Glamma in an elegant dress with a background of Hollywood

In late February and during the month of March, Jackpot Capital Online Casino’s intrepid world adventurer, Glamma, will take her Glammas’ Adventures World Tour to Hollywood!

Glamma will take part in many adventures in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas.  She will hob nob with any and all celebrities she sees.  She will walk the Walk of the Stars paying tribute to her favorite stars honored there.

Since Glamma’s connection to Hollywood goes back many decades, she will have a lot of famous names to recognize.

Jackpot Capital Showers Gamers with Goodies

Even if it doesn’t rain in the Los Angeles area in March, Jackpot Capital will shower gamers will all sorts of goodies!  There will be wheel that gamers can spin.  The wheel will feature as yet unannounced celebrities who carry big prizes along with their famous faces.

You will be able to enjoy a $24 no deposit bonus and a 222% deposit bonus!  Now, 222% is a huge bonus rate so get ready for gaming fireworks!

JC will be awarding gobs of free spins as well.  The free spins will be primarily in these three slots:

  1. Three Stooges
  2. High Fashion
  3. Cleopatra’s Gold

Glamma Hopes for Her Favorites

Glamma loved Barbie because she remembers when Barbie was first brought to market.  She loved the costuming and the sets in Barbie but Glamma is a realistic woman who knows that Barbie the movie is too cute to win the Best Film award!

Glamma is also a big fan of Robert de Niro and Leonardo di Caprio but she wasn’t all that impressed by their movies.  Glamma is hoping that Annette Bening and Jodi Foster win the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for Nyad which was not even nominated for Best Picture!

Glamma identifies strongly with Diana Nyad for swimming from Cuba to the Florida Keys at the age of 60 and for never giving up despite previously failed attempts to complete the swim.

Glamma Will Never Give Up

Glamma’s Adventures are her personal way to tell the world that no one - not even she, as a senior citizen - should ever give up their desire to see the world.

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Glamma on Horseback

Glamma will take part in a trip on horseback to the mountains overlooking Hollywood with a stop at the famous Hollywood sign.

Glamma will also join the Mulholland Trail horseback adventure that promises great views from above Hollywood and surroundings.  Glamma remembers the trip she took to the top of Mount Evans in Colorado many years ago.  It was August but it was very col at the summit and there was still some snow on the ground.  For Glamma, the highlight of that trip to the top of Mount Evans was watching a thunderstorm over Denver!

Glamma is hoping for yet another unforgettable sight on the Mulholland Trail trip.

Glamma at the Studio

Glamma will go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.  She remembers the famous lawsuit that Warner Bros. filed against the Marx Brothers for using the word Casablanca in one of their classic comedic movies.

Groucho responded in typical Grouch fashion by threatening to sue Warner Bros. for coopting the word “Brothers” which the Marx BROTHERS had made famous.

Glamma is hoping to catch the tour guide off guard by bringing up that lawsuit and how it made Warner Bros. look foolish!

Glamma in Beverly Hills

Glamma thinks that she will enjoy walking around Beverly Hills oohing and aahing the famous mansions.  Glamma doesn’t need to know who actually lives in the mansions!  She will enjoy just looking at them!

Glamma at Disneyland

Glamma will team up with another friend in her 70’s for one day in Disneyland.  Glamma has been to Disney World several times and she knows that Disneyland fits comfortably into Disney World’s back pocket but “It’s Disneyland!  I have to go!”

Glamma in the Air

Glamma is looking forward to a helicopter tour of Hollywood and surroundings.

Here are a Few Other Adventures in Glamma’s Hope Chest

  1. Hollywood Rock n Roll History Tour.  Glamma knows every Beach Boys song by heart!
  2. Whale Watching boating excursion from Long Beach.
  3. Surfing lessons at Laguna Beach.
  4. Looking at the heavens at the Griffith Observatory.
  5. Split her sides at the Laugh Factory.  Glama loves stand up and the Laugh Factory is famous for starting many stand up comedians’ careers.
  6. Wine tasting at Temecula.
  7. Amoeba Music might have that record Glamma has been looking for!  This is possibly the biggest music store in the world.
  8. Shopping on Rodeo Drive.  This one is super special as it channels Glamma’s love of the movies and rooting for the underdog. One of Glamma’s top fantasies is to go into a super high-end store on Rodeo Drive and being asked to leave and them coming back with boxes and bags (empty of course) from another Rodeo Drive store and saying to the saleswoman, “You work on commission, right?  You asked me to leave.  Big mistake. Huge.”

Jackpot Capital’s Gamer’s Adventures

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We have safe and smooth banking.  JC is a well-known online casino with thousands upon thousands of satisfied gamers.


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