New Jackpot Capital

Get your champagne glass ready! It’s time for a proper Vegas celebration up in here, at Jackpot Capital! We have spent some long, hard working time creating a brand new online Vegas experience, and we can’t wait for you to reap the many benefits we have in-store for you…

How could we describe our new design, in a few words? Easy; an out-of-this-world, user-friendly experience, at your fingertips… from, quite literally, anywhere (with an internet connection, of course)! Whether you’re a veteran player with us, or brand new, you will certainly have everything you need to have a thrilling, bonus-filled gaming experience that puts you straight in the seat of Vegas - full throttle!

What, exactly, have we done to make such a grand transition and ultimate experience?

First, let us ask… Are you ready? Let this ride begin, right here, right now. Make sure you hold on, because it’s going to be a wild ride…

New Jackpot Capital

It's ALL About MOBILE!

We all know mobile casino is everything; we want to play our favorite online casino games anywhere, anytime, with a few simple ‘swipes’. Well, at Jackpot Capital, you can! Not only have we focused our new design on a completely seamless experience, but we’ve made our website with a complete ‘mobile first’ approach… whether you’re on a computer, mobile device, or tablet, you can play, play, play, until your heart’s content (and collect our JC Comp Points, too!).

Welcome To Vegas - Your Own Virtual Playground!

Here at Jackpot Capital, it’s all about channeling that exhilarating Vegas experience we see in the movies - only this time, you can experience it from literally anywhere! Whether you are at home, on the way to work, hanging out at the beach - just get onto your closest device and you will find yourself right in Vegas, with us! Our mass amount of games, new and ongoing casino bonuses, look and feel… everything screams ‘Vegas’ (and we’ve got the wins to prove it!). No need to spend big money on a trip, you’ve got it all right here, at your fingertips!

LIVE Support… 24/7!

Needing help in the time of big winning potential is important… and this could be anytime! Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to reach the support in a time of need? Not really! That’s why, as part of our brand new design and playing experience, Jackpot Capital is offering our valued players (you!) 24/7 Live Support, ensuring every single playing experience is a seamless one. You really can’t put a price on great support!

New Jackpot Capital

ALL Your Banking Needs - Fast & Easy!

It goes without saying; banking is an incredibly important aspect of your online casino experience… After all, you need to pay and get paid! Not only are we offering a vast amount of different payment options, but they are organized in such a way that limits any and all confusion. Whew! What a relief! Whether you need a basic bank transfer, or you would like to use one of the many convenient online payment methods (like Skrill or NETeller), we’ve got it all. And, as you may have guessed, our support is always available to you, so payments are always smooth and most importantly, FAST!

FRESH Look - Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

With our ultra-modern approach and high attention to design and organizational detail, you can expect nothing but the best in experience from our new website. We have tried and tested our new design to give the ultimate user experience, making other playing options simply NOT an option. Why play anywhere else, when you have the world of Vegas, the most profitable bonuses and the best experience possible, right here?!

As a player, you have tons of options when it comes to where to play your favorite online casino games online - that is simply an undisputed fact! That said, doesn’t it make sense to play with only the best, to play with the brand who literally ‘has it all’? We’d like to think so! At Jackpot Capital, we can proudly say that we do, in fact, have it all - and we can prove it!

Experience a true Vegas lifestyle in the most seamless way possible, playing your favorite casino games, all the while collecting big bonuses and JC Comp Points, leaping your way to the big wins you’ve only dreamed of. That’s what we have for you here at Jackpot Capital!

Don’t wait any longer to make your Vegas dreams come true. Register with us now, or get over to our Promotions page and bring yourself one step closer to living the high life! And don’t forget, we’re right here with you!

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