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Fish Catch and Banana Jones are Perfect Games for Mobile

Here is a fun scenario: You are taking a “real vacation”, one where you “do” stuff instead of spending way too much time on the casino floor at a land-based casino.   You have your tablet or smartphone with so you can access Jackpot Capital’s mobile jackpot casino.  Now you are trying to decide which game or games are perfectly suited for some easy-going fun as you relax from your oh so difficult day at the beach, the pool, or hiking in the mountains.

How about Playing Fish Catch and Banana Jones?

Gamers often categorize these games as “casual games” and casual they are!  Especially when you want to just relax in the evening, outdoors, breathing in the fresh country air, happy that for once you are not at a land-based casino drinking another free whisky, making silly bets, overeating at the buffet, falling asleep at the slots terminal, and altogether wishing you were sipping a good country wine somewhere far from the world of the land-based casino.

This is the magic of mobile gaming!

Once There Was a Way

This is the first line of a great song by the Beatles on the Abbey Road album.  In our context, we can remember when mobile casinos were a poor step-child of desktop casinos.  The graphics and animation were not nearly as good as they are today!  In fact, more gamers play on the mobile platform than on the desktop platform because the two platforms play almost exactly the same and mobile is far more convenient.

If you are playing on your super soft sofa (the joy of alliteration), you also know how much more comfortable mobile is than desktop!

Now that the scene is established with you curled up on the sofa or an outdoor chaise longue hopefully with your significant other, we can talk about the fun and simple pleasure gamers get from playing Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

What Makes Fish Catch so Good?

Fish Catch is a game that SpinLogic designed to be included in an online casino’s “parlor games” or “casual games” section.  We call them “specialty games”.  The idea behind them is that they are games of chance that are different than our other games of chance, mostly slots.

A lot of gamers who have spent some time playing games of skill and are looking for change of pace games that are different—and shall we say it— are more interesting than the run-of-the-mill slots will take a few minutes to play Fish Catch or Banana Jones—or both!

Fish Catch is a Fishing Game with a Few Twists

First of all, Fish Catch allows up to four players so you can play with friends or with other people from all over the world!  There are twenty “fish” that gamers can shoot at.  Players have to choose which fish to go for and also which weapon to use.

Not only can you play against people from many countries in the world, Fish Catch has a chat feature that allows you to “talk” with your “opponents”.  We use the term opponents with tongue in cheek since Fish Catch is in no way like poker where opponents are after your money.  In Fish Catch, your opponents are out to have a great time fishing and are happy to chat while doing so!

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When a Slot is Not a Slot

Fish Catch is often called a slot game but it bears no real resemblance to any of the other 200 or so slots we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.

Fish Catch has no reels and no paylines.  Thus, whatever it may be, it is not truly a slots game!  The scene is the bottom of the ocean.  At the top left corner is a place where you can choose which part of the ocean you want to “fish” in.

Each fish has a specific “health value”.  In order to be credited with bagging a fish, you have to hit it often enough to deplete its “health supply”.  So, gamers have to choose the part of the ocean they wish to fish in and the weapon they wish to use.

Each fish has its own “capture value”.  The most difficult fish to capture is the Purple Shark which pays 500x your bet.  By the way, there is also a mermaid that players can shoot at!  We hesitate to mention this but the payout for hitting a mermaid is 1000x your bet.

Despite the high payout for hitting the mermaids, we hope our gamers shoot at fish instead!

Mermaid’s Luck

This is a feature that comes along at random.  In essence, it is a wheel that spins and gives gamers a multiplier on their wagers.

The graphics and animation in Fish Catch are one of the primary reasons gamers like to play this specialty game”!

Speaking of Graphics and Animation

If ever there was a game that enjoys wide popularity based on its graphics and animation, it is Banana Jones.  Little Banana is a character designed to spoof Indiana Jones!  Banana Jones is on a quest to capture the crystal banana from the castle where it (she?) is being kept instead of in a museum where she really belongs.

The game play in Banana Jones will remind people of the childhood favorite Chutes and Ladders.  The ladders are vines that Banana Jones will climb if he lands on the base of a vine and chutes are snakes (of course!) that Ol’ Banana will slide down if you land at the head of a snake.

The idea is to reach the castle in five spins or less.  When you do so, a room will open up with treasure chests.  You pick chests and you are rewarded based on which fruit you reveal in the course of your choices.  The first fruit to come up three times will determine your payout.

Banana Jones Puts the C in Cuddly

Banana Jones is a cuddly character unlike the real Indiana Jones who was a heartthrob and a brave man on quest after quest for the world’s most famous treasuresBanana Jones makes a fun entry to his game as he flies in on a propeller plane.

The entry alone is worth watching again and again!  Banana Jones’ reaction to gamers’ wins in the Crystal Banana Quest Feature is also well worth going for the castle yet one more time!  He sings a “Yoo Hoo” song a few times with his big cherubic smile on his round face!

Gamers far and wide are known to sing their own “yoo hoo” song when they experience good fortune.

Probably not the best idea to sing yoo hoo at a job interview!

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All in all, Fish Catch and Banana Jones are two excellent additions to the games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.

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