Happy New Year 2020 with a list of New Year’s resolutions

What are the Best New Year’s Resolutions to Make Online Gaming Even Better?

This year, how about making some New Year’s resolutions specifically for online casino gamers at Jackpot Capital casino?  We put our minds together and came up with some practical resolutions and some real out-of-the-box doozies!  We’d love to hear from you about any resolutions we missed!


This year we resolve to play slots more for fun than to go after a big online slot machine jackpot.  Jackpot Capital always tells out gamers to emphasize fun.  So, this year let’s resolve to do just that: emphasize the FUN!

Play other Games, Too!

Gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino overwhelmingly prefer slots over all other games.  This is fine but, since we have just resolved to emphasize fun at the casino, we should add that it adds to the fun to play a lot of different games.

Slots are the most varied of all online casino games so it is not surprising that slots are the game that our gamers play most of the time.  We do have a good number of very fun and exciting other games.  Make this the year to check out all of our games. 

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Always keep in mind that you never have to give up your seat to try a different game at Jackpot Capital unlike in a land based casino where players stay at one terminal for an interminable length of time simply because they don’t want to give up their seat.

Learn the Best Strategy for Each Game

We find that many gamers play games by hunch rather than by the best strategy.  Of course, in slots there is no strategy.  But there is correct strategy in video poker and in blackjack.  So, this year lets resolve to play the games of skill using the best strategy for each variation of the game we play.

Money and Time Management

Thus year we resolve to set a strict time limit on our gaming.  Since we are playing at Jackpot Capital online casino, we don’t have to make plane or hotel reservations to play casino games!  We won’t have to pack a suitcase.  We won’t even have to make a list of things to pack in that suitcase!

By setting a time limit on our gaming, we recognize both the importance of gaming and also the importance of having a life outside of online casino gaming!

At Jackpot Capital we are very happy that you have a full and interesting life outside of the casino.  In fact, we are happy that you view online gaming as a form of entertainment.  Remember, we are emphasizing fun this coming year!

Money management is just as important as time management.  We urge our gamers to leave plenty of money for all of the other things you like to do that cost money!  So, if you can afford to play for a penny per spin, by all means play for a penny per spin.

Then you’ll have plenty of money left over for restaurants, concerts, books, new clothes, home improvements, dates, anniversary nights out, and so much more!

Play in Free Play Mode More Often

A big part of time and money management might be to increase the amount of time you use our offer of unlimited free play.  You can try out all of our games for free!  So, this year we resolve to try out every game jackpot Capital offers!

Never Follow a Betting System

There are many betting systems out there.  Their proponents always say that their system is a sure-fired way to wealth and happiness.  The systems are not a sure-fire way to anything but increased losses.

Now, you might follow a system for five minutes, hit a lucky streak, and come out ahead.  But unless you have either a lot of money or a lot of luck, you will inevitably come to the point where you run out of money to add to your next bet.

These betting systems exist solely to fool players into buying them.  They don’t work for the vast majority of gamers.

Accept More Bonuses

There is a system of sorts that does work: playing with the casino’s money.  In order to play with the casino’s money, you will have to accept more bonus offers.   In order to fully benefit from any bonus offer, you should know the rules that the bonus offer follows. 

So, this year we resolve to both accept more bonus offers and to read the pertinent terms and conditions so we know all of the rules that govern that particular bonus.

Participate in Promotions

This is an interesting one since most of our gamers participate in all or almost all of our promotions.  Still it is interesting that some gamers don’t generally participate in our promotions.  So, this year we resolve to check in often and participate in all of the promotions Jackpot Capital offers.

Play on Mobile

There are a few reasons why some gamers have not yet found the pleasure and convenience of mobile gaming.  If your mobile device is too old to handle our mobile casino app, it might be totally fine.  You might simply like gaming at your desktop.  But there are thousands of gamers who upgraded their mobile devices and suddenly found that mobile gaming has far more to offer than they thought previously.

Some gamers don’t play on mobile because they have resolved, possibly in previous years, to play online casino games only at home.  That’s totally understandable.  Keep in mind, though that most mobile gaming is played at home! 

So, this year we resolve to explore more deeply the possibility of gaming on our mobile devices.

Play Online Games Only when we are in the Best Frame of Mind

If we are deeply worried about a personal, family, or work matter gaming may not be the best thing to do.  It is probably better to deal with that which worries us and then play games with a free mind and calm disposition!

Another side of gaming in a good frame of mind is to eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, and save the alcohol drinking for after the gaming session.  We speak about this a lot so, this year we resolve to play only when we are not hungry or tired and also to save those alcohol drinks for later on.

Have a Gaming Party

We said that we had a couple of out of the box New Year’s resolutions.  The first is to have a party.  You can connect the casino to a big screen and have a party.  There are many ways to distribute winnings.  You can resolve to give all of the evening’s winnings to charity.  You can decide to take a small fee from every party-goer to give to charity and then everyone plays in free play mode.

You can decide to make all bets for a single penny so that losses are kept to a bare minimum and fun prevails to the highest maximum!

Take a Real Vacation

This is the other side of the coin if you resolve to only play casino games online at Jackpot Capital.  If you aren’t traveling to a land based casino, you have the entire world to travel to!  More and more gamers are discovering that these land based casino long weekends were not as much fun as they were cracked up to be.

Instead of getting stuck at a land based casino, go to the country if you are a big city person or got to the city if you live way out in the country!  Go to the mountains if you live at or near the sea or go to the sea if you live in the mountains.  Hike a bit if you generally live a sedentary life or sit and relax if you work on your feet all day!

In short, when you are on vacation, enjoy your vacation.  We suggest that you not make gambling the be all and end all of a vacation!

Final Word

The last word in New Year’s resolutions for 2020 is to join Jackpot Capital if you have not already done so!  You will discover a grand world of wonderful gaming!  We'll keep the fun rolling in all year!

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