Wealth and prosperity are awarded to all those who find the Golden Pig symbol on PIG WINNER, the 243 all-ways-pay Slot from RTG with nonstop payouts. Try it today!

They say that the Golden Pig brings wealth and good fortune… and they're right!  PIG WINNER is the newest All-Ways-Pay Slot at Jackpot Capital that proves it every time you play. No matter what your wager, you'll always have 243 CHANCES TO WIN a payout, creating absolutely NONSTOP action - from the moment you place a bet. And while PIG WINNER is just one of many additions to our massive Casino Lobby, it's the only Slot where you'll find the coveted Golden Pig symbol - which brings ancient luck - and cumulatively doubles - or even triples! - payouts!

PIG WINNER's all-ways-pay setup is unique to the uninitiated. Instead of selecting play lines and adjusting your bet-per-line accordingly, you always have all 243 ways to win - every spin.

You'll see symbols on opposite sides of the reels trigger payouts! And all while, the Wilds double winnings and the Scatters trigger the 8 Game Bonus - retriggered like nothing you've seen!

Prosperity throughout the Year of the Pig might just start and end at PIG WINNER. It was released to celebrate the 2019 Chinese New Year. It has all the mystical Chinese Zodiac symbols that encourage wealth and success. The Yin Yang balances it all out with fantastic Scatter wins. And there's nothing luckier than the Golden Pig symbol, which you'll see often on PIG WINNER - as it boosts all those payouts - by twice or three times!

Becoming the big winner on Pig Winner

The main thing you need to know about Pig Winner is that it's thrilling - in fact, there's not a dull second. Every time you place a bet and spin the reels, there are 243 different ways you can win. That's just a massive number of possible combinations - resulting in an endless stream of payouts.

But don't think you have to bet 243 lines! Unlike with Win Line Slots, "All Ways Pays" pay out across all reels and symbols. For example - if the Pig Winner reels revealed three Monkey symbols — one on the bottom of the first reel, another at the top of the third reel, and the third at the bottom of the fifth reel — it would pay out the same as if the Monkeys were lined up - right next to each other.

So what does that mean? It means you have a high likelihood to win more often than you would on Win Line Slots - simply for the sheer number of chances! Instead of the 25 or even 50 Win Lines on the more traditional five-reel Slots, PIG WINNER has 243 chances to win - every single spin

The unique All Ways Pays setup of PIG WINNER also means that you don't have to make the age-old Slot machine choice: "higher payouts" or "more chances to win"? As you probably know, a Win Line Slot requires players to set their bet per line and how many lines they want to play. So if there are 50 lines and your budget is $5.00 per spin, multipliers will pay out on $0.10 per line if you play all 50 lines. If you play fewer than 50, payouts become higherexcept you'll also have fewer chances to win!

Just imagine a bonus-triggering combination on a line you didn't wager on. Or worse yet, a combination that triggers the jackpot… Yikes!

But those concerns don't exist with an All Ways Pays Slot! No matter how much you bet - you get paid out on any and all winning combinations. Bet 50 cents - you'll have 243 chances to win. Or bet $20 - and you'll still have HUNDREDS of ways to win!

However, it's still true that the higher your bet, the higher your payouts.

The Golden Pig symbol is the Wild. Whenever they substitute another symbol to create a winning combination, it not only earns that multiplier, Wilds DOUBLE all payouts! And it's cumulative too. So if you have two wild symbols creating the same winning combination, it will QUADRUPLE the win. That makes the Golden Pig symbol the most valuable in the game - and one you'll see extremely often!

As is standard - Wilds can take the place of any other symbol - except for the Yin Yang Scatters, whose multiplier pays out on the total wager. They do an animated swirl - as the gold coins fill your bankroll. And when you land three or more, you unlock the bonus game!

In the 8 FREE GAMES Bonus, the reels feature even more Scatters and Wilds - for an absolute waterfall of winnings! But it can be retriggered - TWICE! And while the Wilds continue to cumulatively double all wins, they TRIPLE wins at the eighth free game - and onwards. That's over 16 potential spins where the Wilds boost your winnings by 3x! The retriggers can be insanely frequent too - and they're always jaw-droppingly lucrative!

Not only is the Golden Pig a symbol of wealth, but facing northeast is the direction of wealth - for the Year of the Pig Zodiac! So whether you're playing on Mobile, Download, or Instant Play, you might want to be facing in that direction - just to harness as much good fortune as possible!

Then again, with 243 ways to win - maybe luck has nothing to do with it!

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Have you never played an All-Ways-Pay Slot? Pig Winner is the perfect place to start. Because not only will you quickly get familiar with constant payouts - you can take the luck you get just by being around all those Chinese Zodiac symbols wherever else you play.

Visit the Cashier to use the Coupon Codes above and enjoy 243 ways to win an insane amount of money with Pig Winner. If you do, your Year of the Pig is set to become one of untold prosperity!

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