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When one thinks of the word “harvest”, you begin to imagine gathering crops, hard work and eventually, good food! When we think of harvest, it reminds us of our players participating in great wins with another amazing year of gaming. You’ve been “gathering” your winnings and taking advantage of our great bonuses, going for even bigger scores in the near future. That’s why Jackpot Capital is having a very special Harvest Month to commemorate the turning of the seasons, the year ending and preparation for what’s to come.

Harvest Your Winnings, Big Bonus Time

Oh, harvest season, what a magical time! Traditionally harvest season starts in September and rolls through the end of November. This year is a very special case as there is a rare Harvest Moon which lands in October. This month is also special, as we here at Jackpot Capital will be treating you, the player, to Harvest Month featuring great bonuses! After a huge year sowing the seeds of change with plenty of wins and thrilling play, you’re now ready to reap the benefits in a major way. No better method to do that than to take advantage of Harvest Month and set yourself up for an even bigger 2018!

Farmers across the country planted back in Spring, hoping for a huge year and now are ready to take their bounty and cash in. With a little faith and a lot of luck, they’ll be raking it in big way. Sound familiar?! All of the ingredients for our favorite foods are being harvested as you read this. As you go down to your local fair, you’ll see the fruits of this labor of love on display. When you think of fall, you normally think of cold weather and the upcoming holiday seasons, this is a bit of a mistake because there are so many things to celebrate about our very little talked about connection to our farmers and this season.

As you prepare your very favorite foods in the fall, you can’t help but think of one in particular; corn on the cob! This very simple but tasty item is a mainstay in homes everywhere and fairs across the country. Simple to prepare? Yes. Simple taste? No way! The preparation for this delicious side item goes back to the Native Americans and has seen little change since then. There are variants such as Elote, which is very popular in Mexico, that take the corn to another level by adding chile, cojita, lemon juice and the like. It is eaten on a stick or by the husk. That’s just one example of variation of such a delicious and simple ingredient. That makes you appreciate the harvest season a bit more, no? That’s why we’re celebrating Harvest Month with some great bonuses! This time of year is just full of wonder.

Another wonderful crop currently being harvested is the pumpkin! The second you read that I know exactly where your head went - Pumpkin pie! Right? A staple of fall, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like pumpkin pie. You simply can’t celebrate Harvest Month without digging into one of these family favorite dishes. Pumpkins are native to the North american continent. Much of the “pumpkin pies” first made by the colonists were by and large just heavy soups that were served in a pumpkin as opposed to the sweet custard we know today. It was well into the 19th century before we began seeing the traditional recipes in cookbooks. So imagine, you’re favorite pie would be impossible to prepare if our farmers didn’t take to the fields and work hard in Spring to come to this time of year and harvest their crops. From their hard work and fields, to your kitchen, then table. It is a fascinating journey.

The harvest stands for all that hard work paying off. Just like you work hard and play harder, here at Jackpot Capital love to celebrate your year of winning with our very own Harvest Month! This is a time for reflection and a time to take advantage of the bonuses on offer and set the table, not for treats or delicious foods, but for a kickstart to your new year!

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Reap Huge Wins this Harvest Month

Jackpot Capital is always about making sure you always have the best games available, best features and the best bonuses. We do this so you can set yourself up for success. That’s why this month represents so much. Harvest Month really is a time where you can not only finish the year with a bang but set yourself up to go into 2018 with an even better chance to score big. Be on the lookout for our Hump Day e-mails (every Wednesday) when we pair wonderful food with ridiculous bonuses! But it doesn’t stop there, make sure to check your mail during the week and take advantage of ALL the bonuses we have on offer! Take those wins to another level. That’s what this month is all about.

You’ve worked hard this year. It’s time to take the fruit of that labor and build it up into a pile of cash. Just imagine all you’ll need for the upcoming holiday season? Halloween around the corner, then Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year!!! The list goes on and on. If there is one thing we can learn from our indispensable farmer brethren is that one can’t rest on their laurels! You’ll need the cash to celebrate those holidays right, so use those gains you’ve made this year by playing with us at Jackpot Capital and take advantage of our Harvest Month bonuses! After an amazing 2017 thus far, there could be nothing better than finishing the year right and making 2018 an even more epic occasion! So stop by our bonus page, deposit and play!

Harvest Month full of Bonuses!

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