Illustration depicting Glamma's Adventure in London

Yes, Glamma has jumped the channel!  The English Channel, that is!  Glamma’s Adventures take her to London on March 28 for the easter celebrations!  Jackpot Capital online casino will help her celebrate by featuring three great games on Glamma’s Wheel during the month she will be in London.

Happy Egg Hunting

Glamma will be wearing her Sherlock Holmes outfit as she hunts for Easter eggs in the London-town!  What else will Glamma do for gamers at Jackpot Capital and for herself, to enjoy London in the Spring to the fullest?

There are many Easter egg hunts open to the public in London and surrounding areas.  Glamma will certainly be a sight as she hunts for Easter eggs in her Sherlock Holmes outfit!

Spin Glamma’s Wheel for Prizes

In honor of the month in London, Glamma’s Wheel will feature three great slots: Run Rabbit Run, Sweet Shop Collect, and Spring Wilds.

In Run Rabbit Run, the rabbits have to try to get to the Carrot Farm.  If and when they do, prizes await!  On Easter, we might say that the hunters are looking for the Easter Egg Farm!

Sweet Shop Collect is a sweet tooth gamer’s delight and Glamma has been known to have a sweet tooth!  Colors play a big part in the appeal of Sweet Shop Collect as they do in every Easter Egg Hunt.

Spring Wilds has great features that multiply wins up to 400 times the bet!  Spring is the season when people feel reborn as the cold of winter gives way to the delightfully pleasant air of spring redolent of flowers and the smell of the earth renewing itself.

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Did You Know These Amazing Facts about London?

  1. Technically, the City of London is very small in the heart of Greater London which is about three times the size of New York City in square miles and is home to about nine million people!  Glamma has promised that she won’t try to count them all!
  2. London is also a forest based on the United Nations definition of a forest as a land area that is at least 20% covered by trees.  London is 21% trees!  It has more trees than people!  Even Central Park cannot make that claim!  Glamma has promised that she won’t try to count them all!
  3. During World War II, London was the capital city in exile of five European countries: Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, and Norway!
  4. Some London streets have names that are not “suitable for young people”!  We will not list them all as there are about 20 such street names.  We can say that Butts is a common part of many of these street names!  How anyone keeps a straight face while repeating their home address on one of these streets is a mystery! Glamma has promised to take pictures of many of these street signs!  She will ask for directions to addresses on these streets!
  5. Mary Poppins broke the law!  It is illegal to fly a kite in London!  Well, not exactly but based on a law almost 200 years old it is illegal to fly a kite in a park or public place or in a way that annoys people.  If Glamma were to be fined every time she annoyed someone, she would not have enough money to continue Glamma’s Adventures!
  6. Speaking about breaking the law, Glamma is prepared to break the law that was established way back in 2003 that it is illegal to feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.
  7. The famous obelisk in London is called Cleopatra’s Needle.  It was given to the United Kingdom in 1817 in recognition of British military victories in Egypt in 1801.  The Sultan who awarded the “needle” to Britain was Muhammad Ali!  There are also many time capsule items in the base of the obelisk.  These include a baby bottle, pictures of 12 beautiful British women, cigars, toys, a picture of Queen Victoria, and the Bible in several translations.  Glamma wishes that she could add something to the time capsule.
  8. Archaeologists have found tools that hominoids use as far back as 900,000 years ago!  Now hominoids were not technically humans but they were close enough to show that “humans’ inhabited London long ago!  Glamma thinks that she might be descended from Hominoid Royalty!  She believes that it was her ancestors who began the time-honored custom of feeding the pigeons in what is today Trafalgar Square.
  9. The word eggcellent was invented in London!  No native Londoner ever uses it!  Glamma does not want to be identified easily as a tourist so she will not say eggcelent no matter how truly eggcellent something might be.
  10. There are a lot more fascinating facts about London, and Glamma considers finding them out to be a big part of her adventure in London!

What will Glamma Do in March in London?

Well, first of all, Glamma is planning a few adventures outside of London.  She will visit Stonehenge where she hopes to be transported back in time!  Glamma will also take the train to Liverpool and check out where the Beatles grew up.  She will legally fly a kite wherever she can.  Here are just a few other experiences Glamma wants to have while she’s in London and the area:

  1. Glamma wants to be duly frightened by the dungeons in Warwick Castle where she will learn how to use a sword.
  2. Glamma will visit a famous pub or few!  She will drink English beer, not that brown stuff that comes out of Ireland!  (Of course, when she is in Ireland, the brown stuff is at the top of her list!)
  3. Glamma knows that fish and chips are Britain’s contribution to world cuisine so she will concentrate on tea and chocolate in addition to local beers.
  4. With so many parks, London is the perfect place for a city hike or casual stroll.
  5. Glamma hopes to be able to go to a musical that she knows the words to so she can sing along with the cast!
  6. England is so compact and Glamma will have so much time to get around that she will travel north, south, east, and west to stroll, walk, and hike in great springtime glory.  She especially hopes to walk for a long time in the Cotswolds for no other reason than that she loves the name!

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