What Gamers Should Think about as They Get Ready to Place a Bet Online at Jackpot Capital

Online casino players play for real money. That means that they have to place a bet on every spin or every hand or every throw of the dice. In games like craps and roulette, there are several bet types. So, before gamers start betting, they need to know a few things about how to bet online.

How Much Should a Gamer Bet?

This is obviously a subjective question as a high roller can afford to bet more than average bettors. Gamers have to understand that when they place a bet, they have no way of knowing if it will turn out to be a winning bet.

So, gamers have to bet an amount that they can afford to lose. There are a lot of winning bets in all casino games so gamers can expect to have many wins as well as some losses. However, the bet size ought to reflect the gamer's monetary budget for gaming.

What Goes into Deciding on a Sound Monetary Budget?

In addition to determining how much a gamer can afford to lose, gamers should decide which game or games they will play. The return to player rate differs from game to game. The highest return to player rates are in blackjack and video poker.

Volatility in Slots Affects the Real Return to Player Rate

Let's say that there are three slots games. Each has a return to player rate of 97%. The games' volatility will determine how many gamers will share in the monetary return over time. In a game with low volatility, many gamers will have winning spins and each win will be for a relatively small amount.

These gamers might realize the full 97% return to player rate.

Moderate and High Volatility are Different

In a game with moderate volatility, the wins will be divided among fewer gamers and the wins will be for relatively more money. The players who don't get many wins will not realize the 97% return to player rate.

In slots with high volatility, the number of players who ultimately share the monetary return from the game over time, will be relatively small even as their wins will be relatively high.

Video Poker and Blackjack Carry the Truest Return to Player Rates

These games are played with regular decks of cards. A casino does have ways to reduce the return to player rate but these unsavory methods occur primarily at land-based casinos where the casino needs to maximize profits to cover their enormous operating costs.

Avoid Blackjack Games that Pay 6-5 for a Blackjack

This is the most common way that a land-based casino will increase its edge in blackjack. All of the many blackjack variations we offer here at Jackpot Capital pay 3-2 for a blackjack.

The difference between 3-2 and 6-5 may seem small but the 6-5 payout reduces the return to player rate by several percentage points which means that a gamer at a land-based casino that pays 6-5 cannot ever expect to have a winning session in blackjack.

Avoid Video Poker Games that Pay 8-5

The classic pay table for video poker is called the 9-6 table. That means that it pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. An 8-5 table pays only 8 coins for a full house and only 5 coins for a flush.

Just as in blackjack, where so many players don't fully realize the existential difference between3-2 for a blackjack versus 6-5 for a blackjack, many video poker players are not aware that this simple reduction in the pay table increases the house edge by several percentage points, making it virtually impossible to have a winning video poker session.

At Jackpot Capital, all of our video poker games are 9-6 games.

When Should a Player Bet the Maximum?

There are two games in which we recommend to players to bet the maximum: progressive slots and video poker. In these games, if you bet the maximum, the bet amount per spin or hand is set.

Consider the Affordability of Any Bet

Many gamers should also compare their bankroll with the maximum bet advised in progressive slots and video poker. Progressive slots are usually very volatile which means that fewer players will share in the winnings even as the return to player rate may be 96-97%.

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Avoid the Video Poker Pitfalls

In video poker, in order to qualify for the extra bonus for a Royal Flush, a player has to bet the maximum on the hand. Strategy in video poker is often predicated on the gamer's chances of converting a weak hand into a strong hand. This includes giving up, in some cases, a winning pair in order to go for a Royal Flush or a straight flush.

In video poker, even if the casino offers multiple games in video poker, your bankroll should determine if you will play multi-hand or single hand video poker.

Is There a Betting Protocol in Live Games?

Some online casinos offer live games but most players will experience live games at a land-based casino. It is a very good idea to make sure that the dealer understands your hand signals in blackjack. There are often disputes because the dealer thought a player's wave was to stop while the player thought it meant that he or she wanted another card.

In other words, bettors and dealers need to get their signals coordinated for smooth gaming.

This problem never occurs online at Jackpot Capital since all of our games are digital!

Betting Can be Tricky in Craps and Roulette

There are so many bet types in these table games! Again, betting misunderstandings occur only at land-based casinos. Players who are making their own bets at a live craps or roulette table need to place their bets accurately. It is very easy for the croupier to mistake a bet that the player meant to go one way by assuming that it was meant to go a different way based on how the bet was placed.

Carelessness in betting is a big mistake some players make at land-based casinos.

Betting in Casino Games is Really the Easy Part

We make betting simple at Jackpot Capital. The graphics of the player's stack and the possible bets are so modern that bettors find it easy to choose the bet they want to make. This includes side bets that bettors can make in some games.

What Factors are More Difficult for Bettors to Consider as they Decide on a Bet?

Players have to decide on the odds of any bet resulting in a winning outcome. For example, in video poker, we advise gamers to go for a Royal Flush if they have four cards to the Royal Flush. This includes giving up a winning pair.

In the unusual four to a Royal Flush hand, there will also be the possibility of pairing one of the high cards for a win, getting a regular flush or straight, and a straight flush in addition to the chance to get a Royal Flush.

The odds are always against getting a Royal Flush but sometimes they are worth trying to buck the odds. Most of the time, it is not worth bucking the odds.

Considering Risk is More about Money Management than it is about Odds

Beginners usually have some difficulty figuring out how much bankroll they should allocate for gaming. The skill to manage one's bankroll wisely comes with experience. It should always be recognized as a vital way to minimize risk in gaming.

It IS Possible to Chase Winnings, Too

Everyone knows that chasing losses is a big mistake some bettors make. Chasing winnings is another, as odd as that may sound. Our advice is to set time limits on gaming. If you are ahead at the end of the gaming time limit, consider the money safe and sound.

It is poor advice to tell gamers to stay playing if they are on a winning streak. No one knows what the outcome of the next spin or hand will be! Accept winnings and close the gaming session when the time limit comes.

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

We are proud to be able to help our gamers get the most fun and enjoyment out of gaming here at Jackpot Capital.


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