What are the Best Ways to Stay Alert and Productive?

How Online Gaming Helps Gamers Stay Alert

When you use your Jackpot Casino login to play our large selection of casino games for a while, few gamers think about the importance of staying alert.  We play to have fun and to be entertained!  Still, at Jackpot Capital online casino, we feel that staying alert is an important subject, important enough to devote a full article to it!

We Know Instinctively that it is Important to Stay Alert

Who doesn’t realize the importance of staying alert when driving, using heavy machinery, air traffic controlling a pilot flying an airplane, and many other everyday activities.

We need to stay alert when we baby sit, when we are cooking or baking, when we are sunbathing….the list goes on and on!

But why is it so important to stay alert when we are playing casino games?

There are Two Basic Reasons to Play Casino Games

The first is to have fun and the second is to be entertained!  We mentioned these reasons for casino gaming above.  At Jackpot Capital casino, we feel that all other reason’s to play our online casino games are basically corollaries of these two primary reasons.

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Online Casino Gaming Has Many Advantages over Land-based Casino Gaming

This is a common theme in blogs about online gaming so the basic reasons that online gaming is better overall than land-based gaming are well known.  They include convenience, comfort, zero travel costs and many others.

One of the advantages that gets a lot less discussion is that online casino gaming helps gamers stay alert.  Furthermore, staying alert while gaming increases fun and entertainment!

Do Land-based Casinos Really Discourage Players from Staying Alert?

Yes, they do!

Land-based casinos don’t have clocks.  This is less important today when everyone has a clock in their pocket or pocketbook.  Still, many players at land-based casinos leave their smartphone in the room so they do lose track of the time.  It isn’t just that they think it’s 2:00 pm when it is actually 2:30!  It’s that they think it’s 2:00 pm when it is actually 6:00 and they have been playing for many hours!  No one can stay alert for such a long period of time!

In addition, the tendency of land-based casino players to stay at one terminal interminably means that not only have they lost alertness but they are also quite uncomfortable!

Land-based casinos don’t have windows.  Windows show players that it is getting dark if they started playing in full sunlight.  Windows show players that the sun is coming up if they have been playing all night.  Land-based casinos want players to be totally confused as to what time of day or night it is and thus they lose alertness and make gambling mistakes.

Land-based casinos offer free whisky.  You can get a free beer if you prefer or wine but beer has relatively little alcohol as does wine.  Whisky, however, is 45% alcohol!  Free whisky returns to the casino many times its cost!  It does this by quickly causing players to lose their alertness.

This is especially profitable to land-based casinos when players are at the video poker terminals or are playing blackjack.

What are Some of the Best Ways to Stay Alert?

The best way to stay alert is to get up and walk around.  Online casino gamers find this one of the easiest ways to stay alert since the ready availability of online casinos such as Jackpot Capital means that gamers never have to play for longer than they can stay alert in any case!

Land-based casino players don’t like to walk around unless that’s all they have left to do having lost their entire bankroll.  These players don’t like to give up their seat.  The longer they stay in one place the less alert they become.  At slots, it might mean making bigger bets than they should while in the games of skill it usually means following hunches instead of statistics.

Talk to Someone

When you are playing at home, this tip means closing the session for a while or for the night and getting together with friends or family or just calling someone up to chat.  Online gamers often play with their significant other since mobile is by now the most popular platform for playing and mobile is perfectly suited for romantic gaming at home with a favorite person.

Land-based casinos are considered great places to establish camaraderie with fellow players but this quickly reveals itself as a very weak way to establish rapport with someone and it works to increase boredom which is detrimental to alertness.

Anyone you strike up a conversation with at a land-based casino is a perfect stranger to you.  There is a world of information that you don’t know about them and they don’t know about you.  The superficiality of such encounters quickly makes this kind of “talk” the enemy of alertness!

Close Your Eyes

Try doing this when you are at a land-based casino!  “Hey bub, if you’re too tired to play, let someone else have a chance.”  Sometimes all it takes to restore alertness is a few minutes of quiet with your eyes closed.  This is perfect for online gaming.

Now, we don’t recommend doing this at an important business meeting!

Make Sure that You Sleep Well

The easy flexibility of online casino gaming makes it easy to get a good night’s sleep every night.  Very few players at a land-based casino get a good night’s sleep and by the third day they are bleary eyed and making gambling mistakes.

The most common gambling mistake many players at land-based casinos make is throwing good money after bad.  If they have lost more than they were prepared to lose, on the third day of a long weekend, they are prone to try to win their money back.

At this stage of low alertness, it is next to impossible to do so!

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Alcohol is the opposite of a hydrating drink.  If you want to drink alcohol, end the gaming session and have a few with friends.  Otherwise, simple water, soda, or fruit juice are a good way to stay hydrated.  People who are thirsty are a lot less alert than people who are hydrated.

The same applies to eating well.  If you want to splurge on a heavy, tiring meal do it after the gaming session.  Land-based casinos love to give away free meals at the buffet because players overeat there and then return to the casino totally unalert!

Gaming at Jackpot Capital is a Pleasant and Pleasing Diversion

We recognize that at home gamers have many other interests and responsibilities.  We are fame with gamers playing in short sessions.  We also are fine with players staying alert during their gaming sessions.

For great online gaming, COME TO JACKPOT CAPITAL CASINO!

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