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How to Turn the Jackpot Capital Welcome Bonus into Great Gaming

From the moment a gamer accepts the Jackpot Capital Welcome Bonus, they can play any of the more than 300 games we offer.  As exciting as it is to be able to play so many games over time, many gamers suddenly realize that the Welcome Bonus is just the start of all the bonuses and other promotions gamers can receive from Jackpot Capital online casino.

A Bonus a Day Keeps the Itch to Travel to a land-based Casino Away

While Jackpot Capital casino doesn’t offer a bonus every day, we do offer bonuses on most days!  Let’s take a look:

    1. The week begins on Sunday and on Sunday and Monday we find that most gamers are resting from the strenuous activity of getting together with family and friends on Friday and Saturday!  So, the first bonus we offer is on Tuesday!  We call it Tuesday on the Go.
    2. Wednesday is a bit jealous of Tuesday so we offer two bonus promotions on Wednesday!  The first is called the Wednesday Surprise Bonus.  The second is called Hump Day.  You get a notice in your mailbox every Wednesday to find out what the Hump Day bonus offer will be for that Wednesday!
    3. We catch our breath on Thursday and then we come roaring back on Friday with the Friday Bonus Draw.
    4. Not to be outdone by all the weekday bonuses, on Saturday we offer the Saturday Night Live bonus!

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Does Jackpot Capital Offer any Other Bonuses?

Yes, we do indeed!  We offer a new games bonus for both regular gamers and for VIP gamers!  We offer a Game of the Month bonus in which gamers can get up to $1000 every day in the month by playing the game of the Month.

That always makes Sunday, Monday, and Thursday feel a lot better!

Does Jackpot Capital Offer any Other Promotions?

Come to think of it, we do and in a big way!  We offer comp points which grow quickly at an online casino.  When you collect enough comp points, you can trade them in for casino credits!

The last promotion but not the least is our Cashback program.

Okay, You Convinced Us!

So, Jackpot Capital begins gamers’ online casino journey with a solid Welcome Bonus and then follows it up with daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.

Now, you might ask: What is all the hoopla about, anyway?  What makes Jackpot Capital casino special? 

Let’s Talk about Games

The most popular games at Jackpot Capital are slots.  We run about 200 slots from Real Time Gaming.  The slots we choose to carry run the gamut from high adventure to great humor and from the distant past to the distant future.  Our slots might take you to the celestial bodies, aka planets and stars, or might take you to the deep ocean where billions, trillions, and gazillions of sea creatures live!

What Other Games Does Jackpot Capital Carry?

Some gamers feel that since slots are so popular, we would carry just a few games in other gaming categories.  Not so fast, pardner!

Online casinos are very different than land based casinos in one very important way: we don’t have any walls!  A land based casino might do everything it can to keep you from noticing that it has walls but, in reality, every land based casino has walls!

Oh, my!  The walls themselves are the single reason why land based casinos were shut down by the corona virus while Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos stayed open!

The main effect of walls in land based casinos is that the banks of slot machines make it impossible to offer a multitude of other games.  Land based casinos usually offer one roulette table, one craps table, a couple of blackjack tables, a baccarat table, maybe a bingo section, maybe a sports betting section, some video poker terminals, and maybe some real poker off in a side room so the bells and whistles of the slot machines don’t interfere with the deep thoughts of the poker players!

What Makes Jackpot Capital Different?

We don’t have walls.  We also don’t have to conserve space!  That means that for every new game we bring to the casino, no old game has to “retire”!  At a land based casino, if they bring in a few new slot machines for the Game of the Month, they have to take out a few older machines.  They inevitably take out the very slot that is the favorite of a gamer who had played it for years and expected to enjoy playing it again but, NO, the casino had to take it out to make way for the new games!

By keeping all of the slots we chose every month, we can offer the widest range of slots story lines!  Our gamers have a lot more gaming and entertainment flexibility in slots than land based casino gamers have!

In addition to never having to take any slots terminals out to make way for the new, we can also offer 15 different variations of video poker.  Our gamers who love video poker love being able to go from single hand video poker to multi-hand and to try their hand at so many different variations of this great alternative to the bluffing kind of poker which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Video poker has developed a vast audience and even if thousands of gamers want to play one or another variation of video poker at the same time, we can accommodate all of them!  Why? Because we don’t have walls and because cyberspace is for all intents and purposes infinite!

Does Jackpot Capital Offer any Table Games?

Naturally, we do!  We offer several variations of blackjack plus baccarat, pontoon, three card rummy, and Pai Gow poker.  Just as in video poker, thousands—dare we say millions?—of gamers can play table games at Jackpot Capital all at the same time.

How many gamers can play table games at a land based casino?  Well, a few at the roulette table and a few at the craps table and a few at the baccarat table and a few here and another few there and pretty soon we get to about 50 people who can simultaneously play table games at a land based casino!

The Specialty Games

We call these games specialty games because they are simply special.  The two most prominent specialty games are Fish Catch and Banana Jones. 

Fish Catch is a game about catching fish!  You can play it against gamers from all over the world so it is possibly the most cosmopolitan game we offer!

Banana Jones is about the grand quest.  Banana Jones is off looking for the elusive Crystal Banana which he wants to bring to a museum.  Along the way, we encounter snakes and vines and magical squares and lots of fun!

So, Jackpot Capital is Combination of Great Games and Great Promotions

Yes, yes, and once again yes!

We try to be the most user friendly casino in the online casino universe.  We offer easy banking, absolute security behind encryption software, and a helpful customer service office that never closes.

So, join Jackpot Capital TODAY and discover both a great alternative to land based casino gaming and, simply stated, a great gaming experience!

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