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The Wild Symbols in Our Slots are Truly Wild

May we make a small suggestion as you pursue the elusive progressive jackpot?  The idea is to play many slots, not only slots with a progressive jackpot.  One reason to play many slots is because of the wild and the scatter symbols.

We often talk about the advantage online gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino have over players at a land based casino in that at Jackpot Capital casino it is so easy to go from game to game.  Land based casino players tend to hoard their slots terminal for an inordinate length of time.  The downside to all this is that those players lose out on the fun of playing a lot of different slots with different scatter symbol and wild symbol activity.

Why is the Scatter Called That?

This symbol is given this name because it provides huge benefits in a scatter-shot manner.  Most slots create wins from left to right starting from the first reel.  The scatter symbol wins “in all positions”.  That means that you can get a scatter on disconnected reels and still win!

In most slots, the scatter symbol takes you to the free spins bonus round.  Here there are extra ways to win big!  In some free spins bonus rounds, there is a multiplier.  In some slots, there is also a multiplier in the regular game if the win was created by the wild symbol.  In those slots, the multiplier goes up in the bonus round!

In Some Slots You Choose the Multiplier!

It works like this: you get to choose between a higher number of free spins or a higher multiplier.   There is actually an ongoing debate between gamers who like to take the extra free spins with a lower multiplier and those gamers who like to take fewer free spins but with a higher multiplier.

The really exciting side to this debate is that in those slots, you can play the free spins bonus round one way, that is, with more free spins and the other way the next time, with a higher multiplier.

Doesn’t Scatter Also Sometimes Mean Scatterbrained?

It does, indeed.  But the scatter symbol in our slots is anything but scatterbrained.  It is very straight-brained although you get great wins in a scattered way!

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What is Scatter-brained?

The best description of scatter-brained is pixilated from the classic movie Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.  By the way, in his cross examination of these two fine ladies, he got them to admit that everyone in their town is pixilated and that they are more pixilated than most!

So, the term scatter symbol has a much honored history!

What Makes the Wild Symbols so Wild?

There is a big difference between the wild symbols and the scatter symbols.  As we said, the scatters take players to the bonus round.  The wild symbols can do all kinds of gymnastics to help gamers get wins in both the regular and the free spins games!

In most slots, players actually win more on spins where the wild symbol creates the win!

Stacked Wilds

The most famous of all the variations of what the wild symbol can do in Real Time Gaming slots is the stacked wilds.  Stacked wilds cover from three to all of the connected spaces on a reel.  The stacked wild concept started out some years ago as just three wilds stacked on a reel.  The slots with stacked wilds were so popular that game providers like RTG started to experiment with larger “stacks”.

In some slots, the stacks are three-high in the regular game but higher in the bonus rounds.  In some slots, you can get multiple stacked reels!

If RTG had given us stacked wilds as the one and only way that wilds get wild it would have been enough!  But RTG has given us many other ways that the wild symbols can get wild!

Expanding Wilds

In this wild wild variation, the wild symbol can expand horizontally.  It thus can take over neighboring reels!  Not only does the wild symbol expand, but it appears to get fat in the process!  In getting fat, the wild also expands vertically!  That adds an extra element of humor to the game play!

Animation Has Come to Slots Prominence

Stacked wilds didn’t really require any great leaps of technological prowess but expanding wilds certainly did!  They were one of the first indications that there was a revolution in animation about to hit the wonderful world of slots!

This also demonstrates one of the hidden benefits of online slots versus land based slots!  You see, at a land based casino, whenever they bring in a new slot, they have to take one out.  Since all of the slots at a land based casino are on terminals, when a new slot comes in, the casino might need to make room for several terminals.

The upshot of the deal is that players at land based casinos lose out on the chance to play many of the classics of slotdom!  At Jackpot Capital, you can play all of the classics alongside the newer, technologically advanced slots!  Our gamers love to compare the old with the new and many of the older slots remain popular classics despite not having expanding or stacked wilds!

Sticky Wilds

This is truly a next generation type of wild symbol.  In short, it sticks to its spot on the reels for a specified number of spins.  In most slots with sticky wilds, they stay stuck for the duration of the free spins bonus round and with free spins that you can retrigger, that may mean that these wilds stay stuck for many spins indeed!

Exploding Wilds

This feature appears in some bonus rounds.  The wild symbol literally explodes!  It turns the adjacent symbol or symbols into wilds as well!  So, they are a modern animated variation on the idea of expanding wilds!

The Wonderful Wilds

Jackpot Capital runs promotions every day! You can increase your bankroll with bonuses and get the most out of online casino gaming.  As we have seen, animation has become the straw that stirs the online slots drink.  Join Jackpot Capital NOW to get into this great, new gaming experience!

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