Jackpot Capital Offers a Wide Range of Online Casino Table Games

Gamers at Jackpot Capital and most other online casinos play slots above all other games including online table games.  Here at Jackpot Capital, we have noticed that many new gamers are former land-based casino gamers.  This trend started a long time ago as more and more gamers discovered the value of online casino gaming.

The trend picked up steam during the Covid 19 crisis and that head of steam has not abated even though land-based casinos are finally back open for business.

Online Table Games Offer a Diverse Gaming Experience

The theme of this article is that many former land-based casino players, now happily playing at Jackpot Capital, have not yet discovered the joys of playing online table games!

There is too much fun available playing online table games to allow that oversight on the part of gamers to continue!  We would like to be known as an online table games casino as well as a slots casino.  Ergo, this article!

What is an Online Table Game?

Well, slots are not a table game.  Video poker is also not a table game.  Blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, bingo, Caribbean Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and others are table games.

There is great variety so let’s take a closer look at online table games at Jackpot Capital Online Casino!

Why Do Slots Players Tend to Not Play Blackjack?

Land-based casino players tend to hold onto a single slots terminal for long stretches of time.  As a pure game of chance, slots are the easiest casino game to play.  In contrast, blackjack, as game of skill, is one of the more challenging online casino games and does not always fit into the slots players’ mindset.

It takes some time for new online casino gamers to fully understand the flexibility of online casinos.  Gamers can, should, and do go from game to game in the same session or in subsequent sessions.  The more games a gamer plays at an online casino, the more fun he or she has gaming at an online casino!

Jackpot Capital Offers Several Variations of Blackjack

Here is a short list of blackjack table games we offer:

  1. 21 Blackjack
  2. 21 Blackjack + Perfect Pairs
  3. Pontoon
  4. European Blackjack
  5. Super 21
  6. 21 Face Up
  7. Suit ‘em Up 21
  8. Match Play 21

Make Sure You Know the Rules

The rules in each game are slightly different.  In 21 Face Up, the rules are VERY different as the gamer sees both of the dealer’s two cards!

Playing all of these games is super fun!  The return to player rate in standard blackjack is 99.5% with the gamer using the best strategy on every hand.  Learning the best strategy for each variation is a large part of the fun.

Play with Complete Confidence

There is no volatility in blackjack as there is in slots.  Combining knowing the best strategy for each variation, using said strategy, and the high return to player rate, gamers can be confident that they can play blackjack for a long time and still be just a smidgen this side or the other side of the break-even line.

As you can imagine, playing all of the blackjack variations we offer adds hours of gaming fun and a wide range of exciting gaming options!

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What are the Poker Table Game Options?

Regular poker, the kind many gamers play with friends of a weekend evening, is poker played against opponents.  Video poker is a video game so it is not technically a table game.

No worries!

Jackpot Capital offers a nice selection of table games in poker in which the gamer plays against the dealer.

The Caribbean Poker Games were Developed in the 1960’s

As such, they are babes in the wool as far as poker games are concerned.  There are three Caribbean Poker variations:

  1. Caribbean Stud
  2. Caribbean Draw
  3. Caribbean Hold’em

Let Jackpot Capital Help You Learn the Games

As with every different game we offer, we allow gamers to play the games for free in our free play mode.  Thus, you can learn how to play the Caribbean Poker games and all of our games without needing to place a bet!

There are two main aspects to each of the Caribbean Poker variations:

  1. The dealer has to qualify to win the hand.
  2. The gamer has to call by making an additional bet that is twice his or her ante bet in order to win the hand.

The minimum hand the dealer needs to win the hand varies between the games.  Statistical analysis has shown that even though the player has to add another bet to win, he or she has a better chance to win in the long run if they call on almost every hand.

Who Wins in Caribbean Poker?

If the dealer qualifies and the gamer has called these are the possible outcomes:

  1. The dealer’s hand is better than the gamer’s hand and the dealer wins both bets.
  2. The dealer’s hand is not better and the gamer wins both bets.

If the gamer calls and the dealer does not qualify, the gamer wins the ante and the second bet is a wash.  Here is one of the most fun aspects of Caribbean Poker: if the dealer does not qualify and has a better hand than the gamer, the gamer still wins the ante bet!

Pai Gow Poker Offers a Great Mental Challenge to Gamers

Pai Gow was developed in China a long time ago and was adapted to Western poker only in the last 50 years or so.

The gamer and the dealer get seven cards.  Each has to fashion a five-card hand and a two-card hand.  The larger hand has to be better than the smaller hand.  To win, the gamer has to win both the five-card and the two-card hands.  If both of the dealer’s hands are better, the dealer wins.

It is a push if one wins one hand and the other wins the other hand.

The Challenge in Pai Gow Poker

At a land-based casino, the dealer is trained and knows well how to arrange his cards.  At Jackpot Capital, the software does the dealer’s work for her.  Gamers have to learn how to weaken the five-card hand in order the make the two-card hand stronger.

Baccarat and Three-card Rummy

James Bond made Baccarat famous.  In the James Bond movie scenes, Agent Bond makes Baccarat seem like a deeply intellectual game with tension on every hand.  In reality, the best bet in Baccarat is to bet on the dealer even though, technically, you are the player!

Three-card Rummy is just like rummy but with three cards!  As simple as it is, Three-card Rummy is a great, fun side game when gamers tire of the more popular games.

Jackpot Capital and Games

We offer about 300 games.  Our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic brings out a new slot every month.  In addition to the games mentioned here new offer specialty games, progressive games, and many excellent promotions that enhance the fun side of online casino gaming.



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