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Fortunate Buddha: Spin Logic’s Latest Classic

Fortunate Buddha -- Spin Logic’s latest classic has just been released, and it’s really a great title. It’s rare that slots like this come around, though Spin Logic seems to produce them regularly with fairly little effort. Perhaps that means they’re just a better company than others or they’ve been consistently lucky, but either way, their titles are always great.

There’s tons to love about Fortunate Buddha: from the huge wins to the number of paylines, to the volatility, free games, scatters, jackpots, the Fortune Link mechanic, and many other reasons. We’re going to dive into each aspect of this slot and look into what makes it so amazing so you can figure out whether you’d like to play it or not.

Let’s dive right into Fortunate Buddha!

Fortunate Buddha: Huge Wins, 50 Paylines

Some of the biggest parts of Fortunate Buddha that are really appreciated are things like the massive wins that regularly come from the game -- up to 50,000 times the bet per line, when it comes to a max payout, by the way -- and the number of paylines, which is 50. Combining that with the volatility of the title, which is only at medium, and you can see why so many players really enjoy this slot.

 Not only will you consistently win with these parameters, Fortunate Buddha just has so much more to offer compared to most slots. All of the above is bolstered even further by other features -- listed below -- and the game’s presentation, which is also great. Insanely crisp and great graphics grace the screen whenever you play Fortunate Buddha. The animations, coloring, and style of the game are all incredibly on point. The sound, too, is great. The choice of the music and sound behind the game was made with very clear wisdom and intelligence, because everything fits and slots in together just right.

Fortunate Buddha: Free Games, Scatters

Fortunate Buddha, like many other slots, offers Free Games as one of the main features that players can engage with while they’re playing the title. Many different slots offer free games, of course, but the level of rewards that Fortunate Buddha gives the player make the free games a little more worth it: if each spin has the chance to reward you with a massive amount of money, aren’t those free spins worth far more than the average slot? Spin Logic seems to think so, and that’s probably why they included that feature in this title.

Scatters are another important feature in the game. Scatters lead to the Fortune Link mechanic, which ends up rewarding a very large jackpot if the player manages to score every single part of the Fortune Link without encountering any issues. Wilds are another part of Fortunate Buddha, and they help the player rake in bigger and bigger wins when they manage to hit the wilds while playing.

Fortunate Buddha: Super Huge Jackpot, Fortune Link, and More

Finally, some of the last major features that Fortunate Buddha offers are the Fortune Link and the massive jackpot that gets rewarded from it. It starts off with the player managing to score enough Scatter symbols. When that occurs, the Fortune Link mechanic is activated. Fortune Orbs begin appearing and the player needs to score enough of them to be able to get all of the prizes and jackpots. This feature can trigger on itself, so if you score a number of Fortune orbs, and you’re lucky enough to spin more, you can spin and spin until you manage to win a giant jackpot.

This jackpot is quite enormous and can result in a series of massive payments for the player if they manage to get it. It’s rare, of course, so it’s unlikely every player will encounter it: but that doesn’t mean anything, because some are going to encounter it, and they’re going to be very rich indeed once they’re done milking the feature for everything that it’s worth.

All of this covers the main features that Fortunate Buddha offers to its players. Fortunate Buddha is now available online, via Download, Instant Play, or Mobile! Come online and try out Fortunate Buddha at Jackpot Capital Casino tonight! You’ll regret not trying such an amazing slot if you miss out on huge payments from Fortunate Buddha.

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