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<h1>Why is Mobile Casino Gaming so Popular?</h1>
<p>There was a time once, if you can believe it, when there were no <strong>mobile</strong> <strong>devices</strong>!  We have come a long way indeed that now we can play not only at an <a href=" "><strong>online casino</strong> </a>but also on a great <strong><a href="">mobile jackpot casino</a></strong> such as <strong>Jackpot Capital casino</strong>!  What happened?  How did mobile gaming get so popular so fast?</p>
<h2>What is the Big Difference between a Mobile Casino and a Desktop Casino?</h2>
<p>At one time, the big difference was in graphics and animation.  Today these are excellent so the big differences are comfort and convenience.</p>
<p>But the story behind these differences is a fascinating one!</p>
<h2>Big and Clunky no More!</h2>
<p>The first mobile devices were big and clunky <strong>telephones</strong>.  They had few of the characteristics of modern <strong>smartphones</strong> which can hold dozens or hundreds of <strong>apps</strong>, which by the way, started out as “applications” before being shortened to “apps”!</p>
<p>As time passed, people became aware of the amazing new and modern <strong>convenience</strong> that smartphones and <strong>tablets</strong> offered.  The price for a good smartphone started to come down almost immediately as the first product quickly sold out and a new <strong>demographic</strong> was created that wanted a smartphone at a more reasonable price.</p>
<p>Still, none of this has anything directly to do with <strong>online casino gaming</strong>!</p>
<h2>Land Based was Where it was At</h2>
<p>For a long time, gambling was illegal in the United States in most forms.  <strong>Horse</strong> <strong>racing</strong> was regulated and legal in many jurisdictions but casino gaming was still an activity done in smoke-filled back rooms.  Then the state of <strong>Nevada</strong> opened up to casino gaming and, led by <strong>Las Vegas</strong>, became a getaway place for gamers from far and wide.</p>
<p><strong>Atlantic City</strong> followed the Las Vegas lead even though the state of <strong>New Jersey</strong>, where Atlantic City is located, stayed off limits to casinos except in Atlantic City.</p>
<p>And for a time, land based casinos were the only places to play casino games legally.  People started to flock to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.</p>
<p>This was the gaming situation until computers and the <strong>internet</strong> came along.   The <strong>personal computer</strong> was still just a gleam in Steve Jobs’ eyes!</p>
<h2>How Many Computers Can the Entire World Support?</h2>
<p>There was a time that the President of <strong>IBM</strong>—IBM!—said that he saw the need, worldwide, for just a few computers.  Today we would venture the guess that there are at least two computers in the world per person!  This includes computers in all offices and homes and mobile devices!  If you want to play a trick on a <strong>millennial</strong>, show them a movie from the <strong>1970’s or 1980’s</strong> and ask them what’s wrong with this scene?  There aren’t any <strong>desktop computers</strong> and there aren’t any <strong>hand held </strong>cell phones!</p>

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<p>The <strong>digital era</strong> is still less than 50 years old!</p>
<p>Whereas land based casinos were the only game in town for several decades, suddenly there was the <strong>technology</strong><a href="" target="_blank"> </a>needed to create an online casino.  The first online casino was a strange and bizarre animal to say the least!  The first online casino came on board in 1994!  We are just barely past the quarter century mark for online casinos.</p>
<h2>The Desktop Computer Comes to Life</h2>
<p>The first online casinos had slots, table games, and….. slots and table games!  The few game providers had not yet seen the need for variations of blackjack and video poker for the online market!  They had not seen the need for casual games such as our own <strong>Fish Catch</strong> and <strong>Banana Jones</strong>.</p>
<p>They had not seen the enormous potential of online <strong>poker</strong>.  In fact, few people, were farsighted enough to see the enormous potential inherent in online casino gaming!</p>
<h2>The First Generation of Cell Phones</h2>
<p>Have you seen a movie or television series from way back when where the customer had to ring up a telephone operator in order to place a call?  Well, the early days of cell phones were parallel to that in their own way.  A cell phone could make and receive calls!  You could send a message and receive one.</p>
<p>The first cell phones were monstrously big.  They were also monstrously expensive!  No one would call them a convenience.  <strong>Businesspeople</strong> called them a necessary part of “doing business in the modern world”.</p>
<p>As is the case in so many great inventions, the first generation of cell phoned gave way to the second generation very quickly.  A generation in cell phones was measured in months rather than years or decades!</p>
<p>And this was all before the first smartphone rolled off the assembly line!</p>
<h2>Smartphones Changed the Definition of Smart</h2>
<p>We used to think of smart as a human characteristic.  <strong>Lassie</strong>—remember her?—was “smart….for a dog”!  <strong>Dolphins</strong> are “smart”.  <strong>Chimpanzees</strong> are “smart”.  But only people were genuinely smart.  That changed in a hurry when the first smartphones showed us all what real smartness is all about!</p>
<p><strong>Michael McIntyre</strong> has great comedy routine about what a single smartphone can carry.  Check it out on YouTube:</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p>
<p>In the world of online casino gaming, smartphones were still in the Dark ages.  The <strong>graphics and animation</strong> were not good enough for gamers.  We struggled to play at our desktop computers!  What we wanted to do was to snuggle up on the sofa with a smaller computer but where oh where could it be?</p>
<p>Then, poof, about 10 years ago, the graphics and animation became so good that gamers all over started playing on mobile platforms.  And today at least 70% of all online casino bets are place on mobile devices!</p>
<h2>Mobile is to Convenience as Supermarkets are to Grocery Shopping</h2>
<p>In other words, there is enough room on a mobile device for hundreds, even thousands, of casino games even as there is enough shelf space at a modern supermarket for tens of thousands of products.</p>
<p>Gamers can play wherever they are!  Gamers can use a few spare minutes as they wait in line to spin for a progressive jackpot or just to renew their acquaintance with Banana Jones!</p>
<p>It is impossible to imagine any way that desktop casino gaming will replace mobile!  It is hard to imagine anything new coming along to replace mobile.  Mobile casino gaming is here to stay!  Mobile has become so pervasive that even some land based casinos are now offering mobile gaming!</p>
<p>What has the world come to?</p>
<h2>Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Gaming</h2>
<p>Our mobile gaming platform is state of the art!  We offer over 300 games with superlative graphics and animation.  We invite you to check out the most recent slots released from Real Time Gaming!</p>
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