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It is a great achievement for gamers to earn VIP status.   Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we even have a special name and place for all of our VIPs: the Casino VIP Club!

A VIP is Much More Than a High Roller

A high roller is a gamer who bets high.  A VIP is so much more than just a gamer who bets high!  We do everything we can to make every one of our VIPs feel special!

How to Become a VIP

Gamers become a VIP by invitation after thye have palyed at a high level for a period of time.  It is to both Jackpot Capital’s and gamers’ interest to become a VIP if your gaming level is high enough.

We keep track of all of our gamers’ betting practices so, if a gamer bets high over a few months, we will invite that player to become a member of our exclusive Casino VIP Club.

Our Casino VIP Club Has Five Levels

Most people would think that the Gold level would be the highest but, in fact, Gold is fourth!  Silver is the entry-level status at Jackpot Capital.  Then comes Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and VIP Elite.

Even though Gold and Silver are at the lower end of the VIP Club, gamers who reach those levels will enjoy al of the benefits of being members of Jackpot Capital’s Casino VIP Club.

Here are just a few of the many benefits VIP gamers enjoy here at Jackpot Capital:

  1. A special no-deposit bonus every time a gamer reaches a higher VIP level.
  2. Better bonus rates and higher maximum bonus amounts.
  3. Personalized customer service.
  4. Special bonus offers every month.
  5. Higher comp points.
  6. VIP Lounge.

Jackpot Capital Scores with All Gamers

No online casino could stay in business if it appealed only to VIPs.  Jackpot Capital is no different.  So, we offer great deposit bonuses, high levels of comp points, and many other attractive elements.  We run slots tournaments for gamers who like to play truly just for fun.

Our tournaments run often.  The buy-in fees range from zero to just a few dollars.  The prize pool is concomitantly small.  This makes playing in a slots tournament a “play for the sake of playing” experience.

This kind of fun online casino activity cuts across all financial strata.  A VIP and an average gamer should have the same level of fun playing in a slots tournament!

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Are High Rollers Really Different?

In some important ways, high rollers who become Jackpot Capital VIPs are different than average gamers.  These are gamers who have a lot of disposable income and enjoy putting large sums on casino games.

There is a big difference between a VIP who doesn’t care if he or she wins or loses and a VIP who still cares about winning.  The latter type of VIP watches their money even when they have a huge amount of it.

One way online casino VIPs can watch their money even as they make large bets is by playing video poker or blackjack and playing according to the best strategy on every hand.  A gamer who plays these games in accordance with the best strategy can achieve a return to player rate of about 99.5%.

How Do VIPs Guard Their Money?

There are many examples of how rich people watch their money.  A rich traveler might fly in business class but will not go the extra couple of thousand dollars for a first-class seat.

A rich person might spend $50 dollars on a bottle of wine but will stop there, especially if they can’t tell the difference between a $50 bottle and a $100 bottle.

John Kerry, who ran for president of the United States in 2004, married an heiress of the Heinz family.  They are rich.  But when their home state of Massachusetts raised the fees for yacht mooring, they took their yacht to neighboring Rhode Island to save, what was for them, pocket change.

Members of the United States Congress used to park on a first come first served basis.  Then the Congressional Budget Office raised parking rates for the spots closest to the building.  Many members of Congress chose to park further away to save the extra money close parking would cost even though most of these members of Congress were millionaires.

A VIP Finds Pleasure in Risk

A $100 bet in blackjack is twenty times riskier than a $5 bet.  A VIP may be someone who thrives on accepting risk even when they don’t have to.

Accepting risk is a more common phenomenon than people think.  For example, a person who climbs mountains may be taking on a great deal of risk.

Driving twenty miles over the speed limit on a superhighway runs the risk of an accident and also of an expensive ticket if they are caught.

A VIP may risk large sums of money in the stock market.  A VIP may risk even larger sums in the commodities market.

Jackpot Capital Reduces Gamers Risk

Obviously, we cannot reduce gamers’’ risk to zero.  But we do reduce their risk tremendously by using solid encryption software to protect gamers’ assets on account here at Jackpot Capital.

Gamers can increase their winning chances by following a few essential “rules” for casino gaming.

  1. Play at an online casino.  Of course, we prefer that you play here at Jackpot Capital!
  2. Play in relatively short sessions.
  3. Set a monetary budget for gaming and stick to it.
  4. See online casino gaming as a fun form of entertainment.
  5. Play strategic games such as video poker and blackjack.
  6. Play any game you are not familiar with in free-play mode before placing money on the outcome.
  7. Use the flexibility of an online casino to your advantage.
  8. Plan ahead.
  9. Develop interests and hobbies outside of the fun casino gaming.

Why Play at an Online Casino?

It costs zero dollars to “travel” to an online casino while it cost a lot of money and is terribly inconvenient to travel to a land-based casino.

When you play at an online casino, you can get up whenever you wish.  That gives you the chance to stretch, get a cuppa, use the bathroom, and other important things without giving up your seat.

Jackpot Capital pays 3-2 for a blackjack while many land-based casinos pay only 6-5.  Jackpot Capital pays 9-6 for a full house and a flush in video poker while many land-based casinos pay only 8-5 or even 7-5.

VIPs at Jackpot Capital Enjoy a Great Gaming Environment

As we said above, a VIP who bets large sums every month, is treated like royalty here at Jackpot Capital.  All gamers, not just VIPs, are treated extremely well here as well!  All of the advantages of gaming here at Jackpot Capital such as security, strategy guides, and a large collection of great games and promotions are automatically given to all gamers!


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