How Does Jackpot Capital Online Casino Facilitate Fun?

What is the Highest Ever Jackpot?

It is interesting that the highest ever jackpots won at an online casino are in the $20,000,000 range while the biggest lottery jackpots are already coming in at nine figures!  The chances of winning $20,000,000 at a casino are pretty slim and the chances of winning a nine figure jackpot are exponentially slimmer yet!

That’s why we at Jackpot Capital online casino encourage all gamers, and especially new gamers, to see the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus as a stepping stone to having a great time!  So, let’s leave the pursuit of a massive jackpot win and look at what it really means to have a great time at Jackpot Capital casino and elsewhere.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are usually run by the game provider which in the case of Jackpot Capital is Real Time Gaming.  The reason that the big jackpots are run by game providers is because they have a wider reach than even the biggest online casino has.  Game providers that can afford to sponsor a progressive jackpot slot have a team of many casinos that carry their games.

There are also some game providers that are still too small to have the wide reach of RTG and other top providers so those game developers do not offer progressive jackpots.

The way the providers fund these huge jackpots is by taking a few pennies from each bet and putting those pennies towards the jackpot.

It follows that a bet on a progressive jackpot has to have more than a few pennies!  In fact, the single most important element in winning a progressive jackpot is that you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline to win the jackpot.  This puts playing for a progressive jackpot a bit expensive for the average gamer so we at Jackpot Capital encourage gamers who want to go for the big win to budget perhaps ten spins per gaming session.

Then they and you can go on to playing all of our 300 or so games over time and having a great time doing so!

It is a lot of fun to talk about the great benefits of having fun!

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What are the Benefits of Having Fun?

To start off, having fun is a conscious decision!  Most people need other people to really have fun.  That means organizing a group to get together for game night, movie night, going on a camping trip together, or any of possibly hundreds of fun activities people can do in groups.

When you sit down to play the hundreds of online casino games at Jackpot Capital, you are telling yourself that you intend on having fun!  It’s the same as when you sit down to read a good book, watch a movie, go to a concert, go to a recommended restaurant and so much more.

So, one of the first lessons we hope all of our gamers learn is that if you aren’t having fun for any reason, you should close the session!

There are two main reasons that might cause a gamer to have to close a session early.  The first is that they are losing too much money.  The second is that they have other things on their minds.

So, one of the most underrated benefits of having fun playing our online casino games is that you know that you are playing responsibly and that you can play with a clear mind since you have also budgeted your gaming time responsibly.

Having Fun Has Many Salutary Benefits

Fun is often a social event which means that having fun helps us develop our social side.  Everyone needs a well-developed social side.  Even Shawn, the young autistic doctor in the great series The Good Doctor learned the importance of developing his social side even though he didn’t understand it like most people.

Fun Reduces Stress

This is similar to the idea of playing online casino games with a clear conscience since you have budgeted time to take care of your other responsibilities.  We have long said that playing our games is a great way to calm down, relax, and unwind after a long day at work.

We now know that reducing stress has many health benefits.  We digest food better, we sleep better, and we feel better in general when we reduce stress.

Stress produces a hormone called cortisol which researchers find is dangerous for heart patients, diabetics, and many others.  So, play online games, reduce stress, reduce cortisol, get healthier.

Can Playing Online Casino Games Increase Creativity?

We feel that every activity we get involved in can increase creativity.  It goes to what the main source of creativity is.  There are people who are simply naturally creative.  Mozart was playing the piano at concert level and composing at the age of four!

There are very few Mozarts around!

Some people are natural athletes and are able to create great feats of athleticism naturally.  Most great athletes become great through hard work over time!

The main way gaming can improve one’s creativity is by sparking inspiration.  Casino games are actually a great way to do that since the graphics and animation for our games have improved so much over the years.  A gamer might play a slot with a theme rooted in an ancient culture and then be inspired to learn more about that culture.

Fun Helps us Get the Most out of our Time

When we budget time for gaming, we also want to get the most out of that time.  Having fun is the single best way to get the most out of our gaming time short of winning one of those very elusive progressive jackpots!  People who have a great time in one area are a lot more likely to have a great time in another area!

Fun begets fun!

The more fun you have, the more fun you have!

We all know someone who can never decide what to order in a restaurant and is usually dissatisfied with the food and wishes that she or he had ordered something else!  Casino gaming online is really a minor activity when it is compared with work and family responsibilities but if we can have fun spinning slots or playing video poker, we can have fun in many other areas of life and having fun provides great benefit to our overall health.

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