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What Lessons Can We Learn about All of Our Gamers from the Survey We Did of High Rollers?

We at Jackpot Capital online casino did a survey of the high rollers who play here and we made a few amazing discoveries.  The first was that, while Jackpot Capital casino is known to regular gamers as the mobile jackpot casino, our high rollers prefer playing on their desktop computers!

This single bit of information made us sit up and think.  Who are our high rollers and what sets them apart from more modest gamers?  As far as mobile is concerned, our regular gamers prefer mobile by a large margin but the high rollers prefer desktop computer gaming, also by a wide margin.

The Benefits of Affluence

We concluded two things both of which are connected to high rollers having more disposable income than the average person and therefore the ability to pamper themselves in ways that average people cannot.

So, while the average gamer loves to curl up on the sofa to play on her or his tablet or smartphone, a high roller can afford to buy a high end chair for their desktop computer and can curl up on it.  Similarly, a high roller can afford to buy a very large screen for their desktop computer and may simply prefer to play there rather than on the more modest, albeit very sophisticated in terms of graphics and clarity, tablet or smartphone.

Finally, it occurred to us that high rollers have a separate office at home and they may even have a sofa across from their large screen!  So, some high rollers probably play curled up on their sofa but on the large screen they bought for their desktop computer!

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A Very Satisfied Clientele

We asked our high rollers how they would rate their most recent gaming session in terms of the games, and they overwhelmingly gave us the highest rating for clarity, load times, and reliability.  We have to acknowledge that this answer was not unanimous.  It means that we have to go back and find out what small or possibly even large glitches are still present in our games.  Even one gamer, not to mention a high roller, who rates their most recent session as a 1 out of 10 is totally unacceptable to us!

Smooth Banking

Here the responses were even more on the highest level although not unanimous.  We always strive to improve the cashier’s interaction with the gamer in both depositing and withdrawing.  The responses of the high rollers in this regard give us confidence that we are doing the banking side of online gaming very well but that no one is ever perfect and we can still improve the deposit and withdrawal experience of our gamers.

Why Does Jackpot Capital Run So Many Promotions?

Out high rollers gave us the exact answer we had hoped to get here.  They are overwhelmingly happy with the scope of our promotions.  There are just a few online casinos that run some regular promotion almost every day! 

We have run almost daily promotions for several years.  We even run weekend promotions that get quite a bit of traffic.  The high rollers’ response to the question we raised about promotions tells the story.  Even though the bonuses gamers can get through out promotions re modest, gamers, even high rollers, appreciate every way we offer for them to receive a bonus and to play with our money.

High rollers may have more money to use at the casino but that doesn’t mean that they don’t value bonuses and the attendant promotions.  The answer they gave regarding promotions indicates that even a player who plays with hundreds of dollars per session, if not more, appreciates even modest bonuses!

For us going forward, that means that we might add even more promotions to our already busy promotional schedule!

What Promotions Would High Rollers Like to See?

We included a question about what type of promotions high rollers like and which they would like us to run more often.  We were a bit surprised that three types of promotions each got about a third of the responses regarding promotions high rollers like.  These were free spins, cash bonuses, and free gifts.

Even though many people think of high rollers as very wealthy people with money to burn, these answers indicate that many high rollers are normal people with more disposable income but who nevertheless like to receive free things.

Free spins are gamers’ chances to win a big jackpot at no cost.  Free gifts are always welcome, even to people who could probably afford to buy the “gift” for themselves. And, finally, high rollers also asked us to offer more cash deposit bonuses with a higher percentage rate for the bonus.

We Asked High Rollers for Their Direct Comments

We wanted to hear in their own words what high rollers really think about Jackpot Capital.  We got many responses that were basically: “Love the casino”.  That is very encouraging to say the least! 

One criticism that we received that we will take to heart is that a number of high rollers said that they receive promotional offers that don’t apply to them.  That means that we have to pay even closer attention to our high rollers—and, by extension, to all of our gamers.  High rollers do get more attention than average gamers.  If some high rollers can say that we don’t know them as well as we should, it is something we need to improve right away.

And we also have to find more and better ways to serve all of our gamers, from the games we offer to the promotions we offer and beyond.

Customer Service

One area of great pride for us was that the high rollers who mentioned our customer service all praised it.  Some said that our staff is always attentive.  High rollers overwhelmingly “talk” to us via email.  This is probably because they tend to be very busy professional people so don’t want to wait for a telephone operator or to have to go through a conversation on the phone.

We have always thought that online chat and telephone were the top ways for gamers to communicate with us.  Apparently email is by far the most important communications method.  So we might decide to increase the customer service staff that answers emails.

The fact that we got only praise for our customer service and that from just a small number of high roller respondents also means to us that we are doing a lot of things very well at Jackpot Capital casino!

So, we wish everyone continued great gaming at Jackpot Capital.  We welcome feedback from all of our gamers, not only from high rollers.  In fact, we do see every gamer as a high roller in spirit!  We will continue to do our best to bring you excellent gaming experiences.

Finally, and most important in the day of the corona virus, we wish that everyone stay healthy and well, and that everyone who is ill from this virus should achieve a full recovery.

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