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As the summer brings itself to its expected end, we’d like to try and brighten up this summer-ending, August mood by introducing a new game to Jackpot Capital - Banana Jones. Though Real Time Gaming is known for their inventive and creative approach, their release of Banana Jones came as somewhat of a surprise. How so? Well, mostly because seeing them release a board game hasn’t been the commonest of things, and because that is exactly what Banana Jones is - a digital board game made for betting purposes! But don’t get us wrong, the fact that people at RTG decided to try something new and innovative doesn’t mean that this new game’s graphics weren’t done to the perfectionist extent of their slots. On the contrary, in fact, it seems that they have even stepped up their visual game! On the other hand, it does seem like their graphics are getting better and better with every new game…

The Magic is in the Fruits!

The structure of this new online slot board game follows that of a traditional Snakes & Ladders game, and so does its aim. This aim, quite familiar to all of you who have played Snakes & Ladders in the past, is to roll the dice and bring the game’s hero to the top of the ladder. The hero of this new game - a respected, experienced explorer who goes by the name of Banana Jones - is on a quest to reach the ancient Temple at the top of the virtual board and save the magical, Crystal Banana. His mission is to get there before his evil enemy, Leopold the Leopard, who is set to use the mystical powers of the sacred fruit to conquer the world. What’s worse, Leopold isn’t alone; he is accompanied by a loyal army of sneaky, slimy snakes, and defeating them alone is proving to be a tough task for explorer Jones… He seems to need your help!

Here’s how you can play this new game and help Banana Jones complete his mission: you can start by placing your bet, each of which will allow you to roll the dice 5 times, with each roll bringing you closer to, or further away from, the ancient temple and the top of the board. On your way up, you will encounter three different types of symbols, Gemstones, Vines and Snakes. Some will help, others will do the opposite. If you happen to land on a field with the base of a Vine symbol, you will automatically be taken to the top of the Vine, skipping many fields along the way. On the other hand, if you step on a field with the Snake’s head, you will be taken down the board, to the Snake’s tail, and away from the temple. Your winnings will depend on how many of these symbols you have collected, which will be tracked in the upper left corner of the screen.

Of course, collecting the symbols is just one of the ways through which you can increase your winnings. Another would be to land on the Treasure Wheel Head of the board. This will trigger the Treasure Wheel Feature, which will then provide you with 1 extra spin for a cash prize. If you and Banana Jones have been brave, lucky and persistent enough to reach the Temple at the top, your arrival there will activate the Crystal Banana Quest Feature, allowing you to enjoy an opportunity to win up to 2,565 times your bet! In order to do so, you will have to pick out one particular chest from a little group. All chests will carry symbols of different fruits, from bananas to plums, and each fruit will carry a different weight in terms of your prize. 

Now that we’ve told you everything you need to know to start playing our new online slot game, Banana Jones, we believe that you’re ready to hear about some of the remarkable New Game Bonuses that we have prepared for you. Read on to discover them!

Play Banana Jones Now!

Banana Jones

Treasure of Today

Have you ever started playing a new game at Jackpot Capital without having received a New Game Bonus first? Well… You won’t this time either! The VIP and the Regular Bonus for Banana Jones give the game one rather special charm: treasure at the start, treasure at the end! You can redeem these offers by making a minimum deposit of $45 and entering the Coupon code into the Cashier.

This marvelous offer runs between August 1st and August 11th, so roll the dice and start your treasure hunt!

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