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Every year, Santa Claus completes his journey around the world. And every single time, he is helped by the nine trusted reindeers. But while most people probably don’t know it, Santa’s nine reindeers all have their own names and distinct personalities. Since Christmas is coming up soon, Jackpot Capital came up with a nice promotion for the occasion. We will now briefly introduce each one of Santa’s nine reindeers and tell the story behind them. Saving the best for last, they also have a surprise in store for you, so don’t miss out!

Meet Santa’s Nine Famous Helpers

Christmas wouldn’t be possible without the help of Santa’s trusted nine reindeers. Yet, they rarely get the deserved credit for their work. This is why the reindeers are taking the spotlight at JC this year. But before we get started, let’s briefly introduce each of the nine and tell how they came to be.

It all started in 1823 with A Visit from St. Nicholas, written by Clement Clarke Moore. This famous Christmas poem, which is commonly known as The Night Before Christmas, was the first to mention the name of Santa’s reindeers. Dasher, Dancer Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen pulled the sleigh to help Santa complete his job. Now, you must have noticed that we are missing a certain red-nosed reindeer - we will introduce him later.

Dasher, as his name suggests, is Santa’s fastest reindeer. And because of the remarkable speed, Dasher used to be the leading reindeer. Funnily enough, his name actually comes from the German word Dascher, which means sewing. This is no coincidence, though - Dasher is also very skilled at it!

Along with Dasher come his close friends Dancer and Prancer. Dancer’s personality also matches his name. The most extroverted of Santa’s reindeers, Dancer spends his time away from the sleigh showing his moves on the dance floor.

Prancer always carries a mirror around. After all, he has to look fabulous all the time. But don’t mistake Prancer for a vain reindeer. He is also the most affectionate among the nine, and will happily do anything to help his friends.

Vixen is an enchanting reindeer. Not only is he the prettiest among the nine, Vixen is also a very good magician. His tricks keep the other reindeers entertained, and also come in handy to help Santa deliver presents down the chimney.

Comet is incredibly popular, and the young fawns all want to be like him. Comet is good at sports, and is also the strongest of the group. Since he is particularly good at dealing with kids, Comet was a natural choice to join the team.

Cupid is the most romantic and affectionate reindeer. He is always displaying affection towards his friends and is more than happy to help spread love around the world, always carrying mistletoe sprigs to offer couples a helping hand.

Donner, originally named Dunder, also stays true to his name - which means “thunder” in German. He always makes his presence known thanks to his booming, thunderous voice. Naturally, it also makes him a very good singer!

Blitzen, or Blixem in The Night Before Christmas, is another fast reindeer. His name comes from the Dutch word for “lightning”, after all. Blitzen will happily speed up his fellow reindeers, and is always on time for his job.

And last, but definitely not least, comes the one who is also the most popular among the nine. Of course, we are talking about the one and only Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Rudolph was a late addition to the group, coming from a Christmas story written by Robert Lewis May in 1939.

At first, Rudolph was bullied by the other reindeer because of his distinctive bright red nose. However, during a particularly foggy Christmas night, he was called into action. Rudolph’s red nose helped Santa and the other eight reindeer to navigate through the thick fog without trouble. Since then, he has taken over as the leading reindeer - his red nose now illuminates the night sky as Santa completes his task.

With all the introductions now taken care of, it’s time for the first part of our special Christmas promotion! Santa’s nine reindeers will help you get into the Christmas spirit.

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