Bet Online at Jackpot Capital for Fun and Entertainment

People like to bet.  A lot of times, people make small, friendly bets with friends, family, or colleagues.  And, of course, a lot of people like to play casino games and bet on the outcomes.  We feel that to bet online maximizes the fun of betting and also maximizes winning chances.

Betting Online Carries No A Priori Costs

That means that it doesn’t cost any money to get to an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  We are available in download form, in Instant Play on a gamer’s internet server, or at our excellent mobile gaming platform.

At Jackpot Capital, gamers can also play for free and we actually encourage free play since gamers have access to all of our more than 300 games and free play gives gamers the chance to sample a game at no cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to a Land-based Casino?

Well, if you live next door to the casino, it costs nothing!  LOL!

Most people fly to their land-based casino of choice.  Air travel is expensive and a massive headache as well with long security lines, getting yelled at constantly to take off their belt, shoes, jacket, empty their pockets, and so on!

The cost of flying to a land-based casino is more than a cost in money; there is also the cost of mental anguish and fatigue involved in the modern airport experience.

Some People Drive to a Land-based Casino

True enough.  Have you seen the cost of fuel these days?  At least driving avoids the airport hassle and a single day trip to a casino also eliminates the cost of a hotel room, food, souvenirs, and long sessions on the casino floor when a gamer is too tired to make good decisions.

A lot of land-based casino players stay for a long weekend and end up playing when they should be resting, sleeping, taking a walk or chilling.  Land-based casinos have a few tricks that keep players on the casino floor.

All of these tricks add to the cost of playing at a land-based casino.

What Time is it?

The first trick a land-based casino plays on players is to have no clocks and no windows.  Day turns into night before a player knows it.  People play on when it gets late because they still think that it is early!

Would You Like a Drink?

Free alcohol returns to the casino a lot more than the cost of the drink since even one drink will reduce gamers’ ability to process information and make good decisions!  Gamers like to talk about the return to player rate in casino games.  Casinos like to talk about the return to casino rate in free alcohol!

Would You Like a Voucher for a Free Buffet Meal?

Of course, we would!

A big meal at the buffet will cause a player to get tired as his or her body struggles to digest all that free food!  A player who is tired is a player who makes errors in betting.

There are Other Hidden Costs in Land-based Casino Gaming

Here we get more directly into the betting side of gaming.  In two specific games, many land-based casinos make a gamer’s bet a lot less valuable!  These games are blackjack and video poker.

It is ironic and also quite telling that blackjack and video poker are the online casino games with the highest return to player rates at about 99.5%!

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How Do Land-based Casinos Reduce the Return to Player Rates in These Games?

They change the payout for a blackjack to 6-5 instead of 3-2.  They reduce the payouts for a full house and a flush to 8-5 from 9-6!

These changes look small to a non-mathematical eye but they are not small at all!  They add a lot to the cost of playing at a land-based casino!

The Random Number Generator in Slots Can be Calibrated to Return Less Money

The random number generator is software that runs the game and determines every outcome.  It is calibrated by the game provider.  At online casinos, the return to player rate in slots is usually about 97% while the RTP rate in land-based slots is usually a few percentage points less!

Bet Online for Better Results

We feel that we have made the case for betting online as opposed to going to a land-based casino.  Now we will present a few betting tips for online casino gamers:

  1. In video poker, always bet the maximum in order to qualify for the extra payout for a Royal Flush.
  2. In a progressive slot, always bet the maximum on every payline to qualify to win the big jackpot.
  3. Never play 8-5 video poker.  All of the video poker games here at Jackpot Capital are 9-5 games.
  4. Never play 6-5 blackjack.  All of the blackjack variations here at Jackpot Capital are 3-2 games.
  5. Always bet with the bank in baccarat.
  6. Stay with even money bets in roulette.
  7. If you make other than even money bets in roulette, make sure that the bets do not contradict each other.
  8. Never take insurance in blackjack.
  9. Play European Roulette where the house edge is half the house edge in American Roulette.
  10. Always set a monetary budget that is in line with your personal financial situation.

Betting is Part of Human Nature

People have been competing with each other and betting on outcomes from before recorded history.  We can’t eliminate the tendency to bet on outcomes.  We can, however, control our betting nature.

We touched upon control in the tip to set a sound monetary budget for gaming.  It is also a good idea to set a sound time budget for gaming.  A sound time budget might be 30 minutes or an hour.  Sometimes it is more.  It depends on each individual’s personal situation.

This is another reason why we say that it is wiser to bet online than at a land-based casino.  It is next to impossible to set a sound time budget at a land-based casino.  After all, a player spends a substantial amount of money just getting to the casino and getting a room at the hotel.  Setting a 30–60-minute time limit at a land-based casino makes little sense.

What makes a lot more sense is betting online!

Online Casino Gaming is a Type of Entertainment

Online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital is much more a part of one’s overall entertainment budget than it is about simply betting on outcomes.  Finally, if a gamer plays video poker or blackjack using the best strategy on every hand, he or she will have a lot of fun, be thoroughly entertained, and will win a little or lose a little in every session!


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