Flush in five card draw poker, which is the poker variation that video poker is based on, comes about approximately once in every 40,000 hands! It would be practically impossible to play 40,000 hands of video poker at a land-based casino even if that’s the only casino game you played and you went back to the casino a few times per year!

At Jackpot Capital, it is not impossible to play 40,000 hands since you can play as often as you wish! The only “travelling” you will have to do is the “long” walk from the kitchen with a cuppa in hand to the sofa for a fun session of video poker!

One of the many interesting aspects of video poker is that it is statistically correct to go for the Royal Flush in many situations even if it means that you break up a winning high pair!

When you play video poker, you might say that you have hit the jackpot even if you didn’t get a Royal Flush but a different great hand! This scenario plays out fairly often in multi-hand video poker where a starting hand with massive possibilities can result in a very high paying hand hitting again and again!

Caribbean Poker Has a Progressive Jackpot that Applies to All Three Variations

Caribbean Poker was invented only a couple of decades ago in…..the Caribbean. There are Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, and Caribbean Hold’em. Now, in Caribbean Poker, you play only against the dealer. The dealer has strict rules he has to follow in Caribbean Draw. In the other two variations, the dealer doesn’t make any decisions.

The trick in Caribbean Poker is that the player has to place a second bet that is double his or her ante bet in order to continue the game. But……and this is a vey big but……the dealer has to make a minimum hand in order to win both of the player’s bets! If the player continues by making a second bet that is double his or her ante bet, and the dealer doesn’t “qualify” the player wins the ante bet and the second bet is a push.

This rule applies even if the player’s hand was weaker than the dealer’s hand but the dealer didn’t qualify!

If the dealer does qualify then either the player or the dealer will win both bets!

The jackpot comes in as a side bet. If the player makes the side bet, he or she can win all of the jackpot with a Royal Flush or a part of the jackpot with lesser but very good hands!

Playing at Jackpot Capital is Like Hitting the Jackpot!

We offer about 300 great games from SpinLogic. We are available every day around the clock with no travel costs involved. As a result of the convenience of playing at Jackpot Capital, we can encourage gamers to play in relatively short sessions to relax after a long day at work and then to continue their evening and night with other activities!

Jackpot Capital runs many promotions for your benefit. We have safe and secure banking in many forms all protected by the best encryption software around. Truly, gaming here at Jackpot Capital is like hitting the jackpot!


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