Jackpot Capital’s Haunting Halloween Bonus Weekend!

Halloween is right around the corner. Get your costumes ready, pour the monster punch into the bowl, with a little bit extra as a surprise, and prepare for the weekend the right way! There are plenty of parties to be had with friends as you break into the fall season with one of the most fun holidays of the year. We invite you to join us for a Halloween Bonus Weekend that features Regular and VIP bonus offers on one of our favorite games, Witch’s Brew! As you put on that vampire make-up or dawn that superhero costume, sit back and join us at Jackpot Capital as these offers won’t last forever; treat yourself to some bonus action! Keep reading to find out about some Halloween traditions and how you can take advantage of the special offers!

Haunted Halloween History

Halloween has become an integral part of American culture. On every street you ’ll see carved pumpkins on porches, houses decked out in spooky decorations, kids dressed in a variety of costumes trick or treating; even the adults are getting in on the action with adult themed Halloween parties. It’s all the rage! But where did Halloween get its start? As is often the case, the holiday had a far different origin. Historians trace the start back to several festivals, the first of these being an old Roman feast for the goddess of fruits and seeds, Pomona. Others cite Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, where there is also a very similar festival in Wales called Calan Gaeaf. All of these have a common theme, which is a celebration of the harvest, plus a welcoming of winter.

At all of these festivals, there were costumes to mimic and fool other worldly spirits, faeries, even the dead, as the line between “their” world and ours was thought to be thinned during these days. Much about the holiday has come from those traditions, but with a modern, more commercialized take. Many of these festivals, and similar ones all across Europe, had pagan roots, which makes the fact that there is a Christian influence in the holiday that much more interesting. All Hallow’s Eve is the night before All Hallow’s Day, a Christian holiday that honors saints, it precedes All Soul’s Day on November 2nd, that commemorates all the souls of Christians that have died.These three days together make up Allhallowtide. As you can see, there is such a diverse distinction between the two sets of beliefs but yet still surrounding the same day - Halloween.

Now that we have a bit of background on the rich history of the holiday, let’s talk about how we have the current traditions. As with all things, the formation and spread of the traditions as we know them today began in the first part of the 20th century, around the 1930s to be exact. This is when you’ll see the first mentions of “trick or treat” being published in a magazine in Canada. Dressing up has been part of Halloween since the original festivals, but the use of popular figures in costumes also began around the 30s. Around the same time frame, the typical Halloween attractions like haunted houses or farm rides started popping up across the country, often being used as a method to raise money for charities and hospitals.

The jumping off point for the holiday as we know it now was in the 1930s, although the real kicker was the way the holiday was used in horror B-movies in the 70s. Your favorite slasher movies started popping up around this time of year, or the holiday itself was used in the plot of the movies. With the expanding nature of the film industry, the holiday just exploded. Once Halloween was infused into pop culture, it morphed into the celebration we have today. You can’t go past any store or mall during this period and not see something Halloween related. Scary decorations for your house, Halloween-themed sweaters, your favorite slasher movie on DVD for sale; anything you could possibly want is readily available.

The holiday has its roots in festivals that celebrate the end of harvest and beginning of winter, as well as part of a three day Christian holiday that celebrates saints and the dead. The diversity is striking, yet it all manages to work within the scope of the day itself. Halloween, as we know it today, is always fun, but it also has that sense of mystery. It’s easy to see how the past has influenced that ambience. This All Hallow’s Eve, make sure to celebrate fun, but remember the rich history of how this holiday came to be.

While we love to reminisce in the old traditions, there’s one main treat we offer at this time of year: bonuses! Join us for our Halloween Bonus Weekend featuring our spooky slot, Witch’s Brew, take advantage of both our Regular bonus offer and VIP offer! Keep reading to get all the details!

Collect Your Halloween Bonus!

What’s better than Halloween? A weekend full of bonuses to celebrate it! Jackpot Capital has your back this spooky season with some bonuses that will make your heart skip a beat. I’m sure you’ve read our Top 5 Spookiest Slots so you’re familiar with Witch’s Brew, a perfect slot for this time of year. Well, we’ve paired a weekend full of bonuses and this thrilling slot to give you the perfect Halloween treat!

Join us from October 27th - 31st to enjoy Halloween like a ghoul and scare up a big score!





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As you can tell, we mean business this Halloween. Like the kids who trick or treat door to door looking for the best candy, you’re bound to come back to Jackpot Capital as we’ll continue giving you the bonuses that keep you in the game! Breaking into fall has never been more fun or scary! Witch’s Brew is the perfect partner for these amazing bonus offers, so what are you waiting for? We’re determined you have a slashing good time as you go for big wins, so sit back, relax, sip on a monster drink while you spin your way to huge hauls this Halloween Bonus Weekend.

As a loyal regular player, make a minimum deposit of $45 (or $100 if you’re VIP), enter the Coupon code into the Cashier, then spook yourself up some wins on Witch’s Brew this weekend!

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