Gaming at Jackpot Capital does wonders for our brains

Playing Games Plays Games with our Brains in a Good Way

Everyone knows that gaming at THE top jackpot casino aka Jackpot Capital online casino is a great way to unwind and relax after a long day at work.  Gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino also has many other interesting benefits that are true in general of all forms of gaming.

Some of these aspects of gaming are more pronounced in online casino gaming for real money and some are more pronounced in other forms of gaming including playing in our free play mode.  Whenever it is appropriate, we will show how online gaming has benefits that playing at a land based casino does not have.

In fact, we feel that online gaming is a lot better in so many ways than playing at a land based casino!

How Long Does it Take to Go from the Kitchen to the Living Room?

First of all, this “trip”, so to speak, takes a mere few seconds.  Just getting to a land based casino takes many hours that include searching for the best deal, booking the ticket and hotel accommodation, packing, getting to the airport two hours before the flight (at least), going through hoops just to get on the plane, and so on!

We all know that travelling to a land based casino is a major hassle and has a sizable cost to it.

So, that free trek to the living room has no costs attached.  It looks pretty good, we’d say!

Gaming Makes us Appreciate the Value of Money

The very act of recognizing the cost benefit of online gaming makes us understand the value of money a lot more.

If we can eschew that trip to a land based casino, we can also learn to give up the urge to shop when there is nothing we really need, to value less expensive weekend excursions, to value the beauty of Mother Nature (is Parent Nature more politically correct these days?), and to value being with friends and family over the so-called excitement of being anonymous in a room full of strangers at a land based casino.

Everyone likes to play games.  By playing with friends and family, we can open lines of communication that we cannot open by ourselves at a land based casino.  There are so many fun games to play in addition to casino games.

Online Casino Gaming Promotes Discipline

Everyone understands the importance of discipline.  We all want to be reasonably disciplined.  People at land based casinos often spend a lot of hours on the casino floor.  This leads to not just a lack of discipline; it also leads some people to continue to act in an undisciplined way even after they have returned home.

Online gaming makes it quite easy to play casino games for real money in a reasonable way.  Since the casino is available to you every day, you can play whenever you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with your many other activities and responsibilities.

Online gaming is so convenient that few gamers feel the need to play for many hours at a time.  By playing for thirty minutes or so, gamers add to their self-discipline and have a lot of fun doing so!

Online Gaming Gives Gamers Vicarious Adventure

At a land based casino, players will stay at one terminal interminably.  That means that they miss out on the adventurous side of casino gaming.  Online slots gamers can go from game to game as they wish.

So, at Jackpot Capital, gamers can go from ancient civilizations to futuristic slots to everything else under the sun.  We suspect that someday soon Real Time Gaming will develop a slot that takes gamers to the center of the sun!

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Now that will be an adventure to savor!

In the same way that online slots give gamers vicarious adventure, it also serves to expand gamers’ imagination.

Games of Skill Train Gamers to Pay Close Attention

It is true that slots are a game of pure chance.  We enjoy the adventure that slots provide and the expansion of our imaginationGames of skill, on the other hand, keep our attention primed.

The same applies to playing games of skill at a land-based casino.  However, as we have said before, when you play online you can go from game to game.  So, an online blackjack player can play several variations of blackjack in the same session.

She can play one variation one day and a different variation the next time she curls up to play.

An online gamer can also go from blackjack to video poker to the Caribbean poker games.

Each game is different and the skill gamers develop at these games can go a long way to helping them pay close attention to work details.

Playing Games is an Excellent Way to Improve Memory

This is true of all games from blackjack to poker to Sudoku to putting jigsaw puzzles together.  In all of these games, it helps tremendously to remember the look of the game or the position of pieces as the game or puzzle progresses.

One of the best skills a gamer can learn is to count cards in blackjack.  It is true that gamers cannot count cards as such in most blackjack games including online blackjack.  That’s because most casinos, both online and land based, shuffle the cards on a continuous basis.

So, the best blackjack games to count cards in are single deck games that are available only at a few land based casinos.  However, and here is where online blackjack can excel, when you play at Jackpot Capital or any other online casino, you can practice counting cards as the cards unfold.

Card counting is simply the assigning of a +1 or a -1 on every card.  So, even though you can’t make bets based on the card count in online blackjack, you can use online blackjack to practice card counting.

Gaming Helps us to Better Appreciate Luck

Gaming can also help us enhance gratitude.  The very fact that we have the time to play games should give us pause and lead to deep feelings of gratitude.  There is a lot of evidence that gratitude is a form of healing for both body and soul

As much as most people these days live in positive conditions, there is an element of luck in even the most modest of economic, romantic, and social circumstances.

Games involve luck.  It is easy to see the luck in games of chance such as slots, roulette, and craps.  Even the so-called games of skill also have large amounts of luck.  But take a game like Sudoku or Set.  There is also an element of luck in being able to “see” a solution.

We should be forever appreciative of our ability to “see” solutions.  In games for sure but also in our work we need to be able to “see” solutions.  These kinds of solutions don’t come out of nowhere.  We can make the search for solutions in work matters as a form of gaming.

Jackpot Capital Casino is at the Ready

Joining Jackpot Capital is easy! All you need to do is fill out the form and provide us with some “proof” that you are indeed you!  We require this so that the chance that someone is hacking your identity is reduced to zero.

After that, it’s all gaming!

Jackpot Capital offers some 300 casino games ranging from the far-ranging slots to video poker, blackjack, Caribbean poker, and the effervescent Banana Jones!

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