Jackpot Capital Urges Gamers to Go on Real Vacations

One of the best aspects of gaming at an online jackpot casino is that you never have to spend any money travelling to a land-based casino. Even though a lot of gamers discovered the advantages of playing casino games online at Jackpot Capital and other top online casinos, there is still the tendency to travel to a land-based casino for the thrills therein.

In this article, we would like to explore the advantages of going somewhere other than to a land-based casino when you do take a long weekend or a vacation.

Get into the Existential Joys of a Real Vacation

We have said it before: instead of spending a lot of money just to get to and stay at a land-based casino, gamers ought to go on a “real vacation”. A real vacation is simply exploring a place that you are not so familiar with.

Now, a lot of people will go to New York City for what they consider to be a real vacation. We agree that a few days in New York City can be a great experience. You can go to a Broadway show, an off-Broadway show, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The United Nations building, and many other great attractions.

But New York City is kind of “old hat”. Everyone goes to New York City. Here we would like to explore other options with you. The two other options we have in mind are state parks and quaint small towns.

How Far Should I Travel?

This is very subjective, of course. But air travel has become a kind of nightmare and with the cost of gasoline at record levels, travel by car is also financially challenging.

So, let’s look for a state park and a quaint small town near you!

Let’s try for 100 to 200 miles from home.

There are a Lot More State Parks than National Parks

As of this moment, there are 63 national parks in the United States. This compares to over 6600 state parks! The National Park Service manages a few hundred sites that are not national parks such as historical sites and the like. So, there are a lot of options for a real vacation in state and national parks.

The biggest and best-known national parks may be much more than 200 miles from home. But we would venture to say that everyone who lives in the 48 contiguous states lives no more than 200 miles from a state park!

What Can I Do in a State Park?

You’re kidding, right?

Oh, you’re not kidding! Here is a “short” list of things you can do in a state park. You won’t be able to do all of them in every state park but think about the real vacation possibilities!

  1. Camping
  2. Hiking
  3. Swimming
  4. Fishing
  5. Horseback riding
  6. All manner of water sports for the little ones as well as the big ones
  7. Climbing
  8. Hang gliding
  9. Boating
  10. Biking
  11. Music shows
  12. Tours
  13. Bird watching and wildlife observation

Remember, this is a short list. Suffice it to say that everyone can enjoy a few days in and near a state park!

It is super easy to do a little research on the state parks in your area. The average number of state parks per state is 130!

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How to Plan a Real Vacation

We advise you to map out a route to the state park you have chosen that avoids highways and especially Interstates. The quaint small towns that we suggest you stop at are on the smaller local roads. A small town is quaint when it has:

  1. Businesses that cater to tourists.
  2. Well-maintained older buildings.
  3. A large, manicured city park.
  4. If the town is on a river, there should be a walking trail along the river.
  5. A local museum that has something of interest for everyone in your family.
  6. A small group of local artists who show their art at a local gallery.
  7. A reasonably-priced hotel or motel that gets excellent reviews from past customers.
  8. A restaurant with a flair for local fare.

We realize that this is a lot to ask from a small town! You would be amazed at how many small towns there are in the United States who meet all or most of these criteria and more!

Get Help Online

There are a huge number of online sites that will give traveling advice to people on a local trip. The most famous ones are on the first page of a search. We have found great sites on inside pages so due diligence might call for really checking out a town.

Make Creative Searches

It helps to alter the wording of a search. You can search for reviews of a town as well as travel advice to the town. Before making a hotel reservation, we suggest calling the hotel. You will get a feel for how much they care about you from how they answer simple questions.

You can also ask the hotel clerk about local attractions. If they help, you will learn more about the town than you would probably learn about the town through a more conventional search.

Go to Fairs

Every county has a fair in the summer. The state fair usually takes place in the capital city, but county fairs can take place anywhere in the county. County fairs are a great place to meet and talk to local people.

Conversations at a county fair or in a small-town gallery are worth many times a conversation you might have around the roulette table at a land-based casino where camaraderie is supposed to be part of the fun.

Businesses that Cater to Tourists

We have to say something about this “qualification” for a quaint small town. In not-quaint towns, the businesses that cater to tourists are most definitely not the kind we are referring to.

When we said to look for a business that caters to tourists, we meant a business that could not exist without the injections of money tourists bring but are stand-alone good businesses. These might include a venue with live music, a comedy club, a micro-brewery, an ethnic restaurant, a local jewelry maker, a local tour guide, and so on.

Quaintness in this meaning refers to a business run by people who have chosen to live in and do business in this town even though they could probably succeed in a big city and make more money.

It is the small-town life they want and in order to have that, they cater to tourists.

What if I Need a Casino?

Most people on a great real vacation do not need a casino but if you do the mobile gaming platform at Jackpot Capital is first-rate. Spin a few slots in the evening or play video poker to get the strategy juices flowing.

Try a real vacation once and we feel that you will do it again and again. In the meantime, for great online gaming, Jackpot Capital has everything you could want!


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