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Can You Answer All of the Questions in Our Slots Trivia Quiz?

Let’s add a little trivia to our ongoing enjoyment of slots of all types from jackpot slots to simple old fashioned three reel slots.  The most popular game at Jackpot Capital online casino is slots so here goes with a trivia quiz about slots.

What Do They Call Slots in Australia?

They call them pokies!  Now, it is true that Aussies, as Australians call themselves, also know that in the rest of the world slots are called slots.  The name pokies comes from the old fashioned name they used in Australia for these games: poker machines.

So, historically, in Australia, they not only used the incorrect name for the game we all call slots, they then shortened it into a nickname and now call them pokies.

By the way, there is some disagreement whether pokies is a singular or a plural.  Is it a pokie game or is it a pokies game?

This is not surprising as the most famous song to come out of Australia has a vocabulary that no other English speaking people can understand without an Aussie to English dictionary.  Of course, we are talking about Waltzing Matilda!

How Do Modern Slot Machines Determine When the Reels Stop Spinning?

In the old days, slot machines were real machines.  Players pulled the arm and set the reels to spinning.  The speed with which the player set the reels spinning determined when they would stop.

Nowadays, there is software in the slot terminals.  This RNG determines when the reels will stop.  As its name implies, the RNG is entirely random.

Do Players Set the Random Number Generator Going when they Push Spin?

No.  This is a very interesting point about modern video slots.  The RNG is always running!   When you push spin, the RNG knows to stop at a specific time after you pushed spin.  As you know, the first reel stops, then the second, and so on.  All of this is determined by the RNG that is programmed to stop on a dime as it were.

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What Was Big Bertha?

Big Bertha was a very large slot of the kind where players had to pull the arm.   There was a female hobo during the 1930’s who was also called Big Bertha.  Finally, in World War I, the Germans used a weapon that their enemies on the battlefield called Big Bertha.

By the way, they made a movie about Big Bertha the hobo!

What Do Games Providers Look for in New Slots?

Slots players, especially online slots players, expect the games provider at Jackpot Capital to introduce a new slot every month.  This puts a lot of pressure on the games providers such as Real Time Gaming that is the exclusive provider for Jackpot Capital.

Here are a few things RTG looks for when they sit down to come up with a new slot:

  • They look at the calendar.  Is there a holiday coming up?  Is there a seasonal idea they can use? 
  • RTG decidedly stays away from politics and other controversial areas when deciding on a theme for a new slot.
  • What theme hasn’t been used in a while?  It might be time for another slot based on ancient societies.
  • Are there any social trends RTG can use to create the basics of a new slot? 
  • In any slot with a theme that RTG has used in the past, which new symbols or characters can they use so the new slot will be fresh and authentic?

Why are Online Slots Players More Demanding than Land Based Casino Players?

Land based casino players may go to a casino once or twice a year.  Online players can play 100 times a year or more. 

Land based slots players are not interested in any new slots the casino might introduce and the casinos are also less interested in introducing new slots. First, the clientele at a land based casino changes at least every few days if not every day.  The clientele at online casinos changes when new players sign up.  However, veteran players stay loyal to Jackpot Capital casino month after month and year after year.

Land based casinos are limited by their walls.  When they bring in a new slots terminal, they have to take one terminal out.  Jackpot Capital has basically unlimited space so we have room for new games.

Our gamers know all these facts so they expect a new slots game every month!

How Many Terminals of Every Slot are there at Jackpot Capital?

Essentially, we don’t have terminals; we have software that is programmed to look like a terminal.  So, since we have unlimited space in cyberspace we only need one slots game to be able to accommodate as many gamers as want to play that specific game.

Is this Different at Land Based Casinos?

Yes, it is!  At a land based casino, they will have several or even many terminals of the same slot.  This is based on the popularity of the slot.  It also means that a land based casino may have fewer different slots than we can offer at Jackpot Capital.

This does not mean that land based casinos don’t have a lot of slots.  They do.  It means that they have to build a huge casino to accommodate all the machines and tables they want to have on the casino floor.  This is one of the reasons that land based casinos have such high overhead.

High overhead leads to lower return to player rates at land based casinos than at online casinos!  This is particularly true in slots which is a pure game of chance.

What Do Most Women in Slots Look Like?

Most of the women are beautiful and somewhat buxom!  The most modern women in slots tend to have brunette hair as the male public has embraced darker-haired women in the last couple of decades.

What Do Most Men in Slots Look Like?

Most male characters in slots are rugged and muscular.  But in some slots where the theme is more humorous, the men might be quite handsome but without the bulging biceps.

What Does the Future Hold for Slots?

As people venture into new frontiers, there will be even more slots with themes centered on the depths of the oceans and the vastness of space.  Social tends may also offer some themes for slots going forward.  Romance will always be a popular theme.

Actually, there is no limit to the number of themes that RTG can use in the slots of the future.  The key will always be to create slots that are entertaining and fun to play!

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