Follow Great Advice for Better Online Casino Gaming

There is a lot of good information and advice for gamers online and there is also plenty of bad advice as well.  Here at Jackpot Capital Casino, we would like to help gamers have more fun by emphasizing the best practices for online casino gaming and to learn which practices to avoid.

Have a Sound Money Management Policy

Gamers who do follow a sound money management policy would be amazed at how often otherwise sensible people fall into the traps that unsound money management presents.

There are several aspects to a sound money management policy so we will take them one by one.

Play with Your Own Money or with the Casino’s Money

This means that you should never borrow money to play casino games.  This applies as well to other financial activities such as investing.  On the other hand, it is often good practice to accept deposit bonus offers from the casino and to borrow money to buy a house!

Here is one of the keys to sound money management: we all know the value of money relative to how much money we have and to whatever it is we want to buy.

Most people can only afford to sit in coach so they don’t buy a business or first-class ticket.  Most people know how much they can afford for hotels, restaurants, shoes, clothes, furniture, telephones, computers, and whiskey.

Set a Monetary Limit on Gaming

It might be $100 per session.  It might be more than that or less than that.  The important thing is to set the limit and to play accordingly.

Monetary and Time Limits are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Here we have to add that time limits are also important.  That is because we should determine our overall monetary budget by calculating the size of an average bet we will make and comparing the amount of money we have budgeted with the length of a gaming session and the speed with which we can play any one game.

Slots are a Fast Game

Since slots play very fast, we might decide to limit our bets to a few cents per bet.  This might make playing for a progressive jackpot beyond our means save for a very few spins on a progressive slots game.

Try to Avoid Fantastical Thoughts of a Life-changing Win

It takes a lot of luck to win even a six-figure jackpot.  So, play to have fun!

Another aspect of playing to have fun is to see gaming as entertainment.  All of the things we have said about sound money management come together in the idea of online casino gaming as entertainment.  We all know that entertainment has a cost and we can usually sense how much we can afford for any entertainment we might want to buy.

This aligns perfectly to sound money management for online casino gaming!

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Online Gaming Has So Many Advantages over Land-based Gaming

We have been talking about costs.  Online gaming costs no money aside from the bets while land-based casino gaming can cost hundreds of dollars in travel, hotels, souvenirs, and other expenditures.

If we are determined to play using the elements of sound money management, we will play online!

Land-based Casinos Offer Free Drinks

Here we mean alcohol.

One of our top pieces of advice is to never play and drink.  Save the drinks for after gaming.  Even one drink will reduce one’s inhibitions and quick situational cognition.

In other words, even one drink will influence poor judgment.  Please avoid alcohol while gaming!

Play Games You are Familiar With

At Jackpot Capital, we have the perfect solution for gamers who want to play a given game but don’t know anything about it.  That solution is unlimited free play.  We offer unlimited free play since we have unlimited space and we can accommodate as many gamers as wish to play at any given moment.

In contrast, even the biggest land-based casinos are severely limited by their walls.  They cannot accommodate as many players as may wish to play at any given moment.

Land-based casinos may have a few terminals of a popular game so a few people can play these games at the same time.  At Jackpot Capital, the number of gamers who can play any single game at the same time is unlimited!

Stop when You are Ahead and Stop when You are Behind

This means stay with your preset time limit.  If you are having a run of good luck and the time limit arrives, stop playing and savor your good luck.  If you are behind when the time limit expired, stop and feel good that you didn’t fall for the age-old mistake of throwing good money after bad.

Follow Good Strategy

In the games of skill, such as blackjack and video poker, using the statistically best strategy will achieve a return to player rate of nearly 100%.

Recognizing that there is no real strategy in the games of chance puts them into proper perspective.  The return to player rate in games of chance run about 97% or so.

The return to player rate also can be misleading.  In slots, for example, there is an element called volatility.  A game with high volatility will often return the same as a game with low volatility but in the former game the money will be divided among fewer players!

Develop a Hobby

There is probably an unlimited supply of hobbies!  Online casino gaming, when seen in its proper perspective, is just one of several fun activities you can pursue in your free time.  The more you have a hobby you like, the less likely it is that you will overdo online gaming.

Thus, having a hobby is one-way gamers can support the idea of responsible gaming which is a goal we at Jackpot Capital consider our highest priority.

Here are a Few Other Worthwhile Ideas

  1. Avoid betting systems.  They don’t work!
  2. Take advice from winners.
  3. Don’t take advice from losers.
  4. Avoid superstitions
  5. Don’t whine. Nobody likes a crybaby.
  6. Play European Roulette with a single 0 over American Roulette with both 0 and 00.
  7. If you play blackjack, make sure the payout for a blackjack is 3-2 and not 6-5 which has become common at land-based casinos.
  8. If you play video poker, make sure the game pays 9-6 for a full house and a flush and not 8-5 as so many land-based casinos pay!


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