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What Should We Do Outdoors after the Corona Virus is Truly Over?

We would like to celebrate our newfound freedom to be outdoors, without a mask and without gloves!  Here is a bucket list of outdoor activities that celebrate the great outdoors!   It’s okay, of course, to play a few progressive jackpot spins on your state of the art mobile device here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Still, this article will be all about breathing in fresh air and getting outdoors!

To the Mountains or to the Coasts?

Actually, both general destinations have a lot going for them.  At the coast, you’ll breathe in ocean air.  If you’re in a place like Sam Francisco, the ocean air will be crisp and cold even in the heart of summer!  Mountain air is also crisp in winter and may be pleasantly warm and humid in the summer.

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Safety is Still a Priority

We want to believe that the corona virus is going the way of the dodo but we can’t know for sure.  Still, we are aching to get outdoors!  So safety is still a very high priority.  This will cause us to consider carefully exactly where we take in the Great Outdoors!

How about Crete?

Crete is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that is politically part of Greece.  Of course, while Greece does have mainland it is also comprised of hundreds of islands!  Crete boasts beautiful beaches and mountains that were formed by volcanic eruptions millennia ago.

Crete is long and narrow and covers about 8000 square miles making it similar in size to New Jersey.  There are a great many beaches all along the coasts.

Crete also has three mountain ranges if you use the term “ranges” somewhat loosely.  The highest peaks are about 2000 meters above sea level.  Snow falls in the winter and the mountains can challenge hikers of all capabilities.  There are easy trails and difficult mountain climbing to satisfy every bucket lister.

How about British Columbia?

Maybe you live in North America and would like a safe, relatively nearby winter wonderland for you and your kids.  About 1.5 hours by car north of Vancouver is an area called Whistler Blackcomb.  This is a large vacation spot for the whole family with skiing from easy to challenging, snowboarding, and skating. 

The corona virus seemed to bypass central British Columbia so seriously consider Whistler Blackcomb!

How about Glacier National Park?

This is another place that the virus passed over.  In the summer the glaciers do melt a bit but you can still get a guided walking tour of a real glacier.  The area is often inaccessible in the winter but if you go in the very early fall or very late spring, the air will be clean and crisp.

How about Lake Garda?

This is a very large elongated lake in Northern Italy.  As such, it was hard hit by the first western incursion of the virus.  We suggest taking every precaution but if you determine that it is safe to visit Lake Garda, you will find boating, swimming, and hundreds of trails.

The Lake Garda region is home to many small towns.  The economy is almost entirely tourism so there is an abundance of very good accommodations from hotels to apartments.  Although the lake has beaches, the area is actually quite hilly.  You can easily take in the hills in the cool mornings and then get quickly to the water’s edge in the afternoon!

Lake Garda has many locally owned restaurants.  You might find that the wait staff’s English is not so great but everyone works together to understand exactly what guests would like to eat and drink.

How about Scotland?

If there is anything Scotland has, it’s mountains.  The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most exotic history anywhere in the world!  The present-day Scots were driven out of what is now England about 15 centuries ago.

The natives moved north to Scotland and Ireland and west to Wales.  The native languages are dialects of Gaelic which is one of the hardest languages to learn.  In addition to mountains, Scotland features one of the wettest climates in the world.  It often rains—it rains on about 300 days every year—but the rain doesn’t usually last long.  The moist, cold air is a welcome contrast to the damp, warm air of so many more southern regions.

Finally, as you surely know, Scotland is home to many distilleries.  You can sample many different types of single malt Scotch whisky from the most mild to the most smoky with many textures and flavors in between!

How about Lake Hula in Israel?

When Israel was established, the government decided to drain the Hula Valley.  In the 1950s much of the lake was drained but then environmentalists convinced the country that the lake was a vital natural habitat for migrating birds and needed to be preserved.

The amount of lake that is left is small but tens of thousands of birds traverse the lake and stop to rest every year.  Israel is a very small country with beaches, some mountains, and a large salt lake.  It is a very good destination for lovers of the Great Outdoors.  We consider a trip to Lake Hula in the fall or the spring to be at the top of our Israel bucket list for outdoors enthusiasts.

How about Machu Picchu?

Getting to Machu Picchu can be a bit daunting.  It is in the Andes Mountains in the interior of Peru.  You need to arrange transportation and buy tickets.  Well, it is worth the effort.  Machu Picchu is an old Incan religious shrine. 

We suggest making Machu Picchu the final destination of a bucket list trip that takes you first to the pyramids of Mexico.  There are many pyramids in Mexico.  They don’t look like the Egyptian pyramids but they are truly fascinating in their own right.

After walking in and around and up these pyramids, you should spend a day at one of the driest places in the world, the Sechura Desert on the west coast of Peru.  Although the coast is on the Pacific Ocean, the prevailing winds are from the east.  They go over the Andes which wring out almost all of the moisture in the air making the coastal area of Peru one of the driest places in the world.

From there, you will be happy to be going up into the mountains to see Machu Picchu!

How about a Thousand Other Places?

Of course, the few places we have mentioned here are just the proverbial drop in the bucket!  The key idea is that for many people who have been shut indoors for weeks and months, it is better to have an outdoor adventure rather than go to a city and experience the museums, art galleries, and all of the other indoor places these great cities have.

Viva Le Outdoors!

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